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the end of a week's end

For some reason my laptop's decided to cheer me up today and thus oddly turn on it's wireless function, even though the icon on the computer says it's disabled, the little lamp is shining as blue as ever. Weekend's been calm, had plans for paragliding which didn't happen because the guide got injured, so have to reschedule for sometime soon, a softer week ahead with some days off, would have 6 consecutive days off if I hadn't been the good student taking geography and now also one extra class in communication and negotiation. What not to do for education.... Nice with a soft week ahead though, and plans are to try to seriously start looking for skiboots.
So calm weekend, have walked some in town and some spots are just made to be photographed.

Test... check!

Have finished the test, and I think I did alright, I'm not too concerned, not the best test that I've taken but I don't think it matters that much... anyways, so got a phone call during class again, keep getting these calls when I can't pick up and it's another unknown number, and unfortunately in France all numbers aren't on the yellow pages like they are at home.. Gonna try still, but not expecting to find it.
Next week will be really calm, no class wed through fri, but still have georgraphy at IPAC on the Friday so limits the possibility of going somewhere...

presentation, check! test...tomorrow

So I got through my presentation, was nervous at first which I think was noticeable, but then it got better and in the end I actually think I did pretty good, at least I was happy with my work, and now I don't have to do another one until next month, and that's a good thing!
Got the test for september tomorrow but not too worried, will go through some of the grammar today just... and then I have plans to meet up with Linni, a Finnish girl from last year.

having the apartment to myself

My colloc, (french slang for flatmate) has gone home for a few days on a minivacation and I have the apartment to myself which is really nice.
And my mum's decided on dates to come visit! will be in about a month, yay!
Had a very calm weekend with lots of sleep so should be all perky and energetic this week, but seeing as I try to decrease my intake of caffeine it's not having the major effect I would like it to. Saturday night was fun though with a raclette (cheese) party, basically you grill a local cheese and scrape it off as it melts and it with potatoes and ham... So trying to get a grip on haute savoie culture and delicacies.
Anyways, started my geography class today, and I think it can be interesting, need to get an atlas though, homework for next time, drawing a coloured map over france and learning countries and capitals of the world.. it's kind of nice having one lesson a week that doesn't include french grammar..
Also, need to start looking into a new computer, but guess it's gonna have to wait until the days after christmas, so maybe I can save some money, no use getting a computer here as well because the keyboard is all messed up.
Now I just have like 3 hours more to spend…

signed up for a geograpfy class

Ok, so me and my classmate went to IPAC, a school for higher education here in Annecy, just wanted some info on courses that it was possible to take alongside the french studies here. After like half an hour we were both signed up for a geography class for the rest of the semester, one 4h lesson every week together with french tourism students.... Starting next week, getting an email with more details soon I think.. Could be interesting.

knew that this wouldn't last

ok, so the computer has broken down again so the wifi is no longer working... sucks, tried with the update I got from the support but that doesn't work either so now I have no clue as what to do, according to the support message I have to send the laptop to the states to get it fixed if the upgrade doesn't work... And I don't even consider that an option...

taking advantage of the fact that my computer has decided to start working again

So, for some reason the wireless device works again and I'm not complaining, just a little bit annoying that it appears a bit unpredictable..
pics,.. Annecy by night and from a foggy la Clusaz

washing clothes

just as exciting as it sounds...and waiting for class can it get any better?

yesterday was a bit more interesting though, will get back to that, maybe...depends on how things turn out...
So, of course, no matter how hard you try some days are etched into your memory.. At the same time I want to both forget and to remember... I think about you today Anna, even more so today than other days, I guess it just becomes more evident today... And I think about everyone else feeling the same way. Some memories from today four years ago, that I'll never forget, coming into the school, someone carrying white lilies made me understand what someone earlier had tried to tell me. After that it is mostly a blur... too strong emotions to understand anything else, and a too strong emotion to understand. It still keps hitting me sometimes...
I can't believe another year has already gone by... I still miss you.

Brief about the weekend

Spent Friday and Sat in La Clusaz with Max, Franckie and Thib which was fun, we went out friday night and I had a really good time... Drinks, dancing, catching up...
The rest of the weekend was calm, went to see Mamma Mia yesterday, french version... but anyways.. good movie. Glad to finally have seen it after not being able to go while in Norway.
Now I'm back in school today, and still have to figure out what to do about the computer.

