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I am going to Norway..note; this was decided a week ago

I am going to Norway this winter and am so happy! I was literally jumping up and down after my interview that took place almost exactly a week an hour..
I am going to Beitostölen to work as a ski instructor. Unfortunately I won't be able to go live with Astrid in Umeå this winter but I hope I can still join her, maybe next fall. Who knows? It feels good having decided not to start studying quite yet. It's gonna be hard to stop going places and experiencing new things, new cultures, gettin to know new people. I've only been here for 4 weeks and I'll be sad to leave everyone next week.. Can't believe how time flies!
So this is my last weekend here. Don't have any plans yet but I'm sure I'll have a great time.
Ah well, I won't start rambling about something else know because I need to save my energy!
a nap might soon take place.

Randonne du vertige

I guess everyone understands that I did decide to go on the randonne du vertige, translated to English: climbing in the mountains..
I had an amazing time.. I will upload photos so that you all can see as well but am a bit too tired for the mo. We went by car to the mountain where we were climbing and then walked up to the place where the trail started. Equiped with helmet and harness you felt reasonably safe... The first part was ok, just a steep walk up the mountain but after this we came to a cave from which we were climbing on the wall and out through a hole.. It was pretty hard considering the fact that the mountain wall was like this / and we were climbing on the right side of it... good illustration if I can say so myself! Then it got a little bit easier and you got the hang of clipping on the security straps to the ropes... I probably use all the wrong vocab for this but, I am a beginner climber... Anyway, after a while we came to the place Philippe had told us about before... w…

monday again and back to school

Well here we go again, it's back to school day for me. Can't believe how quick you get tired of going to school when you haven't gone for a while.. You get so used to not having homework and not using your brain to process tons of information because you are set on learning something instead of just processing it because it is something your brain finds useful..Do I have to mention that we spend our 25min break eating candy (i.e. sugar) and drinking coffee? Two things that will supply us with the energy needed to stay alert for another hour and a half.. Did lots of grammar today as well but finished with talking about food, as always when everyone's really tired and hungry we talk about food... always makes me less hungry.. I hope you understood the irony.. And for all of you who know me you know that I get hungry every 3hours or so. I have already come to the conclusion that my eating habits are a bit strange... Like the french would say, J'ai une faim de loup but…
well, here I am again. Writing.. I have way too much time on my hands.. The French lesson today felt soo long, 4 hours of grammar.. I guess you all can imagine... but I shouldn't complain. I guess I can add that the fact that it seemed even longer was that I was out yesterday with some people from the school.. we played pool at Finn Kelly's. I did go home early.. about midnight.. so it wasn't too bad I guess.. Have no clue whatsoever about tonights plans though... Out and meet people I guess.
Have got some new things to think about now, I was advised to apply for a ski instructor job in Norway, however this collides with mt plans for Uni. so at the mo I'm slightly confused.... I guess I'll just see how it goes with everything... apply for all and then see what happens.
Have yet again been reminded about the small size of the world we all live in. Today I met a guy that lives really close to where one of my lovely girls, Kate live.. Indeed, strange..
There are a lot of…

Get to try a new group

Well, the weekend is over and I have had yet another French lesson today, at least this time the teacher wasn't as boring as the other one..
well anyway I talked to her afterwards and I told her that there was nothing new at all for me during this lesson and the lesson that I had last friday. She said I could try group 8 tomorrow but she didn't think I was that fluent, which I guess Ï'm not because when talking French in front of unknown people I tend to freeze, forget words use the wrong tense and stuff. Things I know when I'm not nervous, which sucks.. So now I have to prove that I can be in that group because the teacher there gets to decide if I can stay or not.. yay! or not.. I know the grammar and stuff, I think I just need to practice speaking French,, so now I breathe eat and think in French. Or at least I try to.
Anyway, so I went grocery shopping afterwards and bought a psychology magazine in french... very interesting I must say.. I have also tried to download…

A few pictures of Annecy

Pictures from the center of the town and of le Lac d'Annecy

I have arrived in France!

Today I flew from Gothenburg to Brussels. The flight was ok but we had to attempt landing twice before succeeding because of bad weather. A bit nerve wrecking I must say but well. Now I have a few hours to spend in Brussels Airport which is big. It is better to have a lot of time when having connecting flights here. Took forever to get from terminal A to B, especially with my foot which is still swollen.
The waiting took forever. And then I found out the plane was delayed. My mind of course started thinking thoughts about missing the train and then the last bus to Annecy and having to order a cab and so on.. The plane took off half an hour after our scheduled departure. Anyway after landing it took surprisingly short time to get to the luggage, through customs and get a train ticket. I didn't even have to take the last possible train but the earlier one and once in Geneva I did not have too much trouble finding la gare routière where the bus was scheduled to leave from. This wa…