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The first post from my new laptop ;)

So, got a new laptop during the sale between x-mas and new year's, so now I've got a little pretty red laptop weighing less than 2kg! Nice.
Leaving for Torekov in a few minutes actually to spend New year's with the grand parents.
Check list done for today, packing list for Norway, getting a call from the Norwegian tax authorities saying they'll send me a new documents for 2009, printing university application, and not to forget, transfer my music from the old laptop to the new one, and I've only been awake for a few hours. A productive day in short.


Finally Christmas, my so longed for holiday! And I got my suitcase back in time with all my stuff. Yesterday we were at my sister's place and today my brothers coming over with family and then tomorrow again my other brother and sister, the three days of christmas, of which a long time is spent eating lots and lots of food! The best part is that my mum has made me a christmas ham, cooked by herself and not the already cooked one that I can bring with me up to Norway!!

Today's events

1. Crazy Christmas shopping, all done except one present - tomorrow's to-do
2. Got stuck in traffic outside a shopping center for over an hour. A total distance of maybe 300m.
3. Cut myself with a scissor in the hand wrapping my Christmas presents
4. Cleaning the entire wall of bookshelves in our living room
5. Got a phone call saying my luggage will come tomorrow between 10 and 14. Yay!
6. Still on the plan: drinking Glögg/Vin Chaud. Christmas is here :)

Back home but without luggage

So, of course my flights couldn't just go smoothly without any fuss. I arrived safely at home, late tonight but then they announce that the door to the luggage compartement has frozen so no one is getting their luggage, at least not tonight, and that was after waiting for it for 45 min....
Anyways, had to fill out forms and hopefully they'll send it tomorrow or the next day... not to high hopes though as they mentioned something about flying the plane back to Brussels tomorrow to get their technicians to fix it... hmmm.

The last day

Some pics from last weekend in Val d'Isère first of all...

Today's my last day here in Annecy, for this time, felt like I should add that because hopefully I'll come back soon! Feeling all nostalgic and sentimental already, it's been fantastic being here this fall, met some really cool people, and gotten to go skiing in the french alps. Today I've had to clean out the entire apartment, just like a little house elf, seeing as I live by myself since a few weeks back. Still don't know what to do with my key when I leave tomorrow though as my landlord doesn't pick up the phone...

Discovered wisdoom teeth

hmm, have today discovered that my wisdom teeth are starting to grow/come out, whatever you like to call it... and I was up until now hoping not to have any....

Les arcs

Me and Amanda went to Les Arcs today and had one of the best days skiing ever!! Had sunny nice weather in the morning, the afternoon wasn't quite as nice, a bit more cloudy but the slopes were amazing and no people at all!


Had the final exam today, c'est fait, c'est fini!

Val d'Isère

Just got back from Val d'Isère. Had an amazing weekend. We went up to cheer for Gauthier, Thomas and Raphael, some guys that me and my friends have gotten to know a bit here in Annecy. So made a nice poster and proclaimed ourselves as their official fan club ;) which the speakers and commentators in the slope loved. (seeing as we're swedish and norwegian and cheering for french guys, but of course the poster also included some cheers for our countries' racers) and Gauthier had an amazing second run, went from 3oth-3 place!! So of course we had to celebrate in the evening!

at least I've gotten like a half apology

so, the next day the girl comes back to find me, gives me back my money and says she's sorry, and then starts mumbling some other weird excuse, but at least I've got my hat back and all is set in order.
Celebrated Lucia today at school, there was four of us, nicely dressed up in white sheets, we had made a lucia crown and everything. But all went well and we got some nice compliments afterwards for doing it, so it was appreciated. :)
Going to Val d'Isère tomorrow to watch the FIS world cup!! yay, met some of the guys on the french team so we're just about to make them a nice poster to have when we cheer them on!


So, got the message yesterday that I've been accepted to all the distance courses I have applied for, yay. But then figured out that taking all of them would be studying at 75% of full time... maybe slightly too much as I am going to work at the same time... hmm., need to reconsider if maybe I should drop one....
anyways, only have one more lesson before the final exam, so should start to study, but first some insensible shoeshopping and preparation for tomorrow's Lucia celebration! And I need to translate the recipe for the Lucia buns into french for my teacher...

A french girl stole my hat and then claimed she bought it

Like I've said earlier, I lost my hat in school friday. Apparently dropped it somewhere out in the hall I guess. Today, waiting for my class I see a girl wearing my hat!!!! Of course went up to her and told her it was my hat! (Every part of the discussion in french) and she has the guts to claim she bought it, that there are many hats like that and I have simply lost mine and if she would've found it she would've turned it in. (Not true, obviously) I have photographic proof and showed her the note that I put up in the school and since Ellen knitted it for me, there are no other ones like it! Since she refused to give in, despite all my evidence, I ended up paying her what she bought it for and telling her to go buy another one herself. Not right I know, I shouldn't have to pay the girl that stole my hat for her to give it back to me, but the hat is more important than the money... So, at least now I have my hat again.

La Clusaz

So, went to La Clusaz again this weekend as the other trip was cancelled, but had an amazing day, sunny, cold and if you looked, some untouched powder from the snowfall the day before.
The evening was spent in my flat with pizza and then adventsfika, a word that doesn't really translate to any other language... or it does but becomes long and complicated.


So, the school's cancelled yet another one of the ski excursions, so now we are all a bit annoyed, we've even written a letter of complaint to the director and feeling very french doing it...
So hopefully we can set something up on our own anyway.
Did plan to put up photos from last weekend as well, but it seems as if the computers aren't on my side today either..

Amazing, fantastic, unbelievably fun weekend

Had a great weekend which was appropriate seeing as it was my birthday and all! Thanks everyone for calling, texting, emailing and everything! Spent my birthday in La Clusaz for the opening of La Balme and then in the evening in Annecy, I went with some friends to an Indian rest on my street which was really good. Afterwards it was banoffee pie and coffee. And I got some presents as well, french skiing magazines and some other stuff, all nicely decorated with ballons.
Yesterday a friend invited me and some more people to go horseback riding. It was really fun, I had a pony named Filou and we went in the forest, did some trotting as well and we crossed a stream and got a bit wet, but it was still very nice! Hadn't been on a horse in a long time, and furthermore, I haven't been on a horse that many times so kind of proud of how well I did!

Val Thorens

Went to Val Thorens yesterday to go skiing with some friends and had an absolutely amazing day. Sunny, cold, not that many people in the slopes :)


Having the tcf exam today, test de connaissance de français. So testing my knowledge of french.. Have had two tests so far, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and writing, and so far the difficulty has been too little time! Now I only have the oral part left...

Christmas spirit and the first snow!

Got the first real snow in Annecy this weekend and my Christmas spirit is getting better and better! Only one month left today!
Even if the snow hasn't stayed on the ground here in town, it does at a higher altitude, like at the mount Veyrier on the other side of the lake.

