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My life contained in bags

So, been packing this morning, done apart from the stuff that I can only pack tomorrow morning.. like my toothbrush...

I have worked for one day the last month..

Sounds like I've been taking it really easy when you put it like that... Well technically it hasn't really been a month since I left Norway either, but it sounds better than saying like 26 days.... So I got work as a sub yesterday, taught religion and crafts (sewing & stuff). It all went reasonably well and it didn't hurt to know that I would only work one day this semester.. Leaving on Monday and can't wait! This week I've also managed to not find new ski boots, hopefully I can find some in France, get all preparations done for France, including bank stuff.. Feel very responsible and adult-like...
It's also been my father's birthday which of course was celebrated eating apple cake :D and got to see my brothers and my sister... So have during this month managed to see all of my closer relatives which also is quite impressing, considering my large family! And it's been nice having been able to see them all before I leave. This weekend I've got no …

Yesterday and about to make more muffins

So yesterday I got a hold of the physiotherapist and got some good tips on how to work out and what kind of exercises to do! Nice. Another tip was how to measure my progress.. it was just that, measuring around the thigh to see how it goes... So then I can see if the training is useful or if I need more weights. Not supposed to use a lot of weights in the beginning though. Anyways, will do once I get a gym membership in Annecy!
Today's events will include more baking of muffins, redcurrant ones this time.. I was out in our garden yesterday plucking the berries so I'm all set, and this time I've got better cupcake forms.
So, when I'm bored I bake, maybe this blog should temporarily be transformed into a muffin blog..
Have also found the recipe for the banana pudding that I've been looking for, so sometime in the near future.... and already on the schedule and have bought ingredients for baking banoffee pie.
Lots of sweet stuff going on as you can see. Getting some comp…

french phone call and eating cake, a summary of the weekend

Being me, the weekend always starts Friday afternoon, when you're off from work or school, considering I go to neither at the moment is besides the point. I will be in a week!
I called my future landlord in France to schedule the details of my arrival. Seeing as I hadn't spoken French in a really long time I think I did good. So, she's meeting me at the bus station when I get to Annecy next monday! She seemed really nice on the phone and she, as well, had some Swedish connections which she of course told me of. So we had a nice little chat. So still feeling very proud of myself for being able to have a conversation in French.
This weekend we went to visit my brother in Sunne to celebrate his birthday, so of course lots of cake eating and then some playing with my nephews!
Now I'm back home again and have one more week to fill with random plans and do whatever I feel like.

in the skiboot jungle

So, started looking at ski boots and it's proving to be a bit hard.. Having to ask the stores to bring them up for storage and apparently I have a larger right foot than a left foot, which combined with having the right ski boot being tested the most (thus slightly bigger) makes it hard to try two different boots at the same time and comparing them. So I don't really know which ones are best right now, have a couple of pairs with me here at home now, so imagine me in ski boots, in short and t.shirt sitting on the couch.

Got my French address

So, got the info today about my apartment in Annecy, and will be living a bit closer to the centre of Annecy this time. If I remember it's 70 m2, with 2 rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. So, we'll see who I'll be sharing it with...
Will be looking into new ski boots this afternoon, otherwise busy sending emails to sort out the last details of everything.

slight setback

Found out today, while attempting to adjust my bindings that my boots won't fit without moving the entire binding. Considering the fact that I'm getting new boots this season anyway, smaller, than the ones I have... I now need to figure out what to do, I think maybe a trip up to the local sports store trying to convince them to take the ski boots out from the storage room might be in place... Maybe that can be the plan for tomorrow.. Days are passing by so fast now, just look at my lovely countdown clock.
Tried to get a hold of my physiotherapist today as well, but he's on vacation, so hopefully I'll be able to get an appt when he's back next week. And to convince everyone that I haven't gone completely lazy since I've come home I was actually out and walked for a long time today (long meaning over an hour) the knee was only protesting the last half hour, and even that wasn't too bad, so yay, progress!( haha.. at least I can laugh at myself when I feel I…


I've gotten new skis, well, technically they're used, but they're new to me! A pair of K2 fujatives 07, that haven't been used that much so they're in pretty good shape. So very happy, now I just have to adjust the bindings and stuff and then I'll bring them with me to France so that I can start next winter season down there in like November, December when the snow starts falling!


