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A day off

First day off in ages, or it feels like it at least.. so slept in, 20 minutes longer than usual :P and had a calm morning. Went over to Raudalen to ski for 2h, nice with some steeper slopes and speed, glorious speed.. (couldn't help that "the simpson's" quote...) I got mail with my french results - and booked my train tickets to Åre, so everything that can be done beforehand is done. check!

Finished my first assignment

Finally got around to finish my first assignment and uploading it to the webforum. Hardest part was writing the text to it explaining the message I want to transmit with the pic and so on...
So here's the result:


Sunshine outside

The sun and warmth is here :) Got to ski for a little while today, but mostly working in the office, and will be tomorrow as well, Neta is off, working at Haugseter.
Went to the movies yesterday, saw Twilight, really good and had chinese food afterwards which was really nice. So have had some really great couple of days now. Hopefully they'll just keep on coming!

FIrst full day out on the snow this week

Have been working in the office most of the week so far, but got to be outside almost all day today and had some really good lessons so it was fun. Have to admit though that it has probably been good for my knee being inside for a couple of days with restricted activity.
Had a weird night, closed my door so it got almost too warm in there, woke up thirsty, probably stood up too quickly cause I was almost about to faint in the hallway. A bit scary but just lay down for a while and then made it back to my room..
Tonight I'm going to a baby shower, saturday it's after-ski with the entire ski school and Sunday me and Neta are going to see Twilight.. so lots of nice stuff to look forward to :)

week 7 almost over.

Almost done with week 7, haven't been too busy but ok.. Mum is leaving tomorrow, has been really nice having her here..
Also, since my blog hasn't really been updated lately, so happy birthday Agneta! even though it was yesterday, it deserves being mentioned on the blog :)
And I finished my first assignement for my digital photo editing course, a cover of a magazine...
So getting a little better... anyways..the hardest part was to make up all the articles supposedly in the magazine...


just a general update this time.
Mum has arrived and helped me out during one of my lessons today which was fun, I've gotten the course litterature for my digital photo editing course, unfortunately things haven't worked out so far with finding somewhere else to live and otherwise just generally trying to get ready for next week, danish week...

Ski and sun

A pic from this weekend's arrangement where I took some photos for the ski school to be used on the web page and stuff..

I'm skiing in the sun...( a nicer version than singing in the rain...) hehe...
done some office work the last few days and will be working some in the office during the next few weeks as well, the Danish week and the Norwegian ski vacation week.... There aren't as many booking as last year yet, but there'll still be some work to do..
Looking forward to it, and mom is coming on Friday to help out next week, nice with a visit :)
Finally managed to get a confirmation for the hostel in Åre during the world cup weekend in Mars as well, so things are starting to fall into place.