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Digging out our porch

From stormy weather with wind enough to close down the lifts for half a day to sunny warm weather in the afternoon =)
The afternoon, me and Björn have been digging out chairs and parts of the porch out back and just enjoying the sunny weather... Plans are to have finished digging by Friday and have a barbeque =) if the weather stays sunny that is.
Tonight is Tuesday and will be spent at Neta's place as usual. We're going to be a bit more healthy today and not just have dessert, but making veggie pie as well.

High heels lesson one

We got our package with clothes and the dreaded and hoped for high heels. Now all I have to do is learn how to walk in them. People are saying it's easy, but I'm not entirely convinced.... Hmm... Anyways, here are the shoes :)

New York, baby, yeah

Booked a flight to New York now, going the 15th and back the 25th of May =)
Can't wait!

Cell phone breakdown, again

My cell phone, the norwegian one, has yet again broken down and tells me it can't find a net to log on to, so now I'm just on my swedish one again until it starts working, hopefully I get an answer from tech support tomorrow morning. I have no luck with these things...

Moreover, future plans, have signed up for two distance courses for the fall, IT marketing for tourism companies, and general tourism. So no matter what happens regarding jobs and everything I can still do this, in any part of the world. The advantage of distance studies.

A sniffling weekend

Been sick now for a couple of days, inlcuding, sniffling, coughing, fever and tons of movie watching... Have had to work some but trying to stay calm and rest most of the time, suspect some kind of flu, considering I've had my body aching as well... hmm not good.

On a more positive note, been to the bank today to get money to my swedish account so that I can book plane tickets to NY in may :)

Done some more photoshopping as well, lots of fun, making photos surrealistic, putting on special effects, retouching and much more.. So now as Agneta had a brilliant idea, I've exchanged the photo I first put up, added red eyes and made the necklace into a vampire bite, all very Twilight inspired... heheh.. But need more photos to work with, especially of other people... cause that's more fun than editing photos of things... But now I have to start working on this week's assignment as well, landscape photos...

I've lost my voice, can someone please find it for me?

Have gotten this cold so can barely speak today at all...
scary, called my grandma this morning to wish her a happy birthday and she did not recognize my voice first at all... hmmm... Going to try to speak as little as possible the rest of the day and tomorrow and see if my voice can find it's way back again...
Tea, hot milk and an overdose of vitamin C might help...

World cup weekend in Åre

So after lots of time travelling, I finally arrived in Åre on Thursday mid day and spent the day walking around, watching the competitions and everything and then finally made it out to the hostel, being slightly sleep deprived since the day before I was quite tired. Amanda made it up to Åre pretty late with her friends and we spent the next morning finishing our signs for Gauthier. So Friday we were cheering all day :) Another good second run, 3rd best time and a final place of 16th..
So sligthly bigger signs this time...They didn't even fit in the photo :P

Friday night we all went out and had a great time. Really nice spending time with my friends again and to speak some french. So now I'm even more motivated to find a summerjob in La France :) (Just have to finish my CV and have some one proof read it so that I'm not making to many grammar mistakes.. )

Saturday we decided to go skiing, so I rented skiis and actually got an ok pair of ski boots. Did the downhill slope a co…

it's snowing like insane

The last 24 hours it's been snowing like crazy so I had to try to clear some of the snow today but we won't be able to see out soon anyway. Most important was to clear the snow on the bench we built on the back of the house to be able to sit there in the afternoon sun...if it ever stops snowing that is...


Got to do some powder skiing today which was nice and the forecast for the next couple of days as far as the snow goes is looking really good. Can't wait til Wednesday when the ski school is going over to Raudalen, so a nice finish of the week before I leave for Åre.
Tomorrow08/03/2009-5°Rather certain Rather certain Rather certain Snow. Gentle breeze, 5,4 m/s from south-southeast. 16 mm precipitation per 24 hours.

Baking bread

Didn't find any bread I liked in the store so decided to bake... did use a breadmix but still, took some effort and it turned out really good :) So something to do more often! And of course it helps with the nice smell of baking and eating the bread still warm, really cozy.

hot chocolate break

Nice having "Vinterpatruljen/the winter patrol" a group of companies doing PR, visiting the slope giving out free food and drinks. Me and my little student took the opportunity to rest our legs for a bit and drink some nice hot chocolate :)