Presentation is done!

Had my presentation today, it wasn't too bad, I'd deliberately chosen friday cause I know that we're never that many people there then. Today there was 5 of us.. Anyways, now it's done and I have only the tcf next week and then the other exam on the 15th..
Won't be going to Val Thorens tomorrow as planned, there's a storm coming in with winds over 100km/h so the station won't be open.. I guess we'll have to figure out something else to do. Our other hope is that the snow falls here as well so that the closest station will open earlier than expected...

I've lost the battle against coffee

I've tried being good and not drinking too much coffee, but yesterday I was too tempted, so now I have coffee at home! And I can drink whole mugs of it and not tiny cups! In my defense there are definitely worse addictions..
And I decided to decorate for Christmas, so I've gotten these icicles made of glass to hang in my window and then advent chandelier! I'm thinking it is only slightly more than a month left so everyone will start decorating next week. I'm making up for lost time with only one more week!

Randonné turning playground

We went on a randonné on Semnoz this weekend as well and because of all the leaves and us being bored we started imitating trees, trying to blend in with the environment and burying people in leaves... But we had fun, and felt good after walking for 2-3hours. This was followed by the smallest coffee I've ever been served.. It was more like an espresso, you could actually finish it in one sip.

Dropping geography class

So, decided to drop geography class from now on, feel like I need to focus on the french, and there is also absolutely no way of me being on time for the class considering it takes more than 20min to get from this school to the other. And the french exams are coming up...
Anyways, week's been good so far, my neck hasn't been in top form but is getting better, need to sit less by the books and be out moving around more...
Question: can I make up for having missed Christmas for two years and start decorating soon without looking insane? I'm really tempted to start...

James Bond goes french

So, decided on going to see a movie, and what better to do in an afternoon other than enjoying James Bond, Quantum of Solace dubbed into French.
Actually it was better than expected. Or the movie was just as expected, it is a bond movie we're talking about, but having to see it in french wasn't too bad.
Anyways, it's raining outside and I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon with a warm cup of tea, a good book, (and maybe some homework, if I start feeling too lazy)

slightly blonder and it's armistice day

So, have today off, the French have decided to make the 11/11 a holiday, the armistice day from WW1, and it's pretty nice. I had plans for the day that didn't really work out, seeing as I overslept, but now the new plan is either a hike or going to the movies to see the new bond movie, and yes, in french. Seeing as it just now started raining I'm thinking bond movie...
Decided to go a little bit blonder yesterday so did some highlights (or Amanda did, thanks!) and I'm happy with the result! Also, we went out to a bar that has live music on mondays, apparently anyone who wants to can get up and sing, it was fun. But no, I did not sing, I know my voice's singing quality better than that ;)


Back from skiing in Tignes, and had a great day! Amazing weather and skis on the feet never seem to get old! Still need some more time adjusting to the skiboots, but it was better today than the last time so I shouldn't complain. And after a warm shower and some cups of tea, (did not drink coffee during the day and only one cup of tea at 6am!) I am feeling as good as can be!

Too excited

Tignes is only a night and a 2h car ride away... which evidently explains it all!

Avoided allergy chock

So today turned out a bit scary after having eaten mints, turned out they contained nutoil, something at least I did not know about mints and of course didn't see before I'd had a few. Started feeling a bit weird, don't know if it was because of the oil or the possibility of having an allergic reaction that scared me, but anyways, as I am always prepared I carry my hydrocortison pills (gotten in case I get stung by a wasp) and everything is fine. So no worries! Soon weekend, and until then I'm going to live, breath and eat ski magazines, movies and brochures.


Weekend's been good, been out watching people in weird costumes in the evenings hanging out with friends and decided today to be a bit more active and dragged some friends with me for a short hike in the Semnoz forest, which was fun and not too exhausting, and we had a limited time to do it, but the next time we'll go for a longer one. Walked for an hour and a half at least so it was better than nothing. Afterwards we went to the château (castle) for those of you not speaking french ;) because they have an exhibit and every first sunday of the month it's free to visit the museums. Was an exhibit about the history of animations and pariticularly about this one artist, whose name I've already forgot. So, not really my cup of tea, but it was fun to see the castle.
And now I'm off to dinner at a friend's place! Nice not having to cook all the time :)

spending the afternoon doing something useful

doing exactly what the title implies, namely sitting inside with my skiboots on, hoping to get my feet used to the new skiboots, Tignes is still on for next weekend!

Signed up for the TCF test

So, have signed up for the tcf test at the end of november, the 26th to be exact. Wish me luck!

Finally some snow!

So finally some snow has arrived and covered the upper half of the mountains surrounding Annecy, the downpart is that the forecast predicts hot weather for the weekend so it'll probably all go away, but anything other than rain is an improvement right now, the first part of the week has weatherwise been awful.. Don't have much plans for the weekend yet, but as long as I have Tignes to look forward to next weekend it doesn't matter much. Maybe a small randonné up Semnoz, we'll see, depends on how ambitious I decide to be..



Chamonix-Mont Blanc


An amazing weekend with mum

So, mom got here early on Friday and we had an amazing weekend visiting Chamonix, going up to Aiguille du Midi where we got a great view of Mont Blanc and the alps. Then on Sunday we went to Tignes and went skiing on Glacier de la Grande Motte. And we were really lucky with the weather, sunny and warm for those two days. Yesterday and today it's been raining a bit but we have still walked around Annecy a bit and today we went to the market and bought regional cheese! Will try to upload some pics as soon as possible, and maybe more of them on facebook!

application confirmed

Got the standard message confirming that my application for the distance courses next semester have been accepted. So now it's just to wait and see.
Friday finally today and my mom is coming tonight :D but first I have a lesson and in the afternoon an excursion!
And more fun, went shopping with Amanda yesterday and found a nice nikita sweatshirt! photo might come next time i get internet back on the computer...

Why can't the winter start earlier and end later?

So, spending lots of time on freeride watching other people ski and can't wait for when I get to, hopefully really soon, in a few weeks, if all goes according to plan. In the meantime, I'll keep exercising my knee, increase my muscle size and weight and dream on...

pics from last weekend

Some pics from last weekend, le retour des alpages and the picnic in the parc afterwards.
This week's just passed pretty quickly, having lessons and taking care of everything else. Met Thib on Tuesday when he was in Annecy which was fun. Haven't seen him since last month when I went to visit them all in La Clusaz.
Still looking for an apartment in Norway, right now with two other couples that are gonna work this winter as well, so hopefully we can find something good.
Was informed yesterday by a neighbour that apparently we have a bike room/garage in the building, I don't have the key yet, but will call my landlord, need to remind her about the bed for mom for next week anyway.
And the best so far today! I've gottena letter from my grandparents so now I need to get some paper and an envelope to write them back. I love getting real letters.
Feel free to surprise me, I get my mail at the school address, IFALPES, 52 Rue des Marquisats, 74000 Annecy.
à tôt!

