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My bus has wireless internet

A happy surprise I just discovered, the bus I'm taking from Helsinborg to Oslo has wireless internet, a bit slow, but still, which gives me a some more stuff to do during my trip back up to Beitostölen. Will take the whole day getting up there... Anyway, last couple of days I've spent in Torekov, relaxing, and playing with my nephews.. Two of them also had their birthdays this week so it was fun. One day I visited Peter from Beitostölen also, he lived pretty close to my summerhouse so it was nice to just see him again and just hang.. We also did a nice bike run. Otherwise my activity has been very limited recently, but the knee is getting better from it at least. Soccer has been the primary evening entertainment and now it's only the final on Sunday left... Anyways, need to check some more stuff on internet before my battery dies, so just a short post this time! Soon I'm in Norway so back on my Norwegian phone nr if anyone feels like giving me a call :) Always apprecia…

Midsummer in Leksand

I celebrated midsummer with my NY girls, well, almost all of them.. We went up to Leksand, Dalarna to celebrate it properly and we had a blast! Haven't seen them in soo long so it was so much fun just to hang out and chill.. we had a very traditional midsummer eve; we picked flowers to make wreaths to wear. Then we cooked and got ready for our big lunch. Sang songs and after a while it was time for us to go into Leksand to see them raise the big maypole which we afterwards danced around! After this we went back out to Olsnäs, had our dessert, strawberries and whipped cream and before going to bed we "jumped"/climbed over seven fences, picked seven different flowers, without talking and then put the flowers underneath our pillows and hoped to dream of our future husband. Or that's what you're supposed to do at least. Don't really know how well it worked, because I dreamt of lots of people I know... hmm... anyway, it was fun to do all of those things. Just som…

The weekend

Feels like I've been updating this blog quite frequently these last weeks, now, as always, when there's not much to do, I blog. This weekend's been both good and not so good, yesterday was great. Went to Skövde with the family and did a wee bit of shopping. Always nice and the afternoon I spent with Emma, we baked rhubarbpie and watched soccer and just hung out.
Today's not been quite as good, actually felt a bit crappy so spent a lot of the day in bed.. trying to stay awake a little bit longer so that I won't wake up too early tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be back to my normal self soon! only 4 days left now til we leave for Leksand and midsummer celebration!!

Restricted activity, again..

Talked to my physiotherapist today, he called before I went up there, which was nice, so I didn't have to pay for another visit. Had to tell him that our last session did make my knee more painful, and that meant that I shouldn't be doing any kind of extra activity, so now I'm back to just the everyday walking that you do, and nothing more.. So not a positive update, but at least I know what to do, or that is, what not to do.
Very happy about last nights results in Euro2008, since Sweden won! And today's match between Portugal and the Czech republic has so far been quite interesting.
Also, figured since it's summer now I need a more cheerful color on my blog!

so well see how it all turns out

Yesterday went ok, work was good but then physiotherapy a bit worrying, got to do some cycling, stand on a balance board and bend my knee and stand on it. However, if the knee gets worse just by doing that, there's really nothing to do but to wait, and rest. So figuring I have today had more pain in my knee, I'm slightly worried I'll have to go back to doing nothing. Hope not, we'll see tomorrow when I go back there.. Anyways, out of my control.
Anyway, after that I went to Jönköping, where there was a lot of people in town, it was one of the prom days, and I couldn't help but to remember exactly how it was two years ago, when it was me walking in front of that hotel, all dressed up! Time flies. Just went past though, was helping my twin brother move home for the summer, and he had more stuff than we both had though originally so it was lucky I had the bigger car, which we almost filled... So now I have some company during the rest of my days here! Nice!
My evenings …

swimming in the sea

This weekend was spent in Torekov painting our kitchen with a lovely latte color and also on the beach. Took this year's first real swim in the ocean. It was already up to 18 degrees celsuis and it doesn't usually get much warmer during the summer so was really nice. Some years the first swim has been taken in temperatures as low as 12 degrees.. Which is not at all that pleasant.. Anyway, had a really good weekend, tomorrow some work, going to the physiotherapist and then helping my twin move home his stuff for the summer! So some stuff to do at least! See you all soon! xx

Some more interesting news

Je reviens à Annecy! That is I go back to Annecy this fall, but to stay for the whole semester this time and hopefully learn lots and lots of French, and I'll become one of those annoying people who are fluent in many languages! Yay, can't wait! Have now sent in my application today with the first fee, so hopefully everything will work out! Anyway, will be going to Torekov this weekend to paint the kitchen and enjoy sun and the sea! Plan to take my first real bath of the year this weekend. Also tomorrow's graduation day so will be celebrating my best friend who is now catching up with me, as far as education goes! Anyway, lots of plans and I'm really looking forward to it all! Reading through what I've written so far and come to the conclusion; lots of exclamation marks this time!!!!

First visit to the physiotherapist

Today I got to do my first visit to the physiotherapist. Today he just examined the knee and decided on a course of action. So now my activity has been restricted, nothing that puts pressure or strains the knee. It's not supposed to hurt.. Apparently because it's the cartilage I'm not supposed to do any strength exercises but I'm going back to see him 3days a week and do some other kind of training.. Starting next Monday with some cycling with practically no resistance... Moreover, he said that hopefully I'll notice some results after a couple of weeks... About the same time that I have plans to go back to Norway.
That's it for now, just thought I'd write a progress report for the knee.