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Happy news

So happy! Had my MRI scan today which meant going all the way to Albertville, actually going into an MRI scan (the last one I did was an open one) and I got the result right away and pictures.. My crucial ligament is not off, neither is my inner lateral ligament. So it's just a twisted knee, apparently they saw something on my meniscus as well but nothing serious so with a little bit of physiotherapy I should be back on skis soon =)

Bike training

Got to start training a bit more at the physio today, so good news, got to go on the bike for a couple of minutes =) and going down to Bourg St Maurice today to see Laura, and since I am going to Albertville tomorrow for the MRI scan it is on the way and I don't have to get the bus tomorrow morning which is nice.
Still bored out of my mind not being able to ski but hoping for the best tomorrow, crossing my fingers that it is just the inner ligament that is extended and not a tear of the anterior crucial ligament... '

another couple of days

Nothing much has happened the last couple of days, keep seeing the physio to try to get my knee a bit better, otherwise starting to get pretty bored. Hate not being able to ski or do anything physical.

Had a really nice evening last night, it was our christmas dinner, for the staff of the coffee, some commercial staff and invited people. Really nice and even got to dress up for a bit, as much as I can with a knee brace...

Knee update

Was hoping I wasn't going to use that title again, but here it goes, went to the doctor yesterday and he thinks that my inner lateral ligament is a bit extended from twisting it and then that my anterior crucial ligament is off, which is worse. Gave me a note saying no sport for 90days, a referral for an IRM, a referral to a physio and telling me to see a surgeon when I go back to Sweden... Now I am wearing a knee brace, getting anti-coagulation injections for a few nights, seeing the physio tonight and then got an MRI scheduled in Albertville for wednesday. (At least wait lists aren't as long here as in Sweden where you would have to wait months...)
I am still hoping he is wrong, but I guess I just have to wait til wednesday to find out..

My christmas postcard is online

Final exam result

Think I got a B for my final exam which is completely fine considering I didn't have too much time to work at it. It was weird how they announced the results though, but don't think anyone is born on the same day as me so should be my result, the final result for the course hasn't been published yet though, will know in January...

the knee is a little bit better today so still staying hopeful...

Twisted knee (again)

I think I've actually had almost the same title before, including the word "again". Feel a bit stupid really, but wasn't even going that fast, just managed to get the edge stuck and twist my knee a bit, very sore now despite putting ice on it all afternoon. Hopefully it'll get better in a week or so, hate not being able to move around. Don't think it's too bad, it doesn't hurt as much as it did last time... hmm... and I just sent in a form to Movement about my knee surgery and not having gotten an infection..

crazy busy week, exhausted

Had a really busy week, been working day and night, crazy tired so been told to take some time off now to rest and sleep. This is why there has been no updates in a while. It’s supposed to calm down now as well so hopefully it’ll all get better.. On another note I may have found a pair of skis, got a call last night from M saying she has a friend that is selling a pair that are just the one’s I want but last year’s model. =)

Première Neige

Today was the thirteenth of december, Saint Lucia, which I have not really celebrated other than eating cinnamon cookies that do resemble gingerbread biscuits, it’s the best I can do at this point. For once I found myself in the exact same spot this year as last, which means I went to Val d’Isère to see the men’s GS race. Skied across and saw both the first and second run and got some skiing in between. Got to see both Gauthier and Thomas again which was fun. One Swede, Larsson and one Norwegian (Aksel Lund Svindal) were in the top ten =) Visa fullständigt album

Snowshoeing without helicopter and skiing in the dark

We had a day with event yesterday, technically the first activity was supposed to be héli-raquettes, meaning héli snowshoeing. We were supposed to walk for about 2h and then get a ride back with a helicopter, instead, as the weather was to bad for the helicopter to take off we walked for about 4h in total… It was still nice though, but the helicopter ride would’ve been fun. Hopefully I’ll get other opportunities during the winter. In the evening we had an “Expedition Refuge” with the same group, so we went up with the lift to a mountain restaurant, had a nice meal and then I took the skiers down the dark slopes (without lights) and the other ones went down with sledges. It was a fun day but quite long and I could definitely feel my knee after the four hours of walking so should try to take it easier the next couple of days.

Fantastic day skiing

Just spent a fantastic day skiing, super nice weather, even though the wind was quite strong at the top of the glacier... Even did two runs in the giant slalom course (with my twintips I might add) but it was so much fun racing again. Definitely need to find proper race skis soon! Not too motivated to study though at the moment which is harder, and I just found out I got accepted for the courses next semester as well.. Trying to find motivation to sit inside and study when the ski slope is 50m away is hard. Ideas anyone?

