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I entered a new level of boredom before finally getting an answer..

The next level of boredom turned out to be the project phase. I have recently bought a branch of some type of hazel that has branches that winds around itself and is thus very decorative.. It is now fastened on my wall and is used for decoration as well as hanging small accessories that I don't have the energy to put in boxes every night. So, in conclusion a very god idea on my part.. My other project was to start knitting, maybe a hat or so.. however, not so successful... doesn't really look anything at all like I want it to, so strongly considering just abandoning this project and move on to the next one... Maybe knitting isn't just my thing..
Have worked 3 out of 4 days so far this week and been doing pretty good, working tomorrow as well, so I shouldn't be so bored anymore.. Maybe I can calm down and get back to my normal state of reading books, internet and cooking and maybe some casual cleaning. Who knows?
And, (imagine hearing trumpets) I've finally gotten an …

One more week, maybe longer

Tried to take make an effort today to answer the questions that I have. Those that I have just waited for to be answered, my knee and where to live this summer... Will now hopefully get an answer within the next week, although the knee might take even longer time... So nothing more to do but to wait, again. Other than that I've worked 2 days this week, one day wasn't quite so nice and the other was ok, but I guess that's normal, you can't always have great days..unfortunately. Using my time to dwell in all my memories of NY by looking and editing "old" photos..Anyway, now I'm off to make myself some lunch..

Back to school

Today I did my first hours as a sub, this time around.. spent the day teaching middle school kids math, biology and chemistry. I had a lab in chemistry and am quite impressed with myself for being able to stay in control and make sure that no one got hurt.. Maybe a tiny bit over-dramatizing as the only real "danger" was the gas burners used to heat up the water. But anyway, haven't done a lab since I was in high school myself... Then one class had a diagnostic test about mathematical equations which I have marked now and will return to them on Monday. So I have at least a few more hours of work scheduled in, so far on Monday and on Wednesday. Becoming quite like the teacher I've promised myself not to become. But, shouldn't worry too much about it, there isn't the slightest chance that I will apply for the teacher's programme when starting Uni..
Still waiting for the MRI result, will call them early next week if it doesn't come in the mail..
Also, was …

A walk in the forest

Today I decided to take a walk in the forest on the mountain Mösseberg. It was really nice actually and today I brought my camera so you all can see how pretty it is at the moment!

garden golf and then some balls at the driving range

So, finally got my golf equipment back. It's been stacked away in our storage room down in Torekov for quite some time now. So decided to see if I could do a swing considering my knee and it does work. Of course there is a difference between doing some swings in the garden and to actually go out and play 9 or 18 holes.. I didn't even actually hit a ball this time, but I guess I'll have to try and see. Otherwise awaiting results from the MRI to finally decide about this fall and everything.. There are more options than I initially thought and some opportunities that I might have to see if I can take advantage of. In the meantime, imagine me swinging in the garden (or actually on the part of the lawn that isn't ours. Someone wouldn't be too happy to see me ruin the grass on our lawn...)
Later today I tried some actual golfing being out at the club's driving range and can't really swing too much but at least I got some good shots, after almost 2 years not golfi…

MRI scan completed

Ok, just had to write one more post today because they called from the hospital to see if I could do the MRI scan today instead of next week. So now it's finally done, took some time though... and the machine wasn't really cooperating so had to do some series of photos redone but now it's over.. Amazing how long time you have to lay still though, there were lots of series that varied between 3 and 8 minutes per series... that's a long time not moving.. Anyway, now I just have to wait until they've checked everything and then I'll get an answer in a few weeks... Keeping my fingers crossed, and now that I've stopped skiing my knee is getting more rest than before.. good thing for the knee at least. Not so much fun for me, but there isn't that much more skiing for anyone at the moment so at least I'm not missing out..
Over and out.

Lazy spring days

So, the long weekend was spent in Torekov and we didn't really do much, but I guess sometimes that is nice as well, lots of reading and walking, we don't even have internet access down there.. Something that you strangely miss because you're so used to having it and keeping in touch with people. Now I'm back in Falköping again and today I've yet again signed up to be a sub, so hopefully I'll have some more stuff to do soon! Yay, because I'm after one week tired of sitting still and not doing that much, and that's when I start baking and cleaning and stuff... At least now when the weather's nice I can sit outside!