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The first post from my new laptop ;)

So, got a new laptop during the sale between x-mas and new year's, so now I've got a little pretty red laptop weighing less than 2kg! Nice.
Leaving for Torekov in a few minutes actually to spend New year's with the grand parents.
Check list done for today, packing list for Norway, getting a call from the Norwegian tax authorities saying they'll send me a new documents for 2009, printing university application, and not to forget, transfer my music from the old laptop to the new one, and I've only been awake for a few hours. A productive day in short.


Finally Christmas, my so longed for holiday! And I got my suitcase back in time with all my stuff. Yesterday we were at my sister's place and today my brothers coming over with family and then tomorrow again my other brother and sister, the three days of christmas, of which a long time is spent eating lots and lots of food! The best part is that my mum has made me a christmas ham, cooked by herself and not the already cooked one that I can bring with me up to Norway!!

Today's events

1. Crazy Christmas shopping, all done except one present - tomorrow's to-do
2. Got stuck in traffic outside a shopping center for over an hour. A total distance of maybe 300m.
3. Cut myself with a scissor in the hand wrapping my Christmas presents
4. Cleaning the entire wall of bookshelves in our living room
5. Got a phone call saying my luggage will come tomorrow between 10 and 14. Yay!
6. Still on the plan: drinking Glögg/Vin Chaud. Christmas is here :)

Back home but without luggage

So, of course my flights couldn't just go smoothly without any fuss. I arrived safely at home, late tonight but then they announce that the door to the luggage compartement has frozen so no one is getting their luggage, at least not tonight, and that was after waiting for it for 45 min....
Anyways, had to fill out forms and hopefully they'll send it tomorrow or the next day... not to high hopes though as they mentioned something about flying the plane back to Brussels tomorrow to get their technicians to fix it... hmmm.

The last day

Some pics from last weekend in Val d'Isère first of all...

Today's my last day here in Annecy, for this time, felt like I should add that because hopefully I'll come back soon! Feeling all nostalgic and sentimental already, it's been fantastic being here this fall, met some really cool people, and gotten to go skiing in the french alps. Today I've had to clean out the entire apartment, just like a little house elf, seeing as I live by myself since a few weeks back. Still don't know what to do with my key when I leave tomorrow though as my landlord doesn't pick up the phone...

Discovered wisdoom teeth

hmm, have today discovered that my wisdom teeth are starting to grow/come out, whatever you like to call it... and I was up until now hoping not to have any....

Les arcs

Me and Amanda went to Les Arcs today and had one of the best days skiing ever!! Had sunny nice weather in the morning, the afternoon wasn't quite as nice, a bit more cloudy but the slopes were amazing and no people at all!


Had the final exam today, c'est fait, c'est fini!

Val d'Isère

Just got back from Val d'Isère. Had an amazing weekend. We went up to cheer for Gauthier, Thomas and Raphael, some guys that me and my friends have gotten to know a bit here in Annecy. So made a nice poster and proclaimed ourselves as their official fan club ;) which the speakers and commentators in the slope loved. (seeing as we're swedish and norwegian and cheering for french guys, but of course the poster also included some cheers for our countries' racers) and Gauthier had an amazing second run, went from 3oth-3 place!! So of course we had to celebrate in the evening!

at least I've gotten like a half apology

so, the next day the girl comes back to find me, gives me back my money and says she's sorry, and then starts mumbling some other weird excuse, but at least I've got my hat back and all is set in order.
Celebrated Lucia today at school, there was four of us, nicely dressed up in white sheets, we had made a lucia crown and everything. But all went well and we got some nice compliments afterwards for doing it, so it was appreciated. :)
Going to Val d'Isère tomorrow to watch the FIS world cup!! yay, met some of the guys on the french team so we're just about to make them a nice poster to have when we cheer them on!


So, got the message yesterday that I've been accepted to all the distance courses I have applied for, yay. But then figured out that taking all of them would be studying at 75% of full time... maybe slightly too much as I am going to work at the same time... hmm., need to reconsider if maybe I should drop one....
anyways, only have one more lesson before the final exam, so should start to study, but first some insensible shoeshopping and preparation for tomorrow's Lucia celebration! And I need to translate the recipe for the Lucia buns into french for my teacher...

A french girl stole my hat and then claimed she bought it

Like I've said earlier, I lost my hat in school friday. Apparently dropped it somewhere out in the hall I guess. Today, waiting for my class I see a girl wearing my hat!!!! Of course went up to her and told her it was my hat! (Every part of the discussion in french) and she has the guts to claim she bought it, that there are many hats like that and I have simply lost mine and if she would've found it she would've turned it in. (Not true, obviously) I have photographic proof and showed her the note that I put up in the school and since Ellen knitted it for me, there are no other ones like it! Since she refused to give in, despite all my evidence, I ended up paying her what she bought it for and telling her to go buy another one herself. Not right I know, I shouldn't have to pay the girl that stole my hat for her to give it back to me, but the hat is more important than the money... So, at least now I have my hat again.

La Clusaz

So, went to La Clusaz again this weekend as the other trip was cancelled, but had an amazing day, sunny, cold and if you looked, some untouched powder from the snowfall the day before.
The evening was spent in my flat with pizza and then adventsfika, a word that doesn't really translate to any other language... or it does but becomes long and complicated.


So, the school's cancelled yet another one of the ski excursions, so now we are all a bit annoyed, we've even written a letter of complaint to the director and feeling very french doing it...
So hopefully we can set something up on our own anyway.
Did plan to put up photos from last weekend as well, but it seems as if the computers aren't on my side today either..

Amazing, fantastic, unbelievably fun weekend

Had a great weekend which was appropriate seeing as it was my birthday and all! Thanks everyone for calling, texting, emailing and everything! Spent my birthday in La Clusaz for the opening of La Balme and then in the evening in Annecy, I went with some friends to an Indian rest on my street which was really good. Afterwards it was banoffee pie and coffee. And I got some presents as well, french skiing magazines and some other stuff, all nicely decorated with ballons.
Yesterday a friend invited me and some more people to go horseback riding. It was really fun, I had a pony named Filou and we went in the forest, did some trotting as well and we crossed a stream and got a bit wet, but it was still very nice! Hadn't been on a horse in a long time, and furthermore, I haven't been on a horse that many times so kind of proud of how well I did!