New boots

Just got new boots the other day, Sorel ones of course, keeps my feet dry and toasty warm =) Like yesterday during the winter games event. Today I actually had some time off, got to go skiing and started looking for new skis.

First winter ski

First day of skiing for the season in Tignes today, just got out a couple of hours in between work which was nice... Hopefully I can get out some tomorrow as well. Otherwise I've been occupied with clearing our camp area, sorting uniforms and of course my final exam for the eco tourism course...


One from when the lit the Christmas lights in Annecy just before I left and the other one my new view from my window in Tignes.Visa fullständigt album

Seminar, birthday and moving to Tignes

Saturday was the seminar and I worked most of the day but did the teambuilding part as well. so yes I as in the sumo suit, and I won my match =) then in the evening some of my colleagues knew it was my birthday so at midnight they announced it and sang for me. Sunday was calm and I didn't know exactly when I'd leave for Tignes. Got up last night and got installed.. Internet is not up yet but soon more pics will come so just getting installed for the moment and figuring out how everything is going to be...


Just got the results back from my final exam in consumer behavior and the final note for the course, got a B for the exam and a B for the course =) Done and done! Nerve wrecking to click on the links in the web platform....


so, this is what happened since my last update, in short;
got my hair cut, (not much and it's still blond, maybe I'll go brunette next time), watched new moon (dubbed to french), studied, sent in my assignment, went shopping, hanged out with friends, had pizza, twice(or more truthfully one and a half), went jogging and walking, oh and the toilet's been half broken all weekend...
Very unstructured, very brief, time to start working, and getting my first cup of coffee =) And finally a pic of where I live, it's the apartment that has the balcony at the top!


Got an A on my first eco tourism assignment =) Yay!

Day in Tignes

Another sunny, but this time warmer day in Tignes, started the day with skiing with Laura =) and then it was time to work from 1pm with an event. We did some different workshops and I was the referee of the snowhockeygame. Here’s a pic of Tignes Le lac and the sumo wrestling!
Visa fullständigt album

Going to Tignes

Going to Tignes late tonight to help out with an event tomorrow. So a little, but very much needed change from office work. For the moment I am occupied writing a critical analysis of Nature's best, for uni and creating postcards for a visit Santa event during Christmas and for the base camp, Camp Trappeur. Lots of photoshopping. A short update in my for now quite eventless life =P

And just for fun if anyone feels like knowing my wish list for my birthday it is:
Slalom skis ( so much more fun on the piste than the twintips)
Perfume (smells like violet can't remember which brand, but it smells like 'Violpastiller') makes me want to eat myself =P
New headphones - (my right earplug(?) just stopped working.)

Mörlanda Livs

Just a link to the new webpage for my brother's and his wife's store =)

1st eco tourism assignment

Just handed in my first eco tourim assignment. One down three more to go. Not very exciting blogging at the moment, but that's life..
Today's plan is lunch with Laura and then maybe if I can't resist shop for birthday present (skis) for myself... Otherwise it'll be watching the second run of the women's slalom.

Passed my assignment!

Passed my third assignment for the second course, got a B for this one which was ok.
Just waiting for the result for the huge exam now and today it's time to put some pressure on people to get answers about effects on the environment in my home town..

Tignes, first day of skiing

Got to go skiing yesterday as in France 11/11 is Armistice day, a holiday. Was super fun being back on skis, and the knee was ok, didn’t really hurt just felt a bit unstable at some points when I was putting a lot of pressure on it, so the conclusion is just to keep working out and get more muscles around it to keep it in place. Didn’t really take photos, just a quick snap shot with my cell phone Had sunny, cold weather, and a bit windy at the end. Think Rudy maybe got some nice pics of all of us skiing so maybe some more pics will come later.

New helmet

Since skiing season is definitely approaching, and planning to go already tomorrow, I needed to get a new helmet as I decided my old one was ready for retirement. It was harder than I though it would be as most of them now are either really girly, or really “park-rat” or just plain… Still don’t know how all the brands think when putting flowers and flowing texts on everything that is for women… Apparently Salomon helmets fit my head as my new one is of the same brand as the last one. Think I’ve managed to find one that suits me, even though it is always hard when you try it in the shop as you don’t have the goggles to match and consequently just look a bit goofy. But this is it! And it only had a little bit of girly text which now is covered by the goggles =)

Studies and training

So, got back one more of my assignments and didn't get a top grade but at least I passed and because of the lack of communication and information from the teachers in the last course, I'm just happy I don't have to redo anything at the moment.
This week I have the difficult task of trying to get a hold of someone at the environmental department at the municipality back home. I wonder how this is going to work. The rapport need to be handed in by the end of the week.

