Back to building

Ross and I have both been really busy lately and haven't had any time off together for a few weeks. So we decided that this weekend when we finally had some time that we would grout the big brick wall in our bedroom. It's one of the few big tasks left to do and one that would be faster and more efficient to do together. We finally finished an hour ago and could start washing all the brick dust up! Definitely will be getting a sealant too so we haven't put all furniture back yet but it seems a small task compared to this one! A bit too dark now for a photo of the finished wall but here's one from yesterday.


We did manage to get a couple of days in Edinburgh as well this time. We drove up on Sunday and met up with Daniel and Megan in the city. We had a show booked for later that evening but figured we could sneak an extra one in before as well as dinner. The first show we saw was Mr swallow and the vanishing elephant at the Pleasance. It was a quite family friendly show that's most easily described as A magical circus act. We did enjoy it and ym favourite part was the rendition of a duet from the phantom of the opera that the guy performed solo jumping from one side to the other.
After that we got some food and continued on to see The Stevenson experience, a musical comedy with a set of identical Australian twins which was great fun!
We spent the night in Perth before heading back down to Edinburgh the next day to see some more of the festival. We met up with John and carried on to see the Newsrevue at the Udderbelly which we all enjoyed. It was a musical/comedian commentary on rece…

Mark & Kat

We flew back to England end of last week for Mark and Kat's wedding near Redditch. Both the ceremony and the celebrations that followed were lovely. We had a great time catching up with everyone, enjoying the delicious food and dancing away to the band.

More fun

We had Anna, the kids, Phil and Alice visiting us in Tignes the other week. Lots of activities and fun including a high rope course in Italy and lunch in Aosta. I was working in the weeks but Ross managed to get out on the lake and do a few more activities with them which was great!

Visit from Joe and Eilidh

We had Ross cousin Eilidh and her boyfriend Joe visiting last week which was great fun. I was working in the week but they definitely made the most of the Tignes activities. We also made it over to Italy together for an evening with lots of food, thankfully Lo Tata does doggy bags, because even with Joe's appetite we couldn't finish it all. We also made it out and about around Tignes and attended the annual building BBQ which this year happened to coincide with France playing the world cup final. In other building news we also finally got our backsplash! Very happy with the look!

And finished the first half of our hat rack. (This is probably one of my favourite things in the flat now) 

A lost bag, a bird, a fort, a themepark, a micro nation, two museums and 4 swims in the ocean.

Quick summary in the title of our trip to Sweden. It started out with a lost bag in Copenhagen airport. To top it off we had volunteered to check the cabin bag in and even saw it outside the plane it didn't get loaded on. Crazy, but luckily we got it back a day after. 
We started off with a couple of days in Torekov which meant jogs down to the ocean for a swim in the mornings, bbq in the evenings and seeing family. 

In Falköping we got together with more family and friends as well as visiting museums and the fort in Ålleberg and Karlsborg. We also got to test drive the new Volvo XC40 which was great fun as was our almost daily games of bananagrams in the evenings.
We also got to celebrate all the 4 nephews who had their birthdays end of June in Växjö, Falköping and Sunne. So quite a bit of time spent in the car but all worth it and having really long days helped us make the most of our time. 
The scariest event of the week was the morning I got woken up by a bird grazing my arm. …


We had our first summer trip to Italy back in mid June. Meet up with some friends, had gelato, pizza and pasta. And just like our last trip the year before to Aosta there was a display of old vehicles in the square, this time it was trucks. Not a bad one for the summer's first drive over the Col.