Getting a little bit better

Still have my cold, I guess I can't complain too much only been sick since tuesday, if you call having a cold being sick. Anyways, had almost 8h of class yesterday, in the end it didn't quite add up to that many hours because we got to finish early, but that was after I had a test on the whole world with blind maps, countries and capitals, shame that the middle-est was in between two pages and I know those countries. Didn't even try to fill in the map of France with all its departments, know this one, 74 and that the one beneath is 73, but that's about it, anyways, that was supposed to be just bonus. So weekend again, and today's the annual retour des alpages, that I got to see last year as well, so I guess I'll go into town for a while to see all the cows and goats and people. Also got plans to go out with Linni tonight, probably won't be for too long though seeing as my nose can't stop running... Sucks being sick.

I have a cold

I have a cold, a cotton-head, sniffling nose, coughing, sore throat cold. Only thing lacking now is a fever. My plan is to seriously increase my intake of vitamin C and hope for the best..

signed up for distance courses

Figured I'd try to be good and signed up for some distance courses to take at the same time that I'm working next semester. Think that'll be nice, give me something to do during my evenings!
Still haven't found an apartment though,.. ideas anyone?

Randonné Mont Veyrier

Started off the weekend on Friday night with Linni, which is always tons of fun! Had a late night and thus a lazy Saturday. Decided to be more active on Sunday though and me and Anna, another Swedish girl decided to hike up Mont Veyrier. It was really nice because up there we got a great view, not of Mont Blanc, though, think we had to walk even further for that, but over the lake and we also passed the snow limit! Took us about 2,5h to walk up and 2h to get down, which was harder than going up. A bit slippery sometimes, can't believe we saw French people running their, that would definitely be begging for a twisted ankle.
Tomorrow we'll be starting next month's session and I've also seen the schedule of activities and 8nov is SKI Tignes! Can't wait!

New skiboots

So, this morning before my geography class I decided to go ski boot shopping and finally after trying at least 10 pairs I've found a pair that feels good. Can't wait for the snow

Le tour du lac

Yesterday I did le tour du lac, with my bike, so it meant over 40km of biking which was fun though. I went with Amanda and we stopped underways for a picnic and rest. One thing to check off of my list of things to do while in Annecy. Apparently I can't upload a pic right now, so we'll see if I can do it later...

Visit from Falköping

So Monday night Anna and Sofia came to Annecy, they're travelling in Europe with interrail and stopped by for a visit. Ended up staying until Wednesday morning so it was great with some company and lots of talk about skiing and the next season.. So I showed them around a little bit and then left them on their own when I had my last class for the month yesterday and a Diploma ceremony. Very official here in France and people are called up in order of achievement, luckily I got the highest mark this month très bien so got called up first in my group :)

Still looking for an apartment but got one more phone# to call now so hopefully I can find something soon, you guys know me, l like to have it all planned in good time.

Plans for my other day off tomorrow is to bike around the lake about 40 km.. but we're bringing food so we can stop underways and refuel.

Moreover, started looking more seriously for skiboots again, so need to bring a pair of socks and head to town any day now.

And fin…

the end of a week's end

For some reason my laptop's decided to cheer me up today and thus oddly turn on it's wireless function, even though the icon on the computer says it's disabled, the little lamp is shining as blue as ever. Weekend's been calm, had plans for paragliding which didn't happen because the guide got injured, so have to reschedule for sometime soon, a softer week ahead with some days off, would have 6 consecutive days off if I hadn't been the good student taking geography and now also one extra class in communication and negotiation. What not to do for education.... Nice with a soft week ahead though, and plans are to try to seriously start looking for skiboots.
So calm weekend, have walked some in town and some spots are just made to be photographed.

Test... check!

Have finished the test, and I think I did alright, I'm not too concerned, not the best test that I've taken but I don't think it matters that much... anyways, so got a phone call during class again, keep getting these calls when I can't pick up and it's another unknown number, and unfortunately in France all numbers aren't on the yellow pages like they are at home.. Gonna try still, but not expecting to find it.
Next week will be really calm, no class wed through fri, but still have georgraphy at IPAC on the Friday so limits the possibility of going somewhere...

presentation, check! test...tomorrow

So I got through my presentation, was nervous at first which I think was noticeable, but then it got better and in the end I actually think I did pretty good, at least I was happy with my work, and now I don't have to do another one until next month, and that's a good thing!
Got the test for september tomorrow but not too worried, will go through some of the grammar today just... and then I have plans to meet up with Linni, a Finnish girl from last year.

having the apartment to myself

My colloc, (french slang for flatmate) has gone home for a few days on a minivacation and I have the apartment to myself which is really nice.
And my mum's decided on dates to come visit! will be in about a month, yay!
Had a very calm weekend with lots of sleep so should be all perky and energetic this week, but seeing as I try to decrease my intake of caffeine it's not having the major effect I would like it to. Saturday night was fun though with a raclette (cheese) party, basically you grill a local cheese and scrape it off as it melts and it with potatoes and ham... So trying to get a grip on haute savoie culture and delicacies.
Anyways, started my geography class today, and I think it can be interesting, need to get an atlas though, homework for next time, drawing a coloured map over france and learning countries and capitals of the world.. it's kind of nice having one lesson a week that doesn't include french grammar..
Also, need to start looking into a new computer, but guess it's gonna have to wait until the days after christmas, so maybe I can save some money, no use getting a computer here as well because the keyboard is all messed up.
Now I just have like 3 hours more to spend…

signed up for a geograpfy class

Ok, so me and my classmate went to IPAC, a school for higher education here in Annecy, just wanted some info on courses that it was possible to take alongside the french studies here. After like half an hour we were both signed up for a geography class for the rest of the semester, one 4h lesson every week together with french tourism students.... Starting next week, getting an email with more details soon I think.. Could be interesting.

knew that this wouldn't last

ok, so the computer has broken down again so the wifi is no longer working... sucks, tried with the update I got from the support but that doesn't work either so now I have no clue as what to do, according to the support message I have to send the laptop to the states to get it fixed if the upgrade doesn't work... And I don't even consider that an option...

taking advantage of the fact that my computer has decided to start working again

So, for some reason the wireless device works again and I'm not complaining, just a little bit annoying that it appears a bit unpredictable..
pics,.. Annecy by night and from a foggy la Clusaz

washing clothes

just as exciting as it sounds...and waiting for class can it get any better?

yesterday was a bit more interesting though, will get back to that, maybe...depends on how things turn out...
So, of course, no matter how hard you try some days are etched into your memory.. At the same time I want to both forget and to remember... I think about you today Anna, even more so today than other days, I guess it just becomes more evident today... And I think about everyone else feeling the same way. Some memories from today four years ago, that I'll never forget, coming into the school, someone carrying white lilies made me understand what someone earlier had tried to tell me. After that it is mostly a blur... too strong emotions to understand anything else, and a too strong emotion to understand. It still keps hitting me sometimes...
I can't believe another year has already gone by... I still miss you.