On another note I've managed to find some gyms in Annecy that sounds ok, with some help from my friends =), none of them to close to my flat, but nothing you can do really. One would think that a city as big as Annecy, (still bigger than Fkp, would have more gyms... hm) And, since Wednesday is Armistice day a holiday I might go skiing for the first time this season =)


Finally done, sent in my final exam for this course just this morning. It's nice to have it off of my hands.. And surprise the next assignment turn in dates have been changed. Next assignment due: next sunday. So we're supposed to do the same amount of work for the next course in one week less than the previous ones. What are they thinking?? I guess I'll be buried in work for some more time. Right now it doesn't feel that good that I've signed up for another class this spring. But I hope it'll be alright, at least this course at a surface level appears more interesting than the previous one.

2 out of 3

I guess I should stay positive, if it rains in Annecy it is snowing in the mountains at a higher altitude but as I did have a late morning today I decided to go for a jog before work, after having gone about halfway it litterally started pouring down, meaning I got completely soaked doing the second half back to the flat and my clothes were literally dripping! All good now, dry clothes and a warm cup of coffee, but this means I've gotten soaked two days out of three this week, not a good score! I should probably always wear waterproof clothes but the sun was actually shining when I started out this morning, or maybe I should buy an umbrella!

2nd exam

So the dreaded exam week is here and I got the exam assignment yesterday, all the other assignments I've done so far this month counts for 48/100 points meaning that the work this week will decide 52% of my grade for the course in Consumer behavior. Scary. I guess I know what my focus will be this week, luckily it's a bit calmer with work right now.

I am wet like a drenched cat

Does that expression even exist in English? Anyways, it is exactly how I feel after having walked a total of 15 minutes in pouring rain (+ the bus ride, can't wait til the bus schedule goes back to normal on wednesday) when getting to the office in apparently not so waterproof shoes, pants or jacket…

Busy bee

The weekend ended up being full of activities despite being really tired Friday with plans for a calm weekend. But in a sense it’s good, and just finished reading some course literature about how physical activities can work as relaxation and seeing how I usually have a hard time sitting still it should apply to me! Also got to meet up with friends I haven’t seen for a really long time, Linni and my ex-roommate Fred, which was really fun as well, and went to the movies and saw the French movie Micmacs à tire-larigot, which was good, but me being tired and not getting all the French references, maybe it wasn’t the best choice for a Saturday night movie. Went climbing in both Mont Veyrier and again at Les Tours St Jacques, and managed to get about 5m higher this time! So pretty now as well with all the orange and red leaves. It was also the day of the Fête de jus de Pomme, (apple juice celebration) which was fun and got two freshly pressed bottles in my fridge now.

Raclette and got back 1st assignment

Yesterday evening was Raclette evening at Rudy's place which was nice =) Ended up meeting my downstairs neighbor, living in the apartment just below mine. Funny coincidences.

Got B on my first consumer behavior assignment, so that's ok and it feels good that it's done and over with =)
Have turned in the other one's as well so waiting for the results on two more and then I get access to the final exam for this part course on Monday.

Shock therapy?

My visit to the physio was definitely an experience, and not in a good way. First he basically just put pressure on different parts of my body, legs, feet, hips, neck. Which was kind of weird, didn't quite see the point there. Got a lecture about not having a referral from a doctor (I had one in Sweden, but that didn't really help) which was followed by walking, first in slow motion and then running on a treadmill which was followed by electric shocks applied to my thigh while bending the knee for 15 min! Painful and definitely not how I want to do my rehab so trying to find something else to keep advancing...

Tignes teambuilding event

Back from Tignes, ended up not staying for the evening, but had a really nice day yesterday. Good weather and it was great working outside again, physically, with organizing activities for the COREUPT team. Sumo wrestling, paintball, three-man skiis, knife throwing, lumberjacking and lots more..
Today back in the office and then tonight seeing a french physiotherapist...


