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Another warm day at work

So, this week's been really warm, which in the beginning was really nice and now is starting to get to me, was about 30 degrees C today and you start to long for the shade when there is practically no wind and lots to do all day long. So working outside in the sun isn't always ideal I guess... but I shouldn't complain too much, because the weather hasn't really been that great this summer, so it's nice with some sun. I just have to try to drink even more water so I can keep my focus at work. Getting a bit of a tan by now, that stops by the sleeve and by the knees. And I guess you can imagine the pattern on my feet after wearing sandals for a few days..
Anyways, have two days off now and am going climbing tomorrow! :) And just one more week before I'm back home in Sweden to see my NY girls!

two updates in one day

Of course, since I've complained about the mail not getting up here very fast, I was proved wrong and my mail with my IB diploma did arrive today, so anyway, everything is signed and I've put it in the mailbox, hopefully CSN won't have anything to complain about. We'll see...
Have the day off so trying to work things out before France, with insurance and everything. Which isn't always so easy. Still waiting for some papers from home that I need to send in, but getting mail up here takes quite some time. So just wait a bit and see. Still trying to find some insurance that will cover most of my skiing as well. Otherwise not so much to tell, we're hoping for better weather this week, so hopefully we'll get some sun!

it's snowing!

the 100th post

Thought it deserved a special announcement, of course I have deleted a few posts from when I started blogging as well, so the real number is higher, but still...Weekend here was good, I went out with some friends of Saturday and had a really good time. Now I have two days off again and am relaxing some today and doing some chores.. Tomorrow I'm going canyoning! One of our activities that I haven't tried yet. So looking forward to it. My plans for France are coming along as well, have now paid all my fees so now I only have to take a closer look at the insurance and stuff since I'm gonna want to go skiing when I'm there. Over and out.


Well, yesterday's work was a bit different, got to work with the mini-bike park because of the rain... anyways, last night it looked like it was finally clearing up and I decided to go for a walk. Had gotten almost back home, was in the center of Beitostølen, when it started pouring down... Of course I was smart enough to wear linen pants so got completely soaked... Cold.... hmmm. Anyways, it's not raining yet today, but we're supposed to get 17mm of rain around 3pm, so the forecast doesn't look to bright at the mo..

Up in the trees

Last night we were down in Beito together with the Peppes crew and did the course up in the trees and after that ate together in the Lavvo tried the other obstacle course with amongst other things axe throwing and questions about the local environment... It was really fun, I didn't do the track first though because my knee wasn't really cooperating the last time that I went through it so thought it was better to not push it. Here are some pics!Neta tried the course for the first time and made it through the entire course, good work!
Ellen managed to pose in course track as well as getting through it.
In the Lavvo (Teepee) afterwards, barbecue and socializing
The Lake Øyangen was really beautiful so had to add of photo of it as well.

So a really fun evening, despite the rain and my feet getting soaking wet, I'm considering my need of a pair of wellingtons or at least gore tex shoes. My golf shoes would've worked as well, they're waterproof and gives a good grip...Anyway…


Worked by the trampoline today but finished already at 3 today because it started raining... Highlight of the day so far: Before it started raining it was just cold and windy and I started to get a bit cold standing out there helping people, especially since you have to touch the cold metal all the time... There was the grandfather to a kid that jumped on the trampoline and he went and bought me coffee! Just being nice! Very much appreciated! Yesterday I worked as well and then I worked until 6.30pm... so was a bit tired, but after some food and a hot shower I was up and running again. Then me and Neta went to Caféen (where almost everyone from the skichool was) for some wine and cheese!  Was also really nice. First, before the sun went down and the wind started getting stronger we sat outside in the real sofas that they had put out! Anyways, now I've got two days off from work and some cleaning, washing and some other chores are on the list, but of course also our personnel party…

Back in Norway

Been back for a few days now and it's been really good so far, we've had nice weather, I've worked some and I've gotten to try some new stuff. Also got my own apartment so getting used to living all by myself! And finally gotten a confirmation on my application for France... and now I've booked my flight as well. So, leaving the 1st of September! Yay!