Brief about the weekend

Spent Friday and Sat in La Clusaz with Max, Franckie and Thib which was fun, we went out friday night and I had a really good time... Drinks, dancing, catching up...
The rest of the weekend was calm, went to see Mamma Mia yesterday, french version... but anyways.. good movie. Glad to finally have seen it after not being able to go while in Norway.
Now I'm back in school today, and still have to figure out what to do about the computer.

And there's something wrong with my computer again

Guess it's obvious from the title that I'm not too happy with the way some things work. Now the wireless device has turned it self off and I'm not the tech wiz I wish I was. The program that turns it on manually doesn't turn on either... otherwise the problem would've been easily fixed.. So any suggestions are welcome! Have sent an email to support to see if they can help me.. The new computer that I want is even more desireable at the mo.
Well, some fun stuff that's happened as well of course, I've met up with Frédéric, the guy I lived with last year and it was fun talking lots of French, and I'm happy, he though my french was better now than last year... good but weird seeing as I've only read a french book since.. and not much more.. However, encouraging. Not quite used to all the homework yet and have to write about different types of people in the Swedish society for tomorrow.. meaning unemployed, and so on. Hmm, and I don't really know all …

anther oral...

So, already told everyone it's not my favourite thing having orals and doing presentations. So, guess what, I have to do another one this month and then one the next month and the next month. A bit diffuse subject though, no theme so I can choose what I want but I have to be able to create a discussion afterwards.... hmmm. and not reading anything when we talk, maybe like 5 words for support.. So, wednesday and then the 24th, keep your fingers crossed!


so, this weekend's been good and bad. Found out my key doesn't work in the door to the building and I don't have the code. But I do now, I entered at the same time as a neighbor and thus saw the code. However, managed to finally get a hold of our landlord as well so she's coming with the key as well I think. Kind of hard otherwise not being able to enter the building at night or during weekends.. Also, yesterday the bad weather was back, it was literally pouring down all day. But today's been good so I've been out with my bike around town. Also, started on the huge homework our second teacher gave us... Writing about a film that's important to us and then also present it orally. We all know that's not my favorite thing to do...

Friday :)

So, finally friday! Haha, shouldn't complain really only been in school for 2 days, the other teacher was ok as well, but I hope it gets a little better with time as well. And next month I'll hopefully get even better teachers.. Spent the afternoon by the lake, swimming and enjoying the sun. I've also rented a bike now, hopefully it doesn't get stolen so that I lose my deposit. That would really suck..
Anyways, going out with some people from the school today :)


So, the storm that was predicted yesterday did hit us, so I guess the weather people aren't always wrong. Ended up staying inside the whole evening which was a shame, but I'll just have to go to Paris to visit Adam sometime!
Today it's been raining the entire day as well, not very exciting.. My first lesson was ok, and so was the class and the teacher I think. Have a different teacher tomorrow so we'll see how it goes.. At least now I've gotten some homework to occupy myself. Went to talk with Virginie at the school office as well about the tests so we'll see what tests are possible for me to do. Want to do the DALF/DELF if I can and then the university diploma test..
And, looking forward to next tuesday! Meeting up with Fred, the guy I lived with last year and his friends!

First day of school

Technically at least, the first day of school. We didn't do that much, first a written test and then an oral one, which was worse, imagine having to describe man out of time (a movie) in French. I saw the movie last night, and of course I get the question describe the last movie you saw.. Should have watched something less complicated. But anyways, the rest of the day was just talking to people, the walking tour of Annecy (same as last year) an information meeting and then a small welcome reception with snacks. So anyways, ended up in group 6 out of 6, the highest level. Didn't think I would when I took the test, but apparently I did better than I thought. So have met lots of people today, lucky if I remember like half of the names until tomorrow, don't think I know anyone in my group though, we'll see tomorrow when the real lessons actually begin.
Tonight I'm going out for a while to meet up with Adam, one of the people that I got to know here last year that's …

My "room"

My room for the following months


Have finally arrived, the flight didn't work out that smoothly, or I did not see a sign that said long distance buses at Geneva airport, despite looking, and after a staircase, before which I had to abandon my trolley and thus carry my 5 bags...I did not end up at the right bus stop. I was at the local one and thus I missed my bus and had to take a taxi to Annecy....
Have now moved into the apartment together with my dutch roommate Tamara, we officially live in an old person's home. Don't think the landlord has changed a thing from when her mother lived here. We even have pictures of the old lady, and tons of porcelain figures in cabinets. I'll upload pics when I have a better connection to the internet. Today's events have included getting a french phone # +33673331443 and going food shopping. Expensive day but now I'll live for a few more days!
Starting school tomorrow and have bought a note pad, apparently they just don't have the ones with lines, so now I…

Flying back today

So, today I'm flying back. Just walking around in the house now to see if I can think of anything that I have forgotten to pack, but I feel like I've done a pretty good job packing this time. Won't know for sure until I've gotten settled in Annecy though, it's not until you've arrived that you realize what you should've packed... A new update will come as soon as I've got access to the internet again :)

My life contained in bags

So, been packing this morning, done apart from the stuff that I can only pack tomorrow morning.. like my toothbrush...

I have worked for one day the last month..

Sounds like I've been taking it really easy when you put it like that... Well technically it hasn't really been a month since I left Norway either, but it sounds better than saying like 26 days.... So I got work as a sub yesterday, taught religion and crafts (sewing & stuff). It all went reasonably well and it didn't hurt to know that I would only work one day this semester.. Leaving on Monday and can't wait! This week I've also managed to not find new ski boots, hopefully I can find some in France, get all preparations done for France, including bank stuff.. Feel very responsible and adult-like...
It's also been my father's birthday which of course was celebrated eating apple cake :D and got to see my brothers and my sister... So have during this month managed to see all of my closer relatives which also is quite impressing, considering my large family! And it's been nice having been able to see them all before I leave. This weekend I've got no …