Had a pretty calm weekend, party friday night meaning 2x30min walk. Good exercise for my knee and then a calm saturday as well, apart from being awake at 6am as I got a text from my mom who is currently in Kenya, think the mobile net must be slightly off as I cannot think she would want to wake me up at such an early hour. Then it was followed by drilling, sawing noises from the apartment next door. So much for sleeping in. The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, walking, people watching in town, studying (a little bit - but no way as much as I should've to be able to relax this week) jogging (first time since I had surgery =) ) and watching Sex and the city. So many memories from watching it together with my New York girls,and I still remember so many lines from that time.
This weekend I'll be going to Tignes for an event and then I am also seeing a physiotherapist.. going to be interesting to see if my french vocab is sufficient to talk about medical and anatomical stuff.…

Starbucks is coming to Sweden finally

It's official, Starbucks is coming to Sweden. Did the facebook group I joined actually make a difference or was it inevitable that it would finally come to Sweden as well. Other cafés make good coffee as well, but the chai latte and the frappes are amazingly good (and probably just as unhealthy, but who cares?)

Best thing right now

I wonder if the best thing with living in the apartment is that I now once again can start my mornings with tea and a bowl of oatmeal topped with banana and raisins =) Morning ritual not to be messed with. And in addition to this, since I am now back in France I can once again have Vanilla Soy Milk =) Don't get me wrong I like regular milk as well, as long as it is the 0,5% one. Other good thing, normal hot water in the shower and a washing machine, feels like a luxury compared to what I am used to from before. Let's just say I really like my new apartment. Should have a housewarming party though, maybe this weekend if anyone wants to come?

Coffee overdose?

Too much to do -> overdosing coffee, not good. My month without coffee seems quite useless now. Need other things to do outside the office to give me more energy. Maybe I can take up jogging again, the knee should be able to handle it now as well as some harder exercises =)

Les tours St Jacques

The weekend went fast, Sunday I got my stuff moved to the apartment and then I went climbing with Baptiste. We went to Les Tours St Jacques at Semnoz. Unfortunately the knee wasn’t in top shape after the massive walking I did saturday, so didn’t climb all the way up, but still. Baptiste was setting up bolts and stuff to be able to climb there and I took photos while waiting. Just loving how my helmet is slightly tipping to one side :P It was quite windy and cold and it ended up getting dark before we went down so nightlamps were used, again. Think the route will be fun when it’s finished as its in in between two huge rocks leaving litte space in between, so you’re using both sides two get up =)Visa fullständigt album

Saturday in town

Spent lots of time just walking around in centre-ville today which was fun. Of course I brought the camera so got some good pics. Also, worked everything out with an apartment for the rest of the time in Annecy, so from Monday I’ve got my own place which will be nice.Visa fullständigt album

Finally weekend

It's finally the weekend, have had tons to do this week, with the internship, university, having a slight cold, and trying to do some fun stuff as well. So finally weekend, sleeping in tomorrow is going to be really nice as I've had someone getting up at 6am every morning this week, waking me up as well... We'll see what happens, no definite plans, but definitely some options so that's nice. Hopefully the weather won't be crap so I can get outside some as well.

Signed up for spring course as well

Just signed up for a spring course as well, tourism studies (in swedish literally: the science of tourism) Experience and destination. 30ECTS. So full time as well, we'll see how that works out in relation to work and everything. As of right now I feel like I am busy all the time, but still I have to take the time to do fun stuff in between or else I would get completely destroyed by the amount of work I have to do.... I guess I just have to see this as a compromise, one year being crazy busy and in exchange not having to physically sit in a classroom.

Night climbing

Yesterday I went night rock climbing at Semnoz with some friends which was awesome, I didn't manage to do the harder route with my knee but at least I got to do the other one and belay some. We used small head lamps to be able to see but unfortunately none of us thought about bringing a camera...

Top score

Just found out I got a top score on my first "final" exam for the first part of my course this fall. My assignment was about Beitostölen and I got 60/60 points and an A. =) Yay!

Weekend in Tignes

Spent the weekend in Tignes which was really nice and relaxing. Saturday the weather was kind of crappy but that meant I got a lot of studying done, so in a sense it was useful. And I went to the swimming pool and did a 1k swim =) Today the weather’s been amazing, like you can see on the photos, so spent a lot of time outside reading, walking ans swimming again, 1k. Nice to work out a bit. =) And what is funny is that in the chalet where I am staying I found an old skieur magazine about the World championships in Val d’Isère last winter. In the magazine there was a photo which was from the WC in december when we went, and I could even spot us in the crowd next to the Milka cow. The article about the Swedes to watch was also a very amusing read. Definitely feel like skiing at this point, so the decision not to bring skiis was probably good as I would have been way too tempted otherwise.Otherwise I also need someone to interview for my second assignment in the consumer behav…


Just had to add a link to an newspaper article written about my brother's and his wife's grocery store

Swing Bowling

Went bowling yesterday with some people, friends of friends and new people which was fun, even though I am crap at bowling. There were people swing dancing at the same time which was kind of fun, and we danced, despite not knowing how to..

