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Norway, a first impression and some other stuff

Well, I'm back from my first weekend up in Beitostølen, Norway. Went up to get everything together, to answer all of my questions and prepare for the winter. It went pretty well, I got to know some of the people I'm going to work with and I also got some extra work, so hopefully that'll work out this winter.. Can't wait to go up there again. Start something new again. Do something different. But there's a few things that still need to be done before I can relax. But ecerything's at least starting to fall into place. I'm missing Christmas again, but I haven't thought too much about it, at least not yet. I guess it's because I missed it yesterday and survived so now it's not such a big deal anymore. Usually I like Christmas because I get to see everyone in my family within a short period of days but this fall, I've gotten to see them more than I usually do so that's probably why I don't feel too bad about it.

On a completely different s…
I keep working... Last week I got some more work as a sub, in preschool and in middleschool. I teach middleschool French.. just what I was telling my class in Annecy that I might be doing.. feels strange. I have realized how much I enjoy languages though and am now seriously considering to apply for something to do with languages for uni next fall. If I feel that it's right. It's hard though, but I guess you can't assume that deciding what you want to do with your life should be easy. Sometimes you wish you were one of those people that knew from the age of 5 what they want to do with their life. In a way I guess I should be grateful I don't know because that was the reason for me going to the US. Furthermore, if it hadn't been for all the trouble with the applications for college I wouldn't have gone to France and I wouldn't be going to Norway.. That's a lot of experiences I wouldn't want to be without.
For now I'm stressing a bit about Norway t…

A house elf has taken over

Well, I apparently have way too little things to do to keep me from writing here once again...maybe I'll entertain someone.. I have gotten some work this week though so I shouldn't complain. I'm doing my first au pair interview later today so am slightly nervous. Right now I'm passing time as a stand in for the absent house elf at home.. I have today, so far, walked with the recyclable material to the recycling station, been outside cutting off the dead parts of the rose bushes and rolled off all the red lint on the laundry.. Didn't think about telling mum about the fact that my red wollen shirt sheds.. and now I'm contemplating whether to start baking or not..
hmm...You do get very efficient when you get up at 7am every morning waiting for the phone to ring, to see if you get to work that day or not. If you don't you get a very long day and time to pass.. Sometimes that is a good thing, sometimes not. Now I'm gonna go get the mail and hopefully somethin…

The last day in Annecy

Well, I guess this will be the last note from Annecy. Well technically it is written in geneva but it is from my last day in Annecy.
Last class and I was scheduled to have my presentation about PACA with Sara which went ok until my mum calls my cell phone in the middle of my presentation. And consequently I am interrupting my own presentation. Also don't know what out teacher thought because she spoke almost as much as me and Sara about our region during the presentation. Almost as having someone another person being a part of the presentation. After this I went to lunch with Adam and I finally tasted tartiflette! The Savoyan specialty.. cheese, potatoes and bacon in a gratin. Adam was really nice and bought me lunch!
The last night was Halloween and Sahra had convinced Frédéric that we should have a party because of several reasons, 1: I am going away, 2: Sahra is moving in, 3: it is Halloween.
So I ended up not dressing up as something special but still dressing up, me in suspender…