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And I've gotten lost in the fascinating, imaginary world that novels offer

I think I've read more in the last couple of days than I've done so far this year. It's strange how you can get lost in the story of a novel and not get your head out before you've found out the end to the story. I guess I can confess that I've read what would be called junk litt, the kind of literature that is liked by so many that you almost want to make a statement by not reading the book. However, it is also fascinating to read the book then to see if it really is all that amazing, if it deserves all the cred... So I've read Stieg Larssons trilogy now, and I guess in a way it is a good story, I want to read it and figure out how it will end.. but somewhere I'm also disappointed. I don't think it's fun to read a story where I'm constantly held in the dark and I am given no clues of what is to come, a crime novel that doesn't allow the reader to even try to imagine the solution is not a crime novel in my taste. I want to be allowed to gues…


So, now after some help from mum, we've managed to get the doctor to send a request for an MRI scan so hopefully it'll work out.. it would just be nice to figure out exactly what is wrong..even though it's started feeling slightly better the last few days..I've also yesterday started putting weight on the knee and bending it some more and it hasn't resulted in more pain which is good. So hopefully I'll be coming back to Beitostølen next weekend! It works out so that next weekend is the weekend my parents were coming up to visit me anyway, so then I won't have to think about planning bus and train trips up so it would be really nice.. keeping my fingers crossed!

After some disappointing doctors' appointments...

Well, from the title, I guess you've gathered that the results aren't exactly what I would like them to be. I went last night first and the sent me to an x-ray today and of course that didn't show anything because it's not a skeletal injury, like we didn't know that before?! Anyway the doctor I got to see after didn't do anything at all, except prescribe more painkillers and of course make me even more disappointed and depressed saying that things like this takes a long time, months, before it gets all better. If things haven't changed at all in a week he'll send me to a specialist so they can go inside and look at it, or get an MRI or something... So now I'm trying to figure out what to do... If it's ligaments that are stretched I guess I should just try to contact a physiotherapist to try to work up the movement and strength in the knee as soon as possible... It's just really frustrating that everything should take such a long time. Isn…
Ok, just had to add this photo, since I have nothing better to do. I am on crutches since Monday and the knee hasn't really gotten any better, which sucks. I really want to be back skiing and I keep dreaming about new offpist skis. I guess I maybe should be happy if I can ski any more at all this season... April was supposed to be the month with lovely spring skiing and now I don't know if I can ski at all then.
For the moment I am at home and celebrating Easter with my family. We were 17 people here yesterday, just my brothers and sisters with their families. I got to search for an Easter egg yesterday and trying to make the best of it. I guess I'm going to try to see a doctor here next week to figure out exactly what is wrong so I can start working on getting back to the slopes.
Also, my swedish cell phone is messed up and gets locks itself at the startup screen so I can only be reached on the home phone... As if I hadn't too much broken stuff already..(including mysel…

And I've injured myself again

Ok, so now I'm injured again. This time when we played soccer, Sunday evening. I twisted my knee and it got worse during the night so I went to the doctor's on Monday (yesterday) to have it checked. Apparently I have a possible meniscus injury so now I'm not allowed to work for two weeks and I'm on crutches. I need to go back after the two weeks and then if it hasn't gotten better they'll go in and check and see how bad it is and if I might need surgery. Sounds like fun anyone? So now I can't go skiing and am left with sitting inside resting. Boring.. I think I will go home at the end of this week and be home for a while, there's nothing for me to do here now anyway and if the knee doesn't get better then it'll take even longer before I can go skiing again, and even less things for me to do here.. If you're to think positively, at least I can celebrate Easter with my family..
So that's the story..

Snow and sunshine

The easter weather we have all been waiting for is finally here, so sunny weather and nice snow the last couple of days. Also had no lessons friday and then an official day off yesterday so have been able to enjoy it to the fullest. Have gone swimming, gone cross country skiing, doing SMX, (snow biking) and of course regular skiing.
And, I have finally sent in my NY photo book to be printed so hopefully it'll arrive in a week or so..
don't remember if I said I had in my last post.. anyway, now it's done!
Tomorrow our two week Easter period will begin and I am not only scheduled in for ski lessons. but also for walking around with the bear suit. The Beitostølen mascot... hmm. Can be interesting, it is supposed to be a bit slippery..

about everything and nothing

So, about everything and nothing, a headline that says it all. Nothing really special has taken place the last few days since my last post. But a short summary is in order.. First of all, I've gotten my watch back, it's finally been found after having been lost for about 3 months, the bad news is that the battery now is dead so I can't use it anyway. It's funny though, now that I've finally gotten another watch, my mom's old, the lost one gets found.
Also, thinking about my future and right now exploring my options, sending emails to uni's and so on.. We'll see if I can figure everything out for myself. However, me and plans usually don't go together in the end. I do like planning, but then reality kicks in and nothing turns out the way I imagined it to be anyway.. Maybe I should stop planning?
Also, think I've finally finished my photo book about New York, now all I have to do is to send it in to be published! I've been working on it for …

dancing on snow and pretending to be a duck

Well, sometimes work is more fun and sometimes not so fun.. Just had a private lesson with a small kid and have danced on the snow and pretended to be a duck, going quack quack as we walk a bit up in the slope. Have had lots of lessons the last few days, didn't expect there to be so much to do this week since it's not the winter break anymore but I shouldn't complain. Have had the first injury during one of my lessons this week as well, a broken leg. Too big skiboots... makes me think about my own...
Anyway, it was really nice being home this weekend and the wedding was so nice! Lots of hours sitting still on a bus though, too bad I couldn't take more days off.. Was weird though because it felt more like spring at home than winter and here we've had two really cold days, freezing my toes and fingers off...
xxx linda