This weekend I'll be going to Tignes, no specific plans while I'm there cause I can't ski yet.. or I guess I maybe could, but I shouldn't yet... So we'll see what I do, it'll be nice to get up in the mountains for a bit though =)
From Tignes last october..

Mobile blogging maybe working, sent from my phone...

Just testing mobile blogging

First couple of days

Had some good first couple of days. Working in the office during the days, started working with the photos and for now it's mainly sorting and renaming and organizing the entire server so that it works. Then in the evenings I've been trying to go for some walks as I basically sit inside all day and I feel the need to get out and do something active. Also trying to get some studying in, so lots of time before the computer.

Also, definitely trying to find a new place to stay so if anyone knows about anything let me know!

Yesterday I met up with Baptiste and some of his friends from the climbing club, which was fun, and it was nice to come out and see some people, and even got to speak both english and swedish a nice break from the now all the time french.

Arrived in France

So, after a long day of travelling, or at least one that started early, and involved some stress as the first plane was delayed so that I had only 15min when changing planes at Arlanda, changing the terminal and going through security once again.. Got the bus from Geneva to Annecy and got picked up at the bus station there, so now I'm getting installed at the office, have had an introduction meeting and now just trying to get into everything. I am staying in a room near the office, which feels quite temporary, we'll see how it turns out of if I decide to get something else, as I won't have a proper kitchen here for example. But those are questions for a day when you didn't get up at 3am. Otherwise everything is good and it's exciting to try something new!

Lottery win

Walked in to town today, luckily before the rain started. Found a really cute shirt that I got, even though I do see the unlogical aspect of shopping when I am leaving on Monday and only can bring 20kg...
Then we bought some lottery tickets to support the Kenya association that my mom's school is working for, a trip is planned for October and my mom is going. We were really lucky, mom won a cheese, a book, 10pack of socks, a hat and gift bag with candy and tea =)
Then we stopped for a vanilla coffee drink and hot chocolate, yummy. (All my blogging these days seem to be about coffee and cakes =P )

The girl who played with fire

Just back from the movies, finally got to see "The girl who played with fire", second movie based on the books by Stieg Larsson, which probably no one has missed... I think I was better off not having read the book so recently, and not missing details in the movie.. Think it was pretty good, but the first one was better. Also read in the cinema magazine available at the movies that they are going to make a hollywood version of the movie... And I can't help but wonder how many special effects they'll have and who will play the role of Paulo Roberto, the Swedish boxer...

Apparently there is also going to be a bond ice cream featuring the naked upper body of Daniel Craig. Amazing what people invent. All of this knowledge from some light before movie reading.

On a more serious note, I've started packing for France and did a non-rational packing of clothes just to see how much it weighed and realized I need to be slightly more rational. And I've gotten the study gui…

Passed the 3rd assignment

Score, passed the 3rd assignment as well, with flying colors =) So now I just have to finish the last details of my final exam for this course and then 1/4th of the entire course will be done.

Just got back from the physiotherapist, got some new exercises as well this time, to keep me going until I find someone in France. So now, toe push ups and bending knees with a giant ball behind my back is part of the routine as well.

Weekend in Växjö and Gothenburg

This weekend I did quite a tour, visited my sister in Växjö first and got to see my twin brother as well, as he decided to come, and then Sunday was spent at the book fair in Gothenburg where I ran into Gunnar, and also met up with Niclas =) Of course I managed to find a couple of interesting books, so the pile by my bed is getting even higher. One of the most interesting things at the book fair was the stand with small arm chairs and a huge stone face of Lenin, this place was called Lenin's children's corner.


Started the morning with seeing the physiotherapist and got to do about the same things as last time, just a little bit longer and am going to keep it up til I see him again next wednesday. Also asked and I can go out for walks, but not jog or run, yet.
Spent the afternoon finishing the third assignment, sent it in and now I only have the final assignment left for this course, and it's coming along ok so far, and got a week more to finish it so...
Then, as my house elf qualities are coming back again, I baked, a lingonberry cake with oat sprinkles on top, which of course was tested afterwards with coffee. yum.