Yesterday and about to make more muffins

So yesterday I got a hold of the physiotherapist and got some good tips on how to work out and what kind of exercises to do! Nice. Another tip was how to measure my progress.. it was just that, measuring around the thigh to see how it goes... So then I can see if the training is useful or if I need more weights. Not supposed to use a lot of weights in the beginning though. Anyways, will do once I get a gym membership in Annecy!
Today's events will include more baking of muffins, redcurrant ones this time.. I was out in our garden yesterday plucking the berries so I'm all set, and this time I've got better cupcake forms.
So, when I'm bored I bake, maybe this blog should temporarily be transformed into a muffin blog..
Have also found the recipe for the banana pudding that I've been looking for, so sometime in the near future.... and already on the schedule and have bought ingredients for baking banoffee pie.
Lots of sweet stuff going on as you can see. Getting some comp…

french phone call and eating cake, a summary of the weekend

Being me, the weekend always starts Friday afternoon, when you're off from work or school, considering I go to neither at the moment is besides the point. I will be in a week!
I called my future landlord in France to schedule the details of my arrival. Seeing as I hadn't spoken French in a really long time I think I did good. So, she's meeting me at the bus station when I get to Annecy next monday! She seemed really nice on the phone and she, as well, had some Swedish connections which she of course told me of. So we had a nice little chat. So still feeling very proud of myself for being able to have a conversation in French.
This weekend we went to visit my brother in Sunne to celebrate his birthday, so of course lots of cake eating and then some playing with my nephews!
Now I'm back home again and have one more week to fill with random plans and do whatever I feel like.

in the skiboot jungle

So, started looking at ski boots and it's proving to be a bit hard.. Having to ask the stores to bring them up for storage and apparently I have a larger right foot than a left foot, which combined with having the right ski boot being tested the most (thus slightly bigger) makes it hard to try two different boots at the same time and comparing them. So I don't really know which ones are best right now, have a couple of pairs with me here at home now, so imagine me in ski boots, in short and t.shirt sitting on the couch.

Got my French address

So, got the info today about my apartment in Annecy, and will be living a bit closer to the centre of Annecy this time. If I remember it's 70 m2, with 2 rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. So, we'll see who I'll be sharing it with...
Will be looking into new ski boots this afternoon, otherwise busy sending emails to sort out the last details of everything.

slight setback

Found out today, while attempting to adjust my bindings that my boots won't fit without moving the entire binding. Considering the fact that I'm getting new boots this season anyway, smaller, than the ones I have... I now need to figure out what to do, I think maybe a trip up to the local sports store trying to convince them to take the ski boots out from the storage room might be in place... Maybe that can be the plan for tomorrow.. Days are passing by so fast now, just look at my lovely countdown clock.
Tried to get a hold of my physiotherapist today as well, but he's on vacation, so hopefully I'll be able to get an appt when he's back next week. And to convince everyone that I haven't gone completely lazy since I've come home I was actually out and walked for a long time today (long meaning over an hour) the knee was only protesting the last half hour, and even that wasn't too bad, so yay, progress!( haha.. at least I can laugh at myself when I feel I…


I've gotten new skis, well, technically they're used, but they're new to me! A pair of K2 fujatives 07, that haven't been used that much so they're in pretty good shape. So very happy, now I just have to adjust the bindings and stuff and then I'll bring them with me to France so that I can start next winter season down there in like November, December when the snow starts falling!


So finally got to do some shopping, had to be very efficient though, because I was in the stores an hour before closing time. Managed to find some good stuff on sale though, so very nice!
Also, will probably go to see some of the skiis I've been looking on this week. Nice, and keep planning to meet up with some friends that I haven't seen in a while. So we'll see what we can make of this week. No real plans, no schedule, nothing at all that I have to do, but it definitely has potential!

Buying skiis?

So, lately my activity has been rather focused on new skiis, don't know for sure yet what I'll decide on, but I'm getting there...
Sunny outside today so should try to get a better tan than the one I have right now, still have marks from my sandals on my feet.. not pretty...

back to my reality for the current month but at least I've gotten a new haircut

So, been down in Växjö visiting my sister and babysitting some so that's why I haven't updated anything in a while.. Anyways, had a really nice time.. Came back home yesterday and my parents have now also made it home after the roadtrip in the US...
Today I've gotten a new haircut as well, the last one was getting a bit out of control... hmm. anyways, it's a bit shorter again and more manageable to say the least, now I'm just hoping for an ok look without it having been styled by a hairdresser. A pic will come as soon...
Getting ready for my stay in France as well, being responsible and getting insurance and stuff today...
and what else.. been looking lots at skiis, we'll see if I can find a pair that I like...
An update on everything will come soon (home again and too little to do)

baking some more muffins

Baking again today, hoping for some company tomorrow over coffee and muffins. These muffins at least have a nice color, chocolate raspberry muffins. However, may have put to many forms on the baking tray... I think some of the cupcakes that now are in the oven are attaching themselves to each least they'll taste good, like the other ones we recently baked. I should get bigger muffinforms and use the muffin baking tray...
So, becoming quite the house elf yet again.


click the headline coffee to get to the article!

So, I'm not gonna give in to my brother's attempts to stop me from drinking coffee...

This is it, this is what I'll be doing for the next month

I'm way too over-energetic to be not doing anything. So far today I've managed to sew and remake 3 different clothing items, cook, and catching up on my mail, updating photos on facebook, book special luggage to get my skiis down to France and take care of some small stuff, and some minor shopping, but just boring things like socks, that you have to buy, but which doesn't really give you the satisfaction of actually shopping. Have some hopes for some nice shopping when I go down to see my sister though. We'll see how it goes. So I guess I'll just have to keep busy like this and time'll fly!
The plans for tonight is to attend a reunion, but not my own, my brother's. I'm joining him at their barbecue and hopefully it'll stop raining before we go... Otherwise, umbrella and rain clothes, hmm, guess it was a good thing that I got used to always bring rain clothes wherever I went this summer...

Some catching up, post 2

So, after this post I think I'm up to date and have written about what's happened up til today.
After coming home from Norway on Sunday, I went straight to Bolmen on Monday, where Frida has her summer house, so met up with her, Kate and Julia, (for those who don't know, some of my NY girls) We had a bit of a lazy day since the weather wasn't really that good, but we had fun, did some catching up, watched sex and the city, went swimming and learned how to play poker with chips.... Hmm, I'm not that good yet and don't know all the rules, but we had fun.
Then on Tuesday we decided to make a roadtrip since the weather wasn't all that great so we actually went down to Torekov to my summer house and we walked around in the old village parts, had a crayfish party and then when we went on our morning swim, we did some celebrity spotting. Henke Larsson, the soccer player was in town! Anyways, a really nice day and we went back up to Bolmen in the afternoon because we …

Some catching up, 1st post

So, I took the bus from Beitostölen on Sunday and travelled all day to get home to Falköping, with buses and trains, which took quite some time, and even though the bus between Oslo and Gothenburg arrived earlier than expected it was a bit exhausting listening to some kind of warning beep signal every second for 3,5 hours... Anyways, managed to catch an earlier train from Gothenburg so that kind of made up for it a bit. Sunday evening was spent doing laundry and packing a relatively small bag for my reunion with my NY girls.
Just have to add a photo to this post as well, the night before I left, Neta and I baked cupcakes, and they turned out a bit weird, still tasted good, but looked kind of weird. We've learned the lesson of adding just blueberries the next time and not the juice as well.....
So, a short summary of my summer in Beitostölen... Lots of fun, climbing, canyoning hanging out with new and old friends and of course working. It's been really nice, and nice to live all …

