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Val Thorens

Went to Val Thorens yesterday to go skiing with some friends and had an absolutely amazing day. Sunny, cold, not that many people in the slopes :)


Having the tcf exam today, test de connaissance de français. So testing my knowledge of french.. Have had two tests so far, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and writing, and so far the difficulty has been too little time! Now I only have the oral part left...

Christmas spirit and the first snow!

Got the first real snow in Annecy this weekend and my Christmas spirit is getting better and better! Only one month left today!
Even if the snow hasn't stayed on the ground here in town, it does at a higher altitude, like at the mount Veyrier on the other side of the lake.

Presentation is done!

Had my presentation today, it wasn't too bad, I'd deliberately chosen friday cause I know that we're never that many people there then. Today there was 5 of us.. Anyways, now it's done and I have only the tcf next week and then the other exam on the 15th..
Won't be going to Val Thorens tomorrow as planned, there's a storm coming in with winds over 100km/h so the station won't be open.. I guess we'll have to figure out something else to do. Our other hope is that the snow falls here as well so that the closest station will open earlier than expected...

I've lost the battle against coffee

I've tried being good and not drinking too much coffee, but yesterday I was too tempted, so now I have coffee at home! And I can drink whole mugs of it and not tiny cups! In my defense there are definitely worse addictions..
And I decided to decorate for Christmas, so I've gotten these icicles made of glass to hang in my window and then advent chandelier! I'm thinking it is only slightly more than a month left so everyone will start decorating next week. I'm making up for lost time with only one more week!

Randonné turning playground

We went on a randonné on Semnoz this weekend as well and because of all the leaves and us being bored we started imitating trees, trying to blend in with the environment and burying people in leaves... But we had fun, and felt good after walking for 2-3hours. This was followed by the smallest coffee I've ever been served.. It was more like an espresso, you could actually finish it in one sip.

Dropping geography class

So, decided to drop geography class from now on, feel like I need to focus on the french, and there is also absolutely no way of me being on time for the class considering it takes more than 20min to get from this school to the other. And the french exams are coming up...
Anyways, week's been good so far, my neck hasn't been in top form but is getting better, need to sit less by the books and be out moving around more...
Question: can I make up for having missed Christmas for two years and start decorating soon without looking insane? I'm really tempted to start...

James Bond goes french

So, decided on going to see a movie, and what better to do in an afternoon other than enjoying James Bond, Quantum of Solace dubbed into French.
Actually it was better than expected. Or the movie was just as expected, it is a bond movie we're talking about, but having to see it in french wasn't too bad.
Anyways, it's raining outside and I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon with a warm cup of tea, a good book, (and maybe some homework, if I start feeling too lazy)

slightly blonder and it's armistice day

So, have today off, the French have decided to make the 11/11 a holiday, the armistice day from WW1, and it's pretty nice. I had plans for the day that didn't really work out, seeing as I overslept, but now the new plan is either a hike or going to the movies to see the new bond movie, and yes, in french. Seeing as it just now started raining I'm thinking bond movie...
Decided to go a little bit blonder yesterday so did some highlights (or Amanda did, thanks!) and I'm happy with the result! Also, we went out to a bar that has live music on mondays, apparently anyone who wants to can get up and sing, it was fun. But no, I did not sing, I know my voice's singing quality better than that ;)


Back from skiing in Tignes, and had a great day! Amazing weather and skis on the feet never seem to get old! Still need some more time adjusting to the skiboots, but it was better today than the last time so I shouldn't complain. And after a warm shower and some cups of tea, (did not drink coffee during the day and only one cup of tea at 6am!) I am feeling as good as can be!

Too excited

Tignes is only a night and a 2h car ride away... which evidently explains it all!

Avoided allergy chock

So today turned out a bit scary after having eaten mints, turned out they contained nutoil, something at least I did not know about mints and of course didn't see before I'd had a few. Started feeling a bit weird, don't know if it was because of the oil or the possibility of having an allergic reaction that scared me, but anyways, as I am always prepared I carry my hydrocortison pills (gotten in case I get stung by a wasp) and everything is fine. So no worries! Soon weekend, and until then I'm going to live, breath and eat ski magazines, movies and brochures.


Weekend's been good, been out watching people in weird costumes in the evenings hanging out with friends and decided today to be a bit more active and dragged some friends with me for a short hike in the Semnoz forest, which was fun and not too exhausting, and we had a limited time to do it, but the next time we'll go for a longer one. Walked for an hour and a half at least so it was better than nothing. Afterwards we went to the château (castle) for those of you not speaking french ;) because they have an exhibit and every first sunday of the month it's free to visit the museums. Was an exhibit about the history of animations and pariticularly about this one artist, whose name I've already forgot. So, not really my cup of tea, but it was fun to see the castle.
And now I'm off to dinner at a friend's place! Nice not having to cook all the time :)