Today it's study day, considering I won't have time to do anything this weekend, plans are to visit my sister and then the book fair in Gothenburg. So in a hope to get a new perspective on my essay I've printed it to see if I can read and find something useful on paper, instead of this screen, which I feel I definitely spend too many hours in front of at the mo.
Just found out I passed my 2nd assignment as well though =) yay.
But first, a break, doing my knee exercises. Was ok yesterday and but then by mistake I crunched to get something from the bottom shelf, bad idea..

New phone

Got my new phone today =) a touch phone, which will take me some time getting used to, and transferring all my contacts, so in less than 2weeks I can just go back to having one phone, like normal people.
Tonight I'll be off to celebrate my brother's birthday!

stitches are off, training has begun =)

Finally got to go take the stitches off and the huge bandaid, (with which I have conveniently been tanning, meaning slightly lighter area around the knee... hmm. and where the stitches were I now have to x-shaped marks, one on each side. But I have to say, I could have been worse. After this I had my physiotherapy, so got started doing some exercises, light cycling, balance board throwing a ball at the wall, walking up and down steps and walking in a straight line with high knees. Next appt is on thursday..

More shopping

Seems like I spend almost every weekend shopping now, but this time I really needed to. My huge bag which I use because it fills up to about 20kg every time (perfect for flights) broke on the way to Beitostölen this summer leaving me with a heavy rolling bag, with one wheel almost off and no handle... I guess I shouldn't be expecting much more of it though, only bought it in Chinatown before going home from the states, seeing as I had during the year managed to buy at least 25kg worth of stuff. hmm. So time to go bag hunting.
Started the day with disposing of some of my old electronic stuff, my old laptop (that won't even start) and my first digital camera 2mpxl. I've realized that I save way too much stuff in the closet.First we stopped for coffee and blackberry pie at the golf club though. Amazing =)

And then it was time to look for bags, ended up with this one, because it has weels and isn't as bulky as a hard shell one. Got to try packing it this week, and if I'm…


So, finally got feedback on my first assignment, I passed =) and have finished the second one and working on the third, so just need to send them in as I get it done.

Haven't happened much this week, went to see Emma and her new apartment, which was really nice and I went to see the dentist, or the dental hygienist or something, everything good and I didn't even have to pay, sometimes the swedish health care system actually works in my advantage.

Oh yeah, and I ordered a new phone today, hopefully I'll get it soon, found out my french phone nr is still working and I quit my Swedish phone plan, so the only phone nr I'll be using starting October 5th is +33673331443

It's already been 5 years

Today it's five years since we lost you and all of it still seems surreal, I still remember the exact moment I knew, seeing those white lilies. But now it's the happy memories that strike me first. I remember and smile, just thinking about all of us, happy, playing around in our speedsuits after one of the coldest skiing competitions, in the cabin with all the stuffed animals on the walls.

There's a difference between reading and reading

Bought two new books yesterday, meaning I am two steps closer to my future library =P, one of which is the sequel to Chocolat =) so now I have a lovely pile waiting to be read. But I have to read the course literature first. Have done well today though, already finished reading about rail and boat services =) Now it's time for hotels before starting next week's assignment. But that can wait til tomorrow!


First I have to admit that I did cave in yesterday and had coffee, just minutes after having written the last
Today's plan is to be efficient and gets lots done, I have turned in my first assignment which is due sunday but figure I need to get ahead as I need to do my last bigger assignment as well, about a destination; chose Beitostölen, of course. So I am supposed to call Atle Hovi himself on monday, maybe he can help with some of the stuff I don't know.
And I need to get started with my flexibility exercises, have had my three days of almost total rest and realized that even though the knee is coming along, it is far behind the other one. So 3*30 it is of all the exercises in my booklet.

Just realized I haven't had coffee since Monday

I expected to drink less coffee coming home as I would have to drink it by myself, but this radical stop, no. Kind of do feel that urge to drink some now though, when I started thinking about it. Have had more tea though..hmm..
Started on the studies and assignment for next week now, it's good to be a bit ahead, and when I don't have too much else to do, it's easier to be efficient. Maybe coffee would make me even more efficient though, if my heaviest addiction is caffeine I guess it's not too bad right?

Knee update

Walking is getting better every day and it's not as swollen as it was before, still slightly larger though and I can actually hear the water in the knee move when I try to bend it, like I'm supposed to....