Another warm day at work

So, this week's been really warm, which in the beginning was really nice and now is starting to get to me, was about 30 degrees C today and you start to long for the shade when there is practically no wind and lots to do all day long. So working outside in the sun isn't always ideal I guess... but I shouldn't complain too much, because the weather hasn't really been that great this summer, so it's nice with some sun. I just have to try to drink even more water so I can keep my focus at work. Getting a bit of a tan by now, that stops by the sleeve and by the knees. And I guess you can imagine the pattern on my feet after wearing sandals for a few days..
Anyways, have two days off now and am going climbing tomorrow! :) And just one more week before I'm back home in Sweden to see my NY girls!

two updates in one day

Of course, since I've complained about the mail not getting up here very fast, I was proved wrong and my mail with my IB diploma did arrive today, so anyway, everything is signed and I've put it in the mailbox, hopefully CSN won't have anything to complain about. We'll see...
Have the day off so trying to work things out before France, with insurance and everything. Which isn't always so easy. Still waiting for some papers from home that I need to send in, but getting mail up here takes quite some time. So just wait a bit and see. Still trying to find some insurance that will cover most of my skiing as well. Otherwise not so much to tell, we're hoping for better weather this week, so hopefully we'll get some sun!

it's snowing!

the 100th post

Thought it deserved a special announcement, of course I have deleted a few posts from when I started blogging as well, so the real number is higher, but still...Weekend here was good, I went out with some friends of Saturday and had a really good time. Now I have two days off again and am relaxing some today and doing some chores.. Tomorrow I'm going canyoning! One of our activities that I haven't tried yet. So looking forward to it. My plans for France are coming along as well, have now paid all my fees so now I only have to take a closer look at the insurance and stuff since I'm gonna want to go skiing when I'm there. Over and out.


Well, yesterday's work was a bit different, got to work with the mini-bike park because of the rain... anyways, last night it looked like it was finally clearing up and I decided to go for a walk. Had gotten almost back home, was in the center of Beitostølen, when it started pouring down... Of course I was smart enough to wear linen pants so got completely soaked... Cold.... hmmm. Anyways, it's not raining yet today, but we're supposed to get 17mm of rain around 3pm, so the forecast doesn't look to bright at the mo..

Up in the trees

Last night we were down in Beito together with the Peppes crew and did the course up in the trees and after that ate together in the Lavvo tried the other obstacle course with amongst other things axe throwing and questions about the local environment... It was really fun, I didn't do the track first though because my knee wasn't really cooperating the last time that I went through it so thought it was better to not push it. Here are some pics!Neta tried the course for the first time and made it through the entire course, good work!
Ellen managed to pose in course track as well as getting through it.
In the Lavvo (Teepee) afterwards, barbecue and socializing
The Lake Øyangen was really beautiful so had to add of photo of it as well.

So a really fun evening, despite the rain and my feet getting soaking wet, I'm considering my need of a pair of wellingtons or at least gore tex shoes. My golf shoes would've worked as well, they're waterproof and gives a good grip...Anyway…


Worked by the trampoline today but finished already at 3 today because it started raining... Highlight of the day so far: Before it started raining it was just cold and windy and I started to get a bit cold standing out there helping people, especially since you have to touch the cold metal all the time... There was the grandfather to a kid that jumped on the trampoline and he went and bought me coffee! Just being nice! Very much appreciated! Yesterday I worked as well and then I worked until 6.30pm... so was a bit tired, but after some food and a hot shower I was up and running again. Then me and Neta went to Caféen (where almost everyone from the skichool was) for some wine and cheese!  Was also really nice. First, before the sun went down and the wind started getting stronger we sat outside in the real sofas that they had put out! Anyways, now I've got two days off from work and some cleaning, washing and some other chores are on the list, but of course also our personnel party…

Back in Norway

Been back for a few days now and it's been really good so far, we've had nice weather, I've worked some and I've gotten to try some new stuff. Also got my own apartment so getting used to living all by myself! And finally gotten a confirmation on my application for France... and now I've booked my flight as well. So, leaving the 1st of September! Yay!

My bus has wireless internet

A happy surprise I just discovered, the bus I'm taking from Helsinborg to Oslo has wireless internet, a bit slow, but still, which gives me a some more stuff to do during my trip back up to Beitostölen. Will take the whole day getting up there... Anyway, last couple of days I've spent in Torekov, relaxing, and playing with my nephews.. Two of them also had their birthdays this week so it was fun. One day I visited Peter from Beitostölen also, he lived pretty close to my summerhouse so it was nice to just see him again and just hang.. We also did a nice bike run. Otherwise my activity has been very limited recently, but the knee is getting better from it at least. Soccer has been the primary evening entertainment and now it's only the final on Sunday left... Anyways, need to check some more stuff on internet before my battery dies, so just a short post this time! Soon I'm in Norway so back on my Norwegian phone nr if anyone feels like giving me a call :) Always apprecia…

Midsummer in Leksand

I celebrated midsummer with my NY girls, well, almost all of them.. We went up to Leksand, Dalarna to celebrate it properly and we had a blast! Haven't seen them in soo long so it was so much fun just to hang out and chill.. we had a very traditional midsummer eve; we picked flowers to make wreaths to wear. Then we cooked and got ready for our big lunch. Sang songs and after a while it was time for us to go into Leksand to see them raise the big maypole which we afterwards danced around! After this we went back out to Olsnäs, had our dessert, strawberries and whipped cream and before going to bed we "jumped"/climbed over seven fences, picked seven different flowers, without talking and then put the flowers underneath our pillows and hoped to dream of our future husband. Or that's what you're supposed to do at least. Don't really know how well it worked, because I dreamt of lots of people I know... hmm... anyway, it was fun to do all of those things. Just som…

The weekend

Feels like I've been updating this blog quite frequently these last weeks, now, as always, when there's not much to do, I blog. This weekend's been both good and not so good, yesterday was great. Went to Skövde with the family and did a wee bit of shopping. Always nice and the afternoon I spent with Emma, we baked rhubarbpie and watched soccer and just hung out.
Today's not been quite as good, actually felt a bit crappy so spent a lot of the day in bed.. trying to stay awake a little bit longer so that I won't wake up too early tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be back to my normal self soon! only 4 days left now til we leave for Leksand and midsummer celebration!!

Restricted activity, again..

