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2nd run and going to Torekov later

Did my 2nd run today and feel very satisfied that I haven't been slacking off yet :) and I did not meet a moose/elk, which I thought I might, my mum told me over breakfast that apparently they usually "hang out, sleep, stay" (whatever it is they do) between the tracks in the forest where I've been running.. hmm..

Going to Torekov later today with mum and dad and my twin brother :) which I haven't seen since Christmas and of course get to see my grand parents again!
Unfortunately it's forbidden to light any fires now because of the weather and how dry it's been, and I won't get to see the traditional bonfire that is usually this night every year...

it took 2 days

It took 2 days and now I'm back working as a sub... taught biology and history today and got signed up for 4 more day... At least some work though to keep me busy :)

First run

Did my first run today, was really bored yesterday, barely doing anything so decided I needed some physical activity so I won't start climbing the walls.
Didn't go that long, but at least I ran all the time and I figured I don't want to overdo it the first time and get discouraged from continuing.. Need to start liking to run.. and apparently it takes a while to learn how to like it..

The movie release of the year (?)now online

The movie that me and Neta made this weekend, or an extract from it is now online, watch it at

Otherwise, have unpacked my bags and started doing laundry and spent the day in shorts, 23 degrees outside today.

Vårspretten, last weekend in Beitostølen

One more post about skiing and snow :) Friday and saturday me and Neta made an incredible movie quiz about eurovision song contest. Memorizing lines wasn't our strong side but it all worked out wearing shades, changing dresses and the use of a hair dryer for that windy hair effect ;)
Saturday was also Vårspretten and lots of brave people (not including me) tried skiing across the 25m pool.
Today I spent packing and in the car to go all the way home. Just like last year I went from snow and skiing to about 16degrees and green lawn and flowers blossoming...


Today we went out to Valdresflya and went cross country skiing. So quiet, no people, amazing weather and good snow :) It doesn't get much better than this.


Been out snowboarding with Peter today, was a lot of fun, only one lift open though, but we were the only ones out there, so it didn't really matter. It went well, I managed not to fall and think I did ok seeing as I haven't snowboarded in over a year.
Tonight's the last practice with the alpine group and then my mum and dad are coming up tonight as well:)

New layout

Since it's spring, at least soon, I figured it's time to change the layout again :)
Otherwise it's really calm here now, today I've only worked on doing a front page for the summer catalogue. This is the first version.
Getting a visit this afternoon, Peter from the ski rental last year is coming for a few days :)

A weekend off

Had the weekend off from work, or that is from the skischool, had agreed to help out and work in the ski rental today. It was ok, but not as much fun as being out on the slopes, especially a day like this with sunny weather.. Enjoying sitting outside our house, and for everyone requesting it, a pic where you can actually see that my hair is blonder :P
Friday afternoon I went out to Valdresflya that is now open during daytime, with Wiggo and Neta.. Saturday I was off and sat and watched parts of session2953, fun to watch, but in my opinion it was better last year.
Tomorrow it's back to work again, the last monday here for this season. I'm almost the only one doing lessons this week I think...


Tiny steps forward.. I had to call the hospital again myself because they didn't call at the time that they ahd told me they would, a nurse found out that the doctor wouldn't call a norwegian number but that he had sent me a letter and a referral to the orthopedist. At least some progress.

One month left

Just one month left until I go back to NY :)

Sunny days

The sun just keeps on shining, which is nice, unfortunately it also means the snow is melting :/ we even have brown spots in some slopes now... So end of the season is near, and people are leaving Beitostølen, only me and Eric doing lessons this week.
Yesterday evening was spent with Agneta and yet again we managed to make a delicious dinner, check, and we also went to see some puppies, cute and sounded like little piggies..
On a completely other note, after what felt like tons of phone calls being redirected I finally got a hold of the hospital back home and I now have a telephone appointment with a doctor tomorrow about my knee. Apparently doctor's can only use phones between 12.30 and 13:00, so had to reschedule my lesson.. but it looks like it's all working out, so I guess we'll see what happens then.

Easter Eve costume race

Some pics from the costume race yesterday :)

Super girl

Will Turner


The race went really well and we had sun all day. Work doesn't get much better :P

Kodak moment with the skischool

We finally got around to taking a group photo of (almost) all instructors. Still need to take some more photos for the sponsors as well, but hopefully we can do it on a sunny day and not when all this wet snow is coming down... Saturday is Easter eve and the day of the costume race. I am going to be super girl :) So can make for some fun photos and I'm hoping that I can get sunny weather by then, because otherwise I'll be really cold....

3 course dinner

Neta and I decided to take our Tuesday evening dinners more seriously and made a 3 course dinner last night. Everything was really, really good :)
Rye bread with brie, salami, cottage cheese, alfa sprouts, tomatoes and an olive
Main course,
Ovenbaked French salmon with apple and leeks, served with rice
Raspberries covered with crème fraîche au gratin

Easter week has begun

Easter is almost here and lots of people have come up, but there hasn't been that many bookings, Norwegians don't book lessons in advance but wait and see if the weather is nice.
Just got my tax declaration forms here as well but it's a jungle and even though I know what kind of deduction to apply for, I can't find where to do it.... hmmm.. Maybe I'll have to call them tomorrow, but it takes forever to do so, last time I called it went like this; We have registered your call, we are busy right now and will soon be able to take your call. You are currently number 99 in line...
And now I have to go do the dreaded food shopping as well... Too many people in the store at once..

BBQ on the porch and writing what feels like hundreds of addresses

So after having cleared the porch we just had to have a BBQ and it was Björn's 20th birthday as well so we had to celebrate. Really nice just chilling in the afternoon sun and lots of hot dogs to eat.This was of course followed by a night in "town" and my old roomie has made it back up here for easter as well :)
Of course some people couldn't resist the temptation of jumping off the roof either...
Today I feel like all I've done is to write the addresses of hundreds of Danish schools on envelopes... But at least I'm almost done now. Worked inside in the office all day and didn't get to enjoy the lovely spring weather we're having here right now. At least everything's been going well and I've kept the instructor's pretty busy...