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Have kept busy the last couple of days now, prepped skis on Monday after work with Joachim and then yesterday I went snowboarding when the slope was open in the evening. It was fun, and the first time in a long time now that I didn't injure myself when standing on something other than skis, so it was good. Got really tired though, snowboarding feels soo much more demanding than skis, but I guess it's because I'm not used to it. Also, have been putting up the figures in the kids slope this week and the first two days it was really hard because the scooter wasn't cooperating at all, I can't hold out the choke and pull to start the engine at the same time. Luckily, yesterday I got to go down to the warehouse to drive back the "good" scooter back to the slope, so this morning's work was actually pretty good. I like driving a scooter, when it works without trouble. The first two mornings, Andreas and Joachim had to help me start the scooter again... not so…

and it won't stop snowing

Well, it's snowing again. As usual, and of course I can't help myself but keep catching myself with a silly smile when the big snowflakes come tumbling down. Like a kid in a candy shop..
A bit tired today because I went out yesterday but am fine and after my lessons I've been skiing together with the killers in my ears since no one else wanted to join me, but it was fine, because then I could go just anywhere I wanted and just use up some of the energy that I just keeps getting bottled up when I only get to do the skischool turns; plowing and such..
we'll see what I'll spend the afternoon doing..maybe prep my skiis... they're starting to get dry again...
Ok, time for another post here. Today's been really busy, no break for 6h straight... but it's good to have lots to do and today's lessons were really good.. Then we got to try the new rafting track again, so much fun, it was a lot faster than the other one and with some help from a scooter pushing us to get more speed it was even better. Then I decided to stay at the skischool to go to the night skiing but the lift ended up being still for soo long that I didn't have the patience to wait for it to start again.. At least I didn't get stuck in the lift but just in the queue.
Also, to let everyone know, I have decided to stay here this summer, but will try to come home for a visit sometime in May, most likely.
thinking of all of you guys that aren't here...miss you!


Bad news, I'm sick, but am getting better and have started getting my voice back, finally. Good news, I have moved and now only live with Anna2 and Stinne, but in a smaller place. But back to today's excitement, I have finally gotten to try snowrafting. They had made a new track and we got to try it. It was fun, despite the first, unexpected "jump" that was not supposed to be in the track and then after when we got the boat so high up on the wall on the side that it almost tipped over... Being the subjects of trial is fun, but was a little bit scary that time.. Have had two days of sunshine now so finally some nice weather, work is getting busy and tomorrow is Monday week7...

More snow

Today was my first free day in a while, so of course we went out last night and danced!
Today I've been offpist skiing here in Beitostølen, not as good as in Raudalen but anyway, you take what you get...I was actually there this Friday and went skiing with Anna x2 and Tove. Practiced lots of short turns so you can actually feel that you have been using your legs.. Don't get that feeling too often here in the slopes when you only do all the schoolturns.. Othwewise the snow just keeps falling and right now it's really light snow so I actually haven't fallen during my offpist skiing today! Progress! Also, did a pretty nice 180 again, the hard part is to stop rotating when you land... Also, today is Morten's birthday! one of the people I live with so we are all going out for dinner.. looking forward to it!