Talked to my physiotherapist today, he called before I went up there, which was nice, so I didn't have to pay for another visit. Had to tell him that our last session did make my knee more painful, and that meant that I shouldn't be doing any kind of extra activity, so now I'm back to just the everyday walking that you do, and nothing more.. So not a positive update, but at least I know what to do, or that is, what not to do.
Very happy about last nights results in Euro2008, since Sweden won! And today's match between Portugal and the Czech republic has so far been quite interesting.
Also, figured since it's summer now I need a more cheerful color on my blog!

so well see how it all turns out

Yesterday went ok, work was good but then physiotherapy a bit worrying, got to do some cycling, stand on a balance board and bend my knee and stand on it. However, if the knee gets worse just by doing that, there's really nothing to do but to wait, and rest. So figuring I have today had more pain in my knee, I'm slightly worried I'll have to go back to doing nothing. Hope not, we'll see tomorrow when I go back there.. Anyways, out of my control.
Anyway, after that I went to Jönköping, where there was a lot of people in town, it was one of the prom days, and I couldn't help but to remember exactly how it was two years ago, when it was me walking in front of that hotel, all dressed up! Time flies. Just went past though, was helping my twin brother move home for the summer, and he had more stuff than we both had though originally so it was lucky I had the bigger car, which we almost filled... So now I have some company during the rest of my days here! Nice!
My evenings …

swimming in the sea

This weekend was spent in Torekov painting our kitchen with a lovely latte color and also on the beach. Took this year's first real swim in the ocean. It was already up to 18 degrees celsuis and it doesn't usually get much warmer during the summer so was really nice. Some years the first swim has been taken in temperatures as low as 12 degrees.. Which is not at all that pleasant.. Anyway, had a really good weekend, tomorrow some work, going to the physiotherapist and then helping my twin move home his stuff for the summer! So some stuff to do at least! See you all soon! xx

Some more interesting news

Je reviens à Annecy! That is I go back to Annecy this fall, but to stay for the whole semester this time and hopefully learn lots and lots of French, and I'll become one of those annoying people who are fluent in many languages! Yay, can't wait! Have now sent in my application today with the first fee, so hopefully everything will work out! Anyway, will be going to Torekov this weekend to paint the kitchen and enjoy sun and the sea! Plan to take my first real bath of the year this weekend. Also tomorrow's graduation day so will be celebrating my best friend who is now catching up with me, as far as education goes! Anyway, lots of plans and I'm really looking forward to it all! Reading through what I've written so far and come to the conclusion; lots of exclamation marks this time!!!!

First visit to the physiotherapist

Today I got to do my first visit to the physiotherapist. Today he just examined the knee and decided on a course of action. So now my activity has been restricted, nothing that puts pressure or strains the knee. It's not supposed to hurt.. Apparently because it's the cartilage I'm not supposed to do any strength exercises but I'm going back to see him 3days a week and do some other kind of training.. Starting next Monday with some cycling with practically no resistance... Moreover, he said that hopefully I'll notice some results after a couple of weeks... About the same time that I have plans to go back to Norway.
That's it for now, just thought I'd write a progress report for the knee.

I entered a new level of boredom before finally getting an answer..

The next level of boredom turned out to be the project phase. I have recently bought a branch of some type of hazel that has branches that winds around itself and is thus very decorative.. It is now fastened on my wall and is used for decoration as well as hanging small accessories that I don't have the energy to put in boxes every night. So, in conclusion a very god idea on my part.. My other project was to start knitting, maybe a hat or so.. however, not so successful... doesn't really look anything at all like I want it to, so strongly considering just abandoning this project and move on to the next one... Maybe knitting isn't just my thing..
Have worked 3 out of 4 days so far this week and been doing pretty good, working tomorrow as well, so I shouldn't be so bored anymore.. Maybe I can calm down and get back to my normal state of reading books, internet and cooking and maybe some casual cleaning. Who knows?
And, (imagine hearing trumpets) I've finally gotten an …

One more week, maybe longer

Tried to take make an effort today to answer the questions that I have. Those that I have just waited for to be answered, my knee and where to live this summer... Will now hopefully get an answer within the next week, although the knee might take even longer time... So nothing more to do but to wait, again. Other than that I've worked 2 days this week, one day wasn't quite so nice and the other was ok, but I guess that's normal, you can't always have great days..unfortunately. Using my time to dwell in all my memories of NY by looking and editing "old" photos..Anyway, now I'm off to make myself some lunch..

Back to school

Today I did my first hours as a sub, this time around.. spent the day teaching middle school kids math, biology and chemistry. I had a lab in chemistry and am quite impressed with myself for being able to stay in control and make sure that no one got hurt.. Maybe a tiny bit over-dramatizing as the only real "danger" was the gas burners used to heat up the water. But anyway, haven't done a lab since I was in high school myself... Then one class had a diagnostic test about mathematical equations which I have marked now and will return to them on Monday. So I have at least a few more hours of work scheduled in, so far on Monday and on Wednesday. Becoming quite like the teacher I've promised myself not to become. But, shouldn't worry too much about it, there isn't the slightest chance that I will apply for the teacher's programme when starting Uni..
Still waiting for the MRI result, will call them early next week if it doesn't come in the mail..
Also, was …

A walk in the forest

Today I decided to take a walk in the forest on the mountain Mösseberg. It was really nice actually and today I brought my camera so you all can see how pretty it is at the moment!

garden golf and then some balls at the driving range

So, finally got my golf equipment back. It's been stacked away in our storage room down in Torekov for quite some time now. So decided to see if I could do a swing considering my knee and it does work. Of course there is a difference between doing some swings in the garden and to actually go out and play 9 or 18 holes.. I didn't even actually hit a ball this time, but I guess I'll have to try and see. Otherwise awaiting results from the MRI to finally decide about this fall and everything.. There are more options than I initially thought and some opportunities that I might have to see if I can take advantage of. In the meantime, imagine me swinging in the garden (or actually on the part of the lawn that isn't ours. Someone wouldn't be too happy to see me ruin the grass on our lawn...)
Later today I tried some actual golfing being out at the club's driving range and can't really swing too much but at least I got some good shots, after almost 2 years not golfi…

MRI scan completed

Ok, just had to write one more post today because they called from the hospital to see if I could do the MRI scan today instead of next week. So now it's finally done, took some time though... and the machine wasn't really cooperating so had to do some series of photos redone but now it's over.. Amazing how long time you have to lay still though, there were lots of series that varied between 3 and 8 minutes per series... that's a long time not moving.. Anyway, now I just have to wait until they've checked everything and then I'll get an answer in a few weeks... Keeping my fingers crossed, and now that I've stopped skiing my knee is getting more rest than before.. good thing for the knee at least. Not so much fun for me, but there isn't that much more skiing for anyone at the moment so at least I'm not missing out..
Over and out.

