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I've fallen, yet again

So time for a new post, just because I'm bored...fell on my shoulder yesterday, again and had to be taken down the slope by the skipatroll and then Tove took me to the doctor to have the shoulder x-rayed. The ironic part is that the night before I told Joachim who works for the skipatrol that he had to be on stand by because I was going snowboarding the next day...He didn't believe Tove when she first called....anyway, nothing's broken but my muscles are still hurting and have been banned from skiing for the weekend.. not so fun, just hope my shoulder is up for starting work on Monday... kids 3-4 years old, beginners..
Not much to do but to wait and see..

Snowshoe walking and how to steal a Christmas tree

Today was yet another amazing day here in Beitostølen. Sunny, yet a little bit too warm, we were on the plus side today.. Had a great lesson this morning with the same kid I had yesterday and then we went snowshoe walking. Started not so good with falling on the icy slope down from the lift, however, this was before I put on the snowshoes so doesn't really count, right!? Anyway, we started walking and Tove was our guide and taught us the names of all the surrounding mountains, don't know all of them know but will in some time.. So nice view when we came up on Norra Knøsen and but got a little windy.. Then we walked down and had lunch in the lavvo.. (like a tipi, for those who doesn't understand Norwegian). . In the afternoon we went out to steal a Christmas tree, at least it was dark but it gets dark early here so basically still afternoon. We drove for quite a while, brought an axe and a saw and then walked in knee deep snow in the woods until we found a really good tree …
I guess this one'll be without a title, can't really bother to think of one at the mo... Still in Norway and Beitostølen. Might take a snowboard course so that I can teach that as well, a bit expensive but fun and then I can work with that as well. Excited about next week when I will be starting working.. I got a course for 3-4 year old beginners for a few days and some more.. No real Christmas spirit, maybe I'll by myself a present, "Merry Christmas Linda, best wishes Santa", I could use a new pair of goggles... Otherwise not celebrating Christmas like last year. I'll see what everyone else is doing and then decide what I'll do.
By the way, this is the first day since I came that I haven't gone skiing... When you think of it, why did I even consider starting to study and not doing this?
Why is it always harder to find something to write about when everything is great? Maybe you need to be neurotic and experience problems to be a good writer.. Feel good…


Now I've finished trinn 1 and will start going with the other instructors on their hours before I get my own but hopefully I can get my own pretty soon. Yesterday I spent in the slopes first and just playing around. Then in the evening there was the akefest in the slope. Really fun, we got to try airboard which was really fun. Basically you lie on a small airmattress and go down the slope. It was great! Then we went out afterwards which was fun as well.. Today I decided to go cross country skiing, because the weather is great and I might also join a lesson in cross country skiing on Saturday so figured I shouldn't go not having skied in a long time.. Anyway I went up with the ski lift and I was out for over an hour and it was hard but fun. However a small mishap going down the ski slope to get down again..fell on my shoulder and it hurts still, although shouldn't be too bad cause I can move it... Think I need to buy new wax for the skiis though, don't have for weather …

First report from the winter wonderland in which I now live

Well, here it is, my first report back to all of you guys from Norway. I have moved here now and am right now living with two of the people that I'm working with.. and it's working out good. I will move into the apartment where I'm going to live for the most part of the season in a few weeks.. Otherwise everything is great, tons of snow, nice people and I get to go skiing every day! Basically my an image of my fantasy winter wonderland!
This week I'm taking trinn 1, the first course for the norwegian ski school and it's been good so far. Been falling some when doing tricks and going off pist but nothing too bad.. It's been really fun! Tomorrow we're having safety and some first aid in the slopes if I remember correctly..
It's way to fun not going back to school... hmm... ..