So finally got to do some shopping, had to be very efficient though, because I was in the stores an hour before closing time. Managed to find some good stuff on sale though, so very nice!
Also, will probably go to see some of the skiis I've been looking on this week. Nice, and keep planning to meet up with some friends that I haven't seen in a while. So we'll see what we can make of this week. No real plans, no schedule, nothing at all that I have to do, but it definitely has potential!

Buying skiis?

So, lately my activity has been rather focused on new skiis, don't know for sure yet what I'll decide on, but I'm getting there...
Sunny outside today so should try to get a better tan than the one I have right now, still have marks from my sandals on my feet.. not pretty...

back to my reality for the current month but at least I've gotten a new haircut

So, been down in Växjö visiting my sister and babysitting some so that's why I haven't updated anything in a while.. Anyways, had a really nice time.. Came back home yesterday and my parents have now also made it home after the roadtrip in the US...
Today I've gotten a new haircut as well, the last one was getting a bit out of control... hmm. anyways, it's a bit shorter again and more manageable to say the least, now I'm just hoping for an ok look without it having been styled by a hairdresser. A pic will come as soon...
Getting ready for my stay in France as well, being responsible and getting insurance and stuff today...
and what else.. been looking lots at skiis, we'll see if I can find a pair that I like...
An update on everything will come soon (home again and too little to do)

baking some more muffins

Baking again today, hoping for some company tomorrow over coffee and muffins. These muffins at least have a nice color, chocolate raspberry muffins. However, may have put to many forms on the baking tray... I think some of the cupcakes that now are in the oven are attaching themselves to each least they'll taste good, like the other ones we recently baked. I should get bigger muffinforms and use the muffin baking tray...
So, becoming quite the house elf yet again.


click the headline coffee to get to the article!

So, I'm not gonna give in to my brother's attempts to stop me from drinking coffee...

This is it, this is what I'll be doing for the next month

I'm way too over-energetic to be not doing anything. So far today I've managed to sew and remake 3 different clothing items, cook, and catching up on my mail, updating photos on facebook, book special luggage to get my skiis down to France and take care of some small stuff, and some minor shopping, but just boring things like socks, that you have to buy, but which doesn't really give you the satisfaction of actually shopping. Have some hopes for some nice shopping when I go down to see my sister though. We'll see how it goes. So I guess I'll just have to keep busy like this and time'll fly!
The plans for tonight is to attend a reunion, but not my own, my brother's. I'm joining him at their barbecue and hopefully it'll stop raining before we go... Otherwise, umbrella and rain clothes, hmm, guess it was a good thing that I got used to always bring rain clothes wherever I went this summer...

Some catching up, post 2

So, after this post I think I'm up to date and have written about what's happened up til today.
After coming home from Norway on Sunday, I went straight to Bolmen on Monday, where Frida has her summer house, so met up with her, Kate and Julia, (for those who don't know, some of my NY girls) We had a bit of a lazy day since the weather wasn't really that good, but we had fun, did some catching up, watched sex and the city, went swimming and learned how to play poker with chips.... Hmm, I'm not that good yet and don't know all the rules, but we had fun.
Then on Tuesday we decided to make a roadtrip since the weather wasn't all that great so we actually went down to Torekov to my summer house and we walked around in the old village parts, had a crayfish party and then when we went on our morning swim, we did some celebrity spotting. Henke Larsson, the soccer player was in town! Anyways, a really nice day and we went back up to Bolmen in the afternoon because we …

Some catching up, 1st post

So, I took the bus from Beitostölen on Sunday and travelled all day to get home to Falköping, with buses and trains, which took quite some time, and even though the bus between Oslo and Gothenburg arrived earlier than expected it was a bit exhausting listening to some kind of warning beep signal every second for 3,5 hours... Anyways, managed to catch an earlier train from Gothenburg so that kind of made up for it a bit. Sunday evening was spent doing laundry and packing a relatively small bag for my reunion with my NY girls.
Just have to add a photo to this post as well, the night before I left, Neta and I baked cupcakes, and they turned out a bit weird, still tasted good, but looked kind of weird. We've learned the lesson of adding just blueberries the next time and not the juice as well.....
So, a short summary of my summer in Beitostölen... Lots of fun, climbing, canyoning hanging out with new and old friends and of course working. It's been really nice, and nice to live all …