Lazy spring days

So, the long weekend was spent in Torekov and we didn't really do much, but I guess sometimes that is nice as well, lots of reading and walking, we don't even have internet access down there.. Something that you strangely miss because you're so used to having it and keeping in touch with people. Now I'm back in Falköping again and today I've yet again signed up to be a sub, so hopefully I'll have some more stuff to do soon! Yay, because I'm after one week tired of sitting still and not doing that much, and that's when I start baking and cleaning and stuff... At least now when the weather's nice I can sit outside!

Final prep and cleaning out my closet

So today I've been reasonably productive and efficient. I have managed to clear out some rubbish, everyone can probably relate to the fact that you keep saving stuff for no reason at all. So now thinking I'm doing my parents a favor, I'm throwing stuff away or having it recycled and it won't longer take up some of the space my parents apparently have let up to me and my siblings to keep our old stuff... It's amazing how much useless stuff you save... Will continue this mission tomorrow I think, why stop now, my old room still awaits a merciless cleansing of old, useless stuff I'll never use again. And a question, what do people do with all their old trophies and medals from when they were younger? It's not like you put them on display... suggestions anyone?? These are one type of objects that I have not yet managed to define as rubbish or something worth saving in a box furthest back in some closet for many years to come..
I have also done the final prep of…


Woke up today to sunshine and 18 degrees celsius.. Strange seeing as I was skiing only two days ago and it was snowing.. So a change in location has definitely taken place..Even had the bike out today and was outside in shorts and t-shirt.. Now looking forward to going to Torekov on Wednesday and also trying to figure everything out. Have gotten a letter from Växjö uni already, and looking into possibilites of going back to France.. We'll see what I decide to do. In the end I usually chose the least rational alternative, and I can always find a reason that is logical for me to support it ;) Just read that you seldom make a jump if you look down before, interesting thought that will be my final word today!

Bye party people!

So, I'm home again, after a season of lots of snow, fun, new friends and memories. So bye party people, for now, I'm going to miss you all! Been decided now that I'm going back to Beitostölen for work in July but not all of my friends from the winter season will be there then so won't be the same...
This weekend's been crazy with the final partying with everyone that is left, staying out late and just being silly; having snowball fights and dancing on tables for example.. The other event this weekend was Vårsprätten... a competition where you're supposed to go over 25m of water after following a track in the slope and the person doing it the fastest wins.. Of course not everyone did get over the pool of water, and not everyone had the intention to... using equipment not suited for gliding on water...Congrats Joachim that came in second place, Jonas that was 4th and Ellen that was the best girl!

Photo session and randonné skiing

Yesterday we were in a photo shoot for Innovasjon Norge and we went skiing on the back of knausen, offpist while someone was taking photos,..we had a scooter that took us up for every run so it was really nice! So we'll see if they'll use the photos or not...
Today I went randonné skiing on Rassletind with Peter and Olof.. The top point is at 2108m so it was a bit of a climb since I haven't done anything like it before... We had a picnic at the top of the mountain to get some strength after 3h of walking up with skiis and boots on, I had borrowed Ola's skiis though so I had randonné bindings and the things to have underneath the skiis to be able to walk uphill..Don't know what they're called in English so won't even try to make a translation. Going down the snow was ok on some parts and quite hard on the top in some areas, and that made it a little bit harder, especially when it is flat..
Here's a photo of Rassletind..


Yesterday was the day for Session2953, Andreas' project... We sat up in the new park and watched the session all day. Really fun. Some friends up here were in the session so it was nice to watch. Thibault managed to come in second place! In between the Norwegian National Team riders... Nice! Got to see some amazing tricks and here are some pics which probably can't do any of it justice but anyway...


Yesterday I went telemark skiing together with Anna1 and Anna2... Tor-Håvard tried to teach us the basics and it went quite well, at least I thought so. Had some troubles with the left turn because my knee wasn't really cooperating but we had fun...unfortunately no photos.. Afterwards we sat outside Anna's place in the snow for several hours and had a barbecue.. Today I can't go skiing though because of the knee which sucks because the weather is great. Looking forward to Session2953 tomorrow, hopefully we can find some nice spot where we have a nice view of the park and the skiers and snowboarders.. I'm scheduled in for a lesson in the middle of the day though but hopefully I won't miss too much.. Otherwise just trying to figure out my last week(s) here to see what the plan will be and when to return back home...
Almost forgot, wednesday I went out with Agneta to Valdresflya (after digging around the car and then having it dragged out of the snow) Really beautiful…




All of us, well almost all of us, except Jonas who injured himself a bit going snowblading in the woods the day before, went to Hemsedal yesterday.. We had one of the best days of the season actually, me, Anna and Anna went around all over the system, offpist and in the slopes.. Did some filming and photographing, to gather material for our video! Did one big fall but was fine cause I didn't get hurt... We saw this pretty big drop from the lift so thought it looked like fun and decided to go there. Anna2 went to check it out and had the camera and it looked fine... Anna1 went first but did not have any speed so just went down slowly. So Anna2 shouts back up to me that I need more speed... which was an advice that I of course followed... But I wasn't prepared to jump that far so jumping slightly out of balance, managed to land on both feet but then too much weight forward and rolled around a few times before stopping..hmmm... too bad Anna wasn't filming, she got a nice one…


So, no update in a little while, everyone should be happy because it means that my knee is holding up ok and that I'm out skiing instead of sitting inside in front of a computer screen! So anyway, came up with my parents last weekend, they got to go skiing some as well and I tried skiing with my knee and it works. It's not completely like it used to, but it doesn't feel like it's getting any worse from skiing so I'm gonna keep going. Been back working this week and it's been good, most of the time, have an amazing group in the morning which makes getting up just a little bit easier when the bed is warm and cozy... Also, the weather's been pretty good and we're expecting sunshine next week, so goggle tan, here I come! (hopefully, you should be proud of what you do)
Life can't get a lot better...
On the other end, I'm sending in applications for uni and for summer jobs at the moment, so some serious things are taken care of as well, besides catching…

Dostoyevsky still intrigues me

I have finished the gambler by Dostoyevsky now and I must say that he still manages to intrigue me. The style is very similar to the one used in Crime and Punishment so I guess I know what to expect from Dostoyevsky and he doesn't let me down.. Not to claim that I'm overly enthusiastic about the literary accomplishments of this Russian author but I have an understanding for his style and therefore also an appreciation for it. The overall impression is so much better than the ones I've gotten from the previous "status" literature that I've taken on while on this break from skiing... The novels you at least want to pretend to have read...
So now I feel more serious again, after last time having published a new hairstyle and then switching back to Russian lit... Maybe we can just conclude that I'm slightly weird. But in a good way :)

A new style and making progress

So yesterday I finally went and got that long needed haircut. I, as usual, can't do anything halfway but cut it short and dyed it dark, from having it long and blond, but I'm happy and I'