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A good day

A day skiing is a good day!
Today went well had two lessons, very different, one adult - fast learner and one 4 year old that wouldn't stop crying. After this I spent some time taking photos during the arrangement which was fun, think I got some pretty good shots, had Martin's camera so just need to wait for a memory card reader to get back up to Beitostølen so that I can do some finishing touches.

Trying to save the season...

At least back on both feet and up skiing again, but obviously life is more complicated. Trying to find an extra job at the moment so that I can stay here all winter, even if there isn't that much to do at the ski school, the financial crisis is messing with my life... So we'll see how everything turns out.. If anyone as tips that can help, please do tell!
Had one of the weathervise best days today so far, nice and cold and sunny! There's nothing better :)

Back on skiis, and started my distance course

Tried to ski for a bit today and it went ok at least so back in green...
Got the info that I needed to start my distance course in digital photo editing as well so watched all the start up videos, ordered the books that I need and just, well, getting started.
Had a meeting today as well with the skischool, considering going home for a while if I don't get more work, can't stay if I don't get enough work to pay rent and eat... but waiting until after the winter holiday to decide anything.

First day without crutches

Trying to walk without crutches today, need to make some progress to get back on skiis the soonest possible.
Woke up to this pretty view this morning :)

The snow keeps falling

The snow keeps falling here, which is good. Get some nice conditions for when I can get back on skiis. And now to today's event, so far.
A man with a kid in the car, stops by the road where I walk down towards Beitostölen and asks me if I happen to know where Beitostölen Resort is?
To explain, Beitostölen resort is the common name for a group of hotels and the ski lift and so on, but could be interpreted as well as the entire resort, the destination Beitostölen. So, basically he has passed Beitostölen, the entire resort (in the english sense) and I try to ask the man what he is looking for, a hotel or a cabin, the man answers that he thinks that they're gonna live in a cabin.. But he isn't sure, and again asks for Beitostölen Resort, because that's where they're going to stay. Trying to tell him that he is probably looking for any of the hotels in Beitostölen and suggests that he starts by trying with Bergo hotel. So, in conclusion, the man doesn't know where he …

Back on crutches

Of course I can't stay away from injuries for too long, we were in Raudalen yesterday to go offpist skiing and I managed to twist my knee pretty bad. Got down on one ski and put some ice on it and then off to the doctor. So now I'm on sick leave for a week and back on crutches. Hopefully it's nothing serious so I can get back to work soon. But for now, taking it easy and resting, not my strong side...

Telemark skiing

Been telemark skiing today :) was really fun, haven't tried it since last year so it took a while to get into it but I think I did ok in the end at least. The snow has started falling as well, finally so hopefully in a few days we'll have really good conditions in the slopes.
Yesterday was Niels' birthday so almost all of us went out together and had a really good time.
Plans for the rest of the day is just to take it easy and maybe watch a movie or something so I'll be in good form for the weekend and all the nice snow just waiting to be skied in...

Children's snow mobile

Had the snow mobile activity yesterday and only two kids came, out of which both of them got stuck in the deep snow....
Today all of the ski instructors are doing cross country skiing together. Need to prep my skis, and then we'll see how it goes, haven't been on them since last year...feels like a really long time ago now..

new year's celebration

So, for people working and not getting to celebrate new year's eve on the proper day there's the opportunity to celebrate it afterwards at least here in Beitostölen, not that I worked, but at least I got to celebrate with some friends as well :)
We had a really nice 3 course meal and I got to dress up for the first time in ages, which was fun!


So, seeing as our cabin isn't exactly properly insulated we have been shoveling snow and buildning up walls of snow around it. We'll see if it helps...
Worked all day yesterday, a big event for a company and then waitressing at a restaurant serving food to all the soccer teams currently residing in Beitostölen for a tournament.
Today it's been calm again, as usual, had one lesson and sat in the office for an hour. And watching Danish people in cross country skiis going over the parking lot where there are lots of small pebbles and then trying to go down a wooden stairs wearing all the gear. I guess most people can figure out how these things end...


Calm day today, so not much to do. Didn't get to ski last night during the evening, we had 25m/s winds so all the ski lifts were closed, anyways, here's a (blurry) pic of the cabin where I live this season. (Cell phone cam is useful and almost always carried, however doesn't always provide quality photos)

And a pic from home

Just wanted to put up this pic from when I was up on Mösseberg during Christmas.

A good start

Arrived satuday and have gone skiing with my mum 2 days and yesterday night the whole ski school went together with Intersport to Peppes Pizza, yum, and then did some airboard! Fun, even though crashing meant lots of snow inside my pants.. Maybe not the best pics, but taken with my cell phone...
Had my first lesson for the season today, 3 danish people. It went good and it was fun to start working again, and hopefully me bending my knees show even though our uniforms are the baggiest clothes I've ever worn :P

Leaving tomorrow, all bags are packed, almost....

Here we go again, all my belongings need to be put back in bags and moved far far away, but I'm looking forward to going back up to Beitostølen. Will be nice to start working again and get back on the skiis. Hopefully I'm wiser this season, more experienced, mistakes not to make last year, try to ski down the slope with nordic skiis and indoor soccer... not a good idea. At least if I want to avoid injuries I guess. And half a new year's promise, do nordic skiing once a week. Moreover, best idea so far, my brother has lendt me one of his video games to bring!