And there's something wrong with my computer again

Guess it's obvious from the title that I'm not too happy with the way some things work. Now the wireless device has turned it self off and I'm not the tech wiz I wish I was. The program that turns it on manually doesn't turn on either... otherwise the problem would've been easily fixed.. So any suggestions are welcome! Have sent an email to support to see if they can help me.. The new computer that I want is even more desireable at the mo.
Well, some fun stuff that's happened as well of course, I've met up with Frédéric, the guy I lived with last year and it was fun talking lots of French, and I'm happy, he though my french was better now than last year... good but weird seeing as I've only read a french book since.. and not much more.. However, encouraging. Not quite used to all the homework yet and have to write about different types of people in the Swedish society for tomorrow.. meaning unemployed, and so on. Hmm, and I don't really know all …

anther oral...

So, already told everyone it's not my favourite thing having orals and doing presentations. So, guess what, I have to do another one this month and then one the next month and the next month. A bit diffuse subject though, no theme so I can choose what I want but I have to be able to create a discussion afterwards.... hmmm. and not reading anything when we talk, maybe like 5 words for support.. So, wednesday and then the 24th, keep your fingers crossed!


so, this weekend's been good and bad. Found out my key doesn't work in the door to the building and I don't have the code. But I do now, I entered at the same time as a neighbor and thus saw the code. However, managed to finally get a hold of our landlord as well so she's coming with the key as well I think. Kind of hard otherwise not being able to enter the building at night or during weekends.. Also, yesterday the bad weather was back, it was literally pouring down all day. But today's been good so I've been out with my bike around town. Also, started on the huge homework our second teacher gave us... Writing about a film that's important to us and then also present it orally. We all know that's not my favorite thing to do...

Friday :)

So, finally friday! Haha, shouldn't complain really only been in school for 2 days, the other teacher was ok as well, but I hope it gets a little better with time as well. And next month I'll hopefully get even better teachers.. Spent the afternoon by the lake, swimming and enjoying the sun. I've also rented a bike now, hopefully it doesn't get stolen so that I lose my deposit. That would really suck..
Anyways, going out with some people from the school today :)


So, the storm that was predicted yesterday did hit us, so I guess the weather people aren't always wrong. Ended up staying inside the whole evening which was a shame, but I'll just have to go to Paris to visit Adam sometime!
Today it's been raining the entire day as well, not very exciting.. My first lesson was ok, and so was the class and the teacher I think. Have a different teacher tomorrow so we'll see how it goes.. At least now I've gotten some homework to occupy myself. Went to talk with Virginie at the school office as well about the tests so we'll see what tests are possible for me to do. Want to do the DALF/DELF if I can and then the university diploma test..
And, looking forward to next tuesday! Meeting up with Fred, the guy I lived with last year and his friends!

First day of school

Technically at least, the first day of school. We didn't do that much, first a written test and then an oral one, which was worse, imagine having to describe man out of time (a movie) in French. I saw the movie last night, and of course I get the question describe the last movie you saw.. Should have watched something less complicated. But anyways, the rest of the day was just talking to people, the walking tour of Annecy (same as last year) an information meeting and then a small welcome reception with snacks. So anyways, ended up in group 6 out of 6, the highest level. Didn't think I would when I took the test, but apparently I did better than I thought. So have met lots of people today, lucky if I remember like half of the names until tomorrow, don't think I know anyone in my group though, we'll see tomorrow when the real lessons actually begin.
Tonight I'm going out for a while to meet up with Adam, one of the people that I got to know here last year that's …

My "room"

My room for the following months


Have finally arrived, the flight didn't work out that smoothly, or I did not see a sign that said long distance buses at Geneva airport, despite looking, and after a staircase, before which I had to abandon my trolley and thus carry my 5 bags...I did not end up at the right bus stop. I was at the local one and thus I missed my bus and had to take a taxi to Annecy....
Have now moved into the apartment together with my dutch roommate Tamara, we officially live in an old person's home. Don't think the landlord has changed a thing from when her mother lived here. We even have pictures of the old lady, and tons of porcelain figures in cabinets. I'll upload pics when I have a better connection to the internet. Today's events have included getting a french phone # +33673331443 and going food shopping. Expensive day but now I'll live for a few more days!
Starting school tomorrow and have bought a note pad, apparently they just don't have the ones with lines, so now I…

Flying back today

So, today I'm flying back. Just walking around in the house now to see if I can think of anything that I have forgotten to pack, but I feel like I've done a pretty good job packing this time. Won't know for sure until I've gotten settled in Annecy though, it's not until you've arrived that you realize what you should've packed... A new update will come as soon as I've got access to the internet again :)