Movement exercises

This will be me for the next 2 weeks before I can actually start putting more weight on the knee, seeing the physiotherapist on the 21st, which should be about the same time the stitches are to be taken away.

Knee surgery

Monday, the day I've been waiting for for a long time. Had to shower with disinfectant soap and then it was off to Halmstad and Movement.
Got anesthetics and then got to see how the went in with the camera in my knee and cut off the mucus tissue(don't have the proper name for it) that has been what has been causing the pain. It has been stuck in between in a place where it shouldn't have been and a small injury to the meniscus. So, after having it stitched up and wrapped up I got to go home. It feels like it's been the size of a football but it's getting better, and the I'm starting to feel the knee now again.. Stitched come off in 2 weeks and then I need to start seeing a physiotherapist to get started with rehab..


Ended up going to Jönköping on sat on my way to Torekov and stopped for some shopping, was really efficient, got some tops, socks a new watch and really nice winter boots =)
Sunday was spent walking a lot, trying to get rid of all that extra energy I had after spending way too much time in buses and cars and then visited my grandparents.

On the bus

On the bus on my way home. Managed to not miss the 6.45 bus this morning, which I feared a little bit and the first trip passed by in a daze as I could not be all awake since I hadn't got any coffee. Met up wiht Elisabeth at Oslo bus station and we had coffee and Martin could finally get his "special" shoes back... On the second part of the trip now, or actually 3rd bus since I had to change in Fagernes and then it's just 2h in a car after I arrive in Uddevalla at 15.15. Hoping to get some studies done but having internet is slightly distracting...

lack of disciplin leads to more photoshop time

So, figured I wouldn't get anything proper work done anyways and decided on playing around with photoshop instead...

Last day

Last day in Beitostölen today, have cleaned out the cabin and just have to mop the floors now. Leaving at 6.45 tomorrow morning, so everything needs to be done today..
Spending the rest of the afternoon at the office with Neta =)

High rope course and pizza

Me and Neta ended up having a school class in the high rope course yesterday afternoon. This was followed by me doing the black course (the hardest one) and then since we didn't feel like cooking the buffé at Peppe's Pizza was chosen for dinner.
Today I've brought all of my study material here in an attempt to start studying...

Course start

Just got access to all of the information on the first part of my course and I obviously have a lot of work ahead of me. I have at least one assignment to do each week, the first is to be turned in the 13th of sept =S So, need to get organized now in forms of starting to study and get back into that set of mind, (back to IB mode). Wish me luck!

Last day

Just finished my last day working at the trampoline =)
4 more days left in Beitostølen before I go home on friday...


Just registered for the course that I am taking this fall and so far the study site that we are supposed to use is a jungle, pingpong was well organized compared with this system... But I guess I'll learn how to use it soon enough, I am at least hoping that the reason for which I can't find any information about the curriculum is that it won't be available until monday....

Booked my flight to France

Have booked my flight back to France =) Going back on october 5th!

Scones, tea and the Holiday

I baked scones for me and Neta yesterday night and had tea and watched the holiday, all very British, and cozy.
The recipe for these scones were awesome, super good and easy, have to make sure they don't stick to the baking paper next time though..


Yesterday I got the news that I have gotten an internship and then work in France. I am going back in the beginning of october to start with the 2 month internship in Annecy before starting work, dec-april. I will be working with Evolution2.
Really happy it's all worked out =)

Cows in the park

We got a visit by the cows at yesterday at work. For all of you that do not know this, up here the farmers let their cows, sheep, goats wander freely in the mountains during the summer and it sometimes happens that the end up in the centre of Beitostölen...

Dog sitter

Dogsitting Munin this weekend, a huge, but really sweet labrador that kind of reminds me of Slider...

Lazy days

Spent the last two days out at Haugseter, a little bit of work combined with long walks, taking sauna baths and lots of good food =) Almost like a mini-vacation from everyday life at Beitostölen, with no phone, internet, computer, TV and all that stuff.

Back now and have tried to be very efficient today, sending in documents to CSN, ordering course literature and things like that.


Got a new haircut today, or, maybe technically not new as I only got some new highlights and cut a cm or two. But it looks and feels better =)

Going out to Haugseter this afternoon, maybe do a small hike and small projects, not much to do at work at the mo apart from the weekends. Staying up here until the 4th.

Knee update

Finally got the date for my surgery, 7th of september, it's going to be good to get it done finally.

