We had a work meeting in Paris this week which meant getting the TGV (high speed train) up there for the day on Wednesday morning. I'd luckily organised in advance to stay with a friend in Bourg due to the early alarm as there was a massive avalanche on the road to Tignes on the Tuesday afternoon, effectively cutting off access over night. So in the end, Ross had to stay over too.
The trip to Paris felt quick as there is no stop en route to Paris and we got there to a beautiful sunny spring day. We had time to walk down the Champs Elysées and have a bite too before heading to our meeting and then getting on the train back home in the evening.
A long day which then finished with a snowy drive up to Tignes but good fun and nice to see Paris, if only for a few hours.

Photo shoot

Enjoyed having a day on the mountain during our freeride photo shoot in La Rosière this week. We had some really nice powder snow and got some great shots, especially at the back of the fort and on the Combe de moulins (the ones below are just some quick snaps from my phone). The hike out was really warm as we'd all dressed for the forecasted -20 which didn't happen. 

We all wolfed down our pastas quite quickly over the Italian side after that. The day felt quite long though as we drove up the night before to be on location early and didn't go to bed til after midnight and by the time we'd packed up and driven home on the day it was again late evening but definitely worth it! Really great to have Ross come out and help too, along with our models Bowie and Cecile.

Getting there

So we, and by that I mean mainy Ross this time, have worked to get more things ready in the flat over the past week which means we now have units in the bathroom, and soon another working sink, our Buster&Punch hooked lights over the kitchen table (onle need to shorten the cables a bit), the TV on the wall and our latest find, Authentics wardrope coat hangers in the entry.

The Killers

On Friday we left for Sweden and Stockholm to go see the Killers live and spend a long weekend in the city. We stayed with Jossan and Micke who showed us around and even took us flying in an air tunnel.
On the Saturday I met up with Astrid, Julia and Frida for a catch up before the concert too.
A great weekend all in all, unfortunately a long trip home with delays that had us land in Lyon and sent on a bus to Geneva for an arrival at 4.30am...

Ross bday ski

A bit behind again on my blogging but w we've been quite busy lately with lots of fun stuff rather than building work which had been nice. On Wednesday it was Ross birthday and we both had taken the day of with a group of friends to go ski in la Rosière / la Thuile, Italy. A very high pace was set from the start and we had some great runs down not too busy pistes before stopping at Maison Carrel for lunch on the Italian side to refuel. We finished off the day racing back to La Rosière and then with some drinks out at Couloir un Tignes.

Meribel ski

Over the weekend we popped over to Méribel to meet up with Shaun and Nicole for a ski and some food. It was great to have a catch up and get some skiing time in.
 In the meantime we're also getting little bits done around the house, like getting handles on door and cupboards. 

New floor

We finally have a floor. After having moved out last week to stay in some temporary accommodation we now finally have a floor and the apartment is more or less dust free. No more obligatory slippers! We're not slowly working away at the little things to get settled in but this was definitely a big box to tick.