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Final prep and cleaning out my closet

So today I've been reasonably productive and efficient. I have managed to clear out some rubbish, everyone can probably relate to the fact that you keep saving stuff for no reason at all. So now thinking I'm doing my parents a favor, I'm throwing stuff away or having it recycled and it won't longer take up some of the space my parents apparently have let up to me and my siblings to keep our old stuff... It's amazing how much useless stuff you save... Will continue this mission tomorrow I think, why stop now, my old room still awaits a merciless cleansing of old, useless stuff I'll never use again. And a question, what do people do with all their old trophies and medals from when they were younger? It's not like you put them on display... suggestions anyone?? These are one type of objects that I have not yet managed to define as rubbish or something worth saving in a box furthest back in some closet for many years to come..
I have also done the final prep of…


Woke up today to sunshine and 18 degrees celsius.. Strange seeing as I was skiing only two days ago and it was snowing.. So a change in location has definitely taken place..Even had the bike out today and was outside in shorts and t-shirt.. Now looking forward to going to Torekov on Wednesday and also trying to figure everything out. Have gotten a letter from Växjö uni already, and looking into possibilites of going back to France.. We'll see what I decide to do. In the end I usually chose the least rational alternative, and I can always find a reason that is logical for me to support it ;) Just read that you seldom make a jump if you look down before, interesting thought that will be my final word today!

Bye party people!

So, I'm home again, after a season of lots of snow, fun, new friends and memories. So bye party people, for now, I'm going to miss you all! Been decided now that I'm going back to Beitostölen for work in July but not all of my friends from the winter season will be there then so won't be the same...
This weekend's been crazy with the final partying with everyone that is left, staying out late and just being silly; having snowball fights and dancing on tables for example.. The other event this weekend was Vårsprätten... a competition where you're supposed to go over 25m of water after following a track in the slope and the person doing it the fastest wins.. Of course not everyone did get over the pool of water, and not everyone had the intention to... using equipment not suited for gliding on water...Congrats Joachim that came in second place, Jonas that was 4th and Ellen that was the best girl!

Photo session and randonné skiing

Yesterday we were in a photo shoot for Innovasjon Norge and we went skiing on the back of knausen, offpist while someone was taking photos,..we had a scooter that took us up for every run so it was really nice! So we'll see if they'll use the photos or not...
Today I went randonné skiing on Rassletind with Peter and Olof.. The top point is at 2108m so it was a bit of a climb since I haven't done anything like it before... We had a picnic at the top of the mountain to get some strength after 3h of walking up with skiis and boots on, I had borrowed Ola's skiis though so I had randonné bindings and the things to have underneath the skiis to be able to walk uphill..Don't know what they're called in English so won't even try to make a translation. Going down the snow was ok on some parts and quite hard on the top in some areas, and that made it a little bit harder, especially when it is flat..
Here's a photo of Rassletind..


Yesterday was the day for Session2953, Andreas' project... We sat up in the new park and watched the session all day. Really fun. Some friends up here were in the session so it was nice to watch. Thibault managed to come in second place! In between the Norwegian National Team riders... Nice! Got to see some amazing tricks and here are some pics which probably can't do any of it justice but anyway...


Yesterday I went telemark skiing together with Anna1 and Anna2... Tor-Håvard tried to teach us the basics and it went quite well, at least I thought so. Had some troubles with the left turn because my knee wasn't really cooperating but we had fun...unfortunately no photos.. Afterwards we sat outside Anna's place in the snow for several hours and had a barbecue.. Today I can't go skiing though because of the knee which sucks because the weather is great. Looking forward to Session2953 tomorrow, hopefully we can find some nice spot where we have a nice view of the park and the skiers and snowboarders.. I'm scheduled in for a lesson in the middle of the day though but hopefully I won't miss too much.. Otherwise just trying to figure out my last week(s) here to see what the plan will be and when to return back home...
Almost forgot, wednesday I went out with Agneta to Valdresflya (after digging around the car and then having it dragged out of the snow) Really beautiful…




All of us, well almost all of us, except Jonas who injured himself a bit going snowblading in the woods the day before, went to Hemsedal yesterday.. We had one of the best days of the season actually, me, Anna and Anna went around all over the system, offpist and in the slopes.. Did some filming and photographing, to gather material for our video! Did one big fall but was fine cause I didn't get hurt... We saw this pretty big drop from the lift so thought it looked like fun and decided to go there. Anna2 went to check it out and had the camera and it looked fine... Anna1 went first but did not have any speed so just went down slowly. So Anna2 shouts back up to me that I need more speed... which was an advice that I of course followed... But I wasn't prepared to jump that far so jumping slightly out of balance, managed to land on both feet but then too much weight forward and rolled around a few times before stopping..hmmm... too bad Anna wasn't filming, she got a nice one…


So, no update in a little while, everyone should be happy because it means that my knee is holding up ok and that I'm out skiing instead of sitting inside in front of a computer screen! So anyway, came up with my parents last weekend, they got to go skiing some as well and I tried skiing with my knee and it works. It's not completely like it used to, but it doesn't feel like it's getting any worse from skiing so I'm gonna keep going. Been back working this week and it's been good, most of the time, have an amazing group in the morning which makes getting up just a little bit easier when the bed is warm and cozy... Also, the weather's been pretty good and we're expecting sunshine next week, so goggle tan, here I come! (hopefully, you should be proud of what you do)
Life can't get a lot better...
On the other end, I'm sending in applications for uni and for summer jobs at the moment, so some serious things are taken care of as well, besides catching…

Dostoyevsky still intrigues me

I have finished the gambler by Dostoyevsky now and I must say that he still manages to intrigue me. The style is very similar to the one used in Crime and Punishment so I guess I know what to expect from Dostoyevsky and he doesn't let me down.. Not to claim that I'm overly enthusiastic about the literary accomplishments of this Russian author but I have an understanding for his style and therefore also an appreciation for it. The overall impression is so much better than the ones I've gotten from the previous "status" literature that I've taken on while on this break from skiing... The novels you at least want to pretend to have read...
So now I feel more serious again, after last time having published a new hairstyle and then switching back to Russian lit... Maybe we can just conclude that I'm slightly weird. But in a good way :)

A new style and making progress

So yesterday I finally went and got that long needed haircut. I, as usual, can't do anything halfway but cut it short and dyed it dark, from having it long and blond, but I'm happy and I've gotten some nice comments on it. So here it is, my new style!
Also, doing better and better with the knee so hopefully I'll be skiing this weekend. So doing everything I can now to make that happen! Counting down the days.. But first I'm going to see some friends I haven't seen in ages.. Will be a blast. Lots of reminiscing and catching up to look forward to tomorrow..