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spending the afternoon doing something useful

doing exactly what the title implies, namely sitting inside with my skiboots on, hoping to get my feet used to the new skiboots, Tignes is still on for next weekend!

Signed up for the TCF test

So, have signed up for the tcf test at the end of november, the 26th to be exact. Wish me luck!

Finally some snow!

So finally some snow has arrived and covered the upper half of the mountains surrounding Annecy, the downpart is that the forecast predicts hot weather for the weekend so it'll probably all go away, but anything other than rain is an improvement right now, the first part of the week has weatherwise been awful.. Don't have much plans for the weekend yet, but as long as I have Tignes to look forward to next weekend it doesn't matter much. Maybe a small randonné up Semnoz, we'll see, depends on how ambitious I decide to be..



Chamonix-Mont Blanc


An amazing weekend with mum

So, mom got here early on Friday and we had an amazing weekend visiting Chamonix, going up to Aiguille du Midi where we got a great view of Mont Blanc and the alps. Then on Sunday we went to Tignes and went skiing on Glacier de la Grande Motte. And we were really lucky with the weather, sunny and warm for those two days. Yesterday and today it's been raining a bit but we have still walked around Annecy a bit and today we went to the market and bought regional cheese! Will try to upload some pics as soon as possible, and maybe more of them on facebook!

application confirmed

Got the standard message confirming that my application for the distance courses next semester have been accepted. So now it's just to wait and see.
Friday finally today and my mom is coming tonight :D but first I have a lesson and in the afternoon an excursion!
And more fun, went shopping with Amanda yesterday and found a nice nikita sweatshirt! photo might come next time i get internet back on the computer...

Why can't the winter start earlier and end later?

So, spending lots of time on freeride watching other people ski and can't wait for when I get to, hopefully really soon, in a few weeks, if all goes according to plan. In the meantime, I'll keep exercising my knee, increase my muscle size and weight and dream on...

pics from last weekend

Some pics from last weekend, le retour des alpages and the picnic in the parc afterwards.
This week's just passed pretty quickly, having lessons and taking care of everything else. Met Thib on Tuesday when he was in Annecy which was fun. Haven't seen him since last month when I went to visit them all in La Clusaz.
Still looking for an apartment in Norway, right now with two other couples that are gonna work this winter as well, so hopefully we can find something good.
Was informed yesterday by a neighbour that apparently we have a bike room/garage in the building, I don't have the key yet, but will call my landlord, need to remind her about the bed for mom for next week anyway.
And the best so far today! I've gottena letter from my grandparents so now I need to get some paper and an envelope to write them back. I love getting real letters.
Feel free to surprise me, I get my mail at the school address, IFALPES, 52 Rue des Marquisats, 74000 Annecy.
à tôt!

Getting a little bit better

Still have my cold, I guess I can't complain too much only been sick since tuesday, if you call having a cold being sick. Anyways, had almost 8h of class yesterday, in the end it didn't quite add up to that many hours because we got to finish early, but that was after I had a test on the whole world with blind maps, countries and capitals, shame that the middle-est was in between two pages and I know those countries. Didn't even try to fill in the map of France with all its departments, know this one, 74 and that the one beneath is 73, but that's about it, anyways, that was supposed to be just bonus. So weekend again, and today's the annual retour des alpages, that I got to see last year as well, so I guess I'll go into town for a while to see all the cows and goats and people. Also got plans to go out with Linni tonight, probably won't be for too long though seeing as my nose can't stop running... Sucks being sick.

I have a cold

I have a cold, a cotton-head, sniffling nose, coughing, sore throat cold. Only thing lacking now is a fever. My plan is to seriously increase my intake of vitamin C and hope for the best..

signed up for distance courses

Figured I'd try to be good and signed up for some distance courses to take at the same time that I'm working next semester. Think that'll be nice, give me something to do during my evenings!
Still haven't found an apartment though,.. ideas anyone?

Randonné Mont Veyrier

Started off the weekend on Friday night with Linni, which is always tons of fun! Had a late night and thus a lazy Saturday. Decided to be more active on Sunday though and me and Anna, another Swedish girl decided to hike up Mont Veyrier. It was really nice because up there we got a great view, not of Mont Blanc, though, think we had to walk even further for that, but over the lake and we also passed the snow limit! Took us about 2,5h to walk up and 2h to get down, which was harder than going up. A bit slippery sometimes, can't believe we saw French people running their, that would definitely be begging for a twisted ankle.
Tomorrow we'll be starting next month's session and I've also seen the schedule of activities and 8nov is SKI Tignes! Can't wait!

New skiboots

So, this morning before my geography class I decided to go ski boot shopping and finally after trying at least 10 pairs I've found a pair that feels good. Can't wait for the snow

Le tour du lac

Yesterday I did le tour du lac, with my bike, so it meant over 40km of biking which was fun though. I went with Amanda and we stopped underways for a picnic and rest. One thing to check off of my list of things to do while in Annecy. Apparently I can't upload a pic right now, so we'll see if I can do it later...

Visit from Falköping

So Monday night Anna and Sofia came to Annecy, they're travelling in Europe with interrail and stopped by for a visit. Ended up staying until Wednesday morning so it was great with some company and lots of talk about skiing and the next season.. So I showed them around a little bit and then left them on their own when I had my last class for the month yesterday and a Diploma ceremony. Very official here in France and people are called up in order of achievement, luckily I got the highest mark this month très bien so got called up first in my group :)

Still looking for an apartment but got one more phone# to call now so hopefully I can find something soon, you guys know me, l like to have it all planned in good time.

Plans for my other day off tomorrow is to bike around the lake about 40 km.. but we're bringing food so we can stop underways and refuel.

Moreover, started looking more seriously for skiboots again, so need to bring a pair of socks and head to town any day now.

And fin…