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Weekend in Torekov

Had a weekend in Torekov, today was relaxing, didn't do much but finish Breakfast at Tiffany's. However yesterday, even though the weather was nice, I spent almost the whole day shut inside a room trying to finish my final photo assignment, even had the blinds down as to not be tempted to go outside or for the light be reflected on my screen... (must say I do sound lilke a computer geek right now :P) Think I came out of the room around 6pm.... "The grass is greener on the other side" Please comment if you want to, could use some outside pointers before I turn the final version in to be assessed! So these are the before and after photos...

Cancelled courses

Just got to know that the uni courses I've applied for have been cancelled, two few applicants, so did a late application for another one, which is also tourism studies, but full time, so we'll see what happens now. Hopefully I'll get an answer soon, seeing as they've already got all the other "on time" applications..

got an orthopedist appt

Finally got my appointment with an orthopedist, 10th of June. So didn't have to wait 3 months, just two...

NY pics


At home

Back at home now, spent the last day out in Rockaway on the beach which was really nice, then the flight was ok, no trouble with the planes this time, although I sat next to a man who kept ordering red wine every half and hour, so I couldn't really sleep, because he wasn't what you'd call a quiet person...
Anyway, back in Gothenburg I finally managed to locate my mom's car, the map she'd drawn didn't correspond with my view of reality, so walked around the whole lot and called for help before I found it. On my way back I visited my brother and his wife and got to see their new baby! So cute and tiny :)
Finally back in Falköping I decided to sleep for like an hour just to be able to stay awake tonight and hopefully get back faster on Swedish time, however, my plan didn't really work out, didn't think I'd sleep through my alarm (which was set to loud) and then not hearing my dad come home either. But woke up after about 3h, so hopefully I can still slee…

Sunday morning brunch

Went into the city today just for brunch, walked down to Cafeteria, one of my and our favorite places from last time.. as always really good, the advantage of being by myself was that I got a table right away even though there was a line of people waiting outside :) Had to have american pancakes so ordered Lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberries, cream and lemon zest together with lime mint iced tea. Soo good! yum!  At Grand Central I saw a man who we always saw last time as well, he's easily recognized, asian, skinny, punk style with checkered red pants, and a mohawk :P  Back in Larchmont I've tried packing my bag and it will all fit, with some degree of muscle force while closing it... Leaving tomorrow night and tonight I'm going for dinner with the family!  

long day in manhattan and brooklyn

Had a really long day in the city today, and it was really warm too and humid so am really tired.. Started by going up to the Guggenheim museum, finally, which was cool, just the building is worth the trip. Then I took the subway down and out to Brooklyn, and walked around in DUMBO, and went to 5Front for lunch. They were closed but the guys working there were really nice, they thought I looked kind of exhausted so gave me water and then a hamburger, and wouldn't let me pay for any of it. So a highly recommended place, the staff is super nice and the food is awesome, it was one of my favorite restaurants when I was here last time. They also have this amazing garden where you can sit and eat, just underneath the brooklyn bridge. With new refreshed powers I walked across the bridge back to manhattan and then walked up next to the Hudson before spending some time in Greenwich Village, going with the subway up to Times Square and then walking to Grand Central. Finished the day by havi…

yet another warm day in the city

Feels like summer here, and of course it feels even warmer in the city.. Had a calm day yesterday, worked out and then stayed in Larchmont, resting, being outside in the sun..  Today I went in to the city in the morning as usual, the first off peak train, took the subway and decided to try to spare my feet any more blisters, and went down to 14th st, Union Square. Went around in some stores and then walked out to Chelsea and had a nice lunch in a cute french cafe, Le Grainne Cafe, crepe with turkey, chevre, and ratatouille :) sorry for all the missing accents, american keyboards seem to lack these..  Then I took the subway all the way up to 116th st, Columbia University, walked around campus and then walked about 20 blocks down before getting back on the subway downtown. 
Back in Larchmont I actually went to Starbucks for the first time before walking home.. Tall Iced Vanilla Latte, yum! Actually took the Leatherstocking trail on my way walking home and it is really pretty now with all t…


I've gotten another niece, monday night =)  Congratulations!!! can't wait to go visit when I come home!

Shopping on 5th ave and relaxing in Central Park

Started going uptown today and worked my way up 5th ave, did some shopping, of course, and then got up to Central Park where I had a break and sat down on one of the many lawns.. Continued north up to 88th st, and then all the way out to York ave, and Carl Schurz Park, also next to the water.. Then I started making my way downtown for lunch, wanted to go to one of my favorite sandwich places from 2years ago, but they had shut down, so then ended up in Alice's teacup, not the chapter/location I'd been in on the Upper west side, but one on the Up, East side =) which was also really nice, proper English afternoon tea, and since they messed up my order a bit, I got a free pumpkin scone =) Then I made my back to GCT to catch the last off peak train and realized I'd gotten a massive blister on my pinkie toe :/ We'll see how this interferes with my plan to walk down to Greenwich Village tomorrow...

Back in the city

Went into the city this morning and have literally spent all day walking.. Walked down Madison ave, and then all the way down to Canal street, back to Little Italy for a lunch at BREAD, a restaurant my friends went to last time, and I for some reason couldn't go... anyways, had a delicious sandwich and with refreshed powers started walking uptown again, did some stops in a few stores and did a little bit of shopping, but there'll be more in the following days =) Walked Fifth ave, up back to Grand Central and now I'm back in Larchmont resting my tired knee and feet! Took some photos as well, but can't upload them to any computer at the mo, so it'll have to wait til I come home.. so for now you just have to imagine everything =P

Back in Larchmont, New York

I'm back :) the flight wasn't too bad although had to deal with it getting cancelled and not getting the right ticket, they didn't even want to let me board the plane in Frankfurt at first, I finally made it to the U.S. Got the bus in to Grand Central and then the train out to Larchmont. It was kind of weird how everything's the same, but not really... Had a lovely dinner with the family yesterday and it was great to see how the kids are now... Today I've been spending some time with them, watching lacrosse and hockey games and at the moment I'm just trying to stay awake a little longer so I don't wake up at dawn tomorrow...

Leaving tomorrow morning

Have now packed and gotten everything ready for my NY trip. Think I have to leave home at about 3a.m. so really early. So excited!

"Män som hatar kvinnor" - The girl with the dragon tattoo

Just went to see the movie in the cinema in Falköping, good timing I guess that they're finally showing it here and I'm home at the same time =) Really liked it, some scenes were really awful to see, but it's a part of the story and you definitely understand why they've put the age limit to go see it.

2 thumbs up!

Tons of fun stuff to do and no time...

Texture that is used in the photo is by Mattias Karlsson from

Have tons of stuff to do at the moment which is why updates are slightly more rare...
So a quick updated list with what's been going on: working as a sub, teaching history and geography, I've decided to go back to Norway for the summer, I've watched 3 lessons for my course (which have taken a really long time as our wireless internet isn't what it should be and I need tons of time to practice now (still haven't quite mastered turning an orange into a banana, yes that is an actual practice assignment), trying to figure out a good gift for my host family, tried to start mobile blogging (failed), and so on, and I still have a long list to start ticking off and I only have one more day at home before I leave for NYC =)

Anyways I at least had some time today to try out the tricks I've learned in for the "grunge/it looks good scratched and dirty" lesson. Edited photo on the to…


Visited my sister in Växjö this weekend. It was really nice seeing her and her family this weekend. My nephew has started talking a lot and it's really fun to play