Working inside today trying to put together an ad that's going to be in the Neilson catalogue. This is what I've done so far...
Ended up going to the doctor again on tueday, but this time in Heggenes, where they are a lot more helpful, so had x-rays taken, (even got to take the photos with me afterwards) and then they "drilled" small holes in the nail to relieve pressure. Not working for the rest of the week and can barely move the thumb at the mo, but hopefully it'll get better over the weekend. Trying to take care of other stuff like my upcoming studies and everything at the mo to keep myself a little bit busy..
It was great having Elisabeth here visiting, and at least she got to do lots of fun stuff like the high rope course and go rafting =)

Bygdin boat ride pics


big blue thumb

managed to slam a car door on my right thumb yesterday and now it's big, blue, aching, throbbing and useless. Kept me up all night so went to the doctor this morning. Probably not broken, but if I still can't move it in a day or two I'll go get it x-rayed. So for now I'm left with using only my left hand, which is harder than it seems when you're normally right-handed..
One positive thing though, Elisabeth is coming up here today =)

one step closer

Gotten yet another health declaration form to fill in, but from Movement this time as they are now planning my surgery. Faxed it in today so hopefully I can get the date of the surgery soon..

Hangover - the movie

Went to the movies last night in Fagernes with Åge and Neta, we had chinese food first and then saw the Hangover, which was really fun. Smart move to show pics from what had happened when scrolling the text afterwards meaning everyone stayed and watched that as well..
Came home to this view last night.


Ended up not having to work yesterday and got to go rafting instead =) It was real fun, started off getting some instruction and got to go through some easy parts of the river, then swam in the streams, practiced rescuing people that had fallen out, went through stronger streams and bigger waves, and after the rafting it was time for the cliff jumping. Realized before that I would have to just jump, so did the jump from 12 m =) Amazing feeling afterwards, although have to admit I was a little bit nervous about it before, seeing as I've only jumped from 5m before this..
Then it was time to get out of wetsuits and eat some food before going back to Beitostølen.
Went out for a walk with Neta and the dogs, which ended up getting wet as well, pic on Neta's blog, from where we actually had to get our shoes off and walk in the water. Pics from rafting might come, gave my email to a girl that had a waterproof camera, so maybe she can send some to me =)

Foggy day off

Have the day off today, quite nice with a day off, feels like it's been a while. Was supposed to go climbing but it was cancelled due to the bad weather, too much rain and slippery rocks doesn't exactly go hand in hand with climbing. And the clouds are so low that you can't see that far. So instead I've had a really calm day, haven't done that much apart from being tempted by online shopping... Out at Haugseter now, plans for the evening include sauna bathing and a chocolate fountain =) working out here tomorrow so staying overnight.

A weekend meeting some odd people, stressed out tourists

So, this weekend we finally got some good weather, meaning that there were lots of people outside and lots of work for me to do. Some things stood out...

1. Being called "Kärring" by a woman who told her child to go to me for help with the harness, The word exists in Swedish and Norwegian and is an elderly word used when talking about your wife, nowadays meaning old lady, and often negatively hag or bitch (worst case scenario), not quite sure whether the woman shouting it was from a part of Norway where you still use it when meaning a lady or whether it was the negative meaning of it.... hmmm. The woman standing next to me blushed when she heard it....

2. Was out walking with Neta yesterday and some annoying guys in a van with stickers on "Wild boys", who probably just got there licence kept asking me if I wanted a ride, after the third time I'd said no, I met an elderly woman, between 60-70, who told me that "Du kunde ha fått napp där" translation &quo…
Here's the movie that we made from Survivor Island,
most creds go to Neta for all the editing and putting the clips together =)

zink paste, band aids, honey, surgical tape

trying to stop my fingers, or the skin on them from cracking every day.... it's a whole science, and my fingers end up looking like they've undergone a serious injury after I'm done wrapping them in...

A night on an island

So, first of all, some pics from our night outside in the wild. We had to start by making a fire, vital to our plan for delicious food, freshly caught fish, potatoes, vegetables and then newly picked blueberries with vanilla custard! Chocolate and coffee to begin with while cooking. Step 2, putting up the tent, harder than we expected to find a good flat spot, I rolled downwards towards Neta and Eric all night.
The tent had two rooms, luxury accomodation, on top of this we placed reindeerfurs to keep us warm. You might think we'd have done this before. One of the 3 fish
The food is cooking all wrapped in tin foil and the blueberries have been picked. Time to go to bed, brushing our teeth by the water and trying not to fall in.... In bed, ready for sleep, a tent picture =)
Soon to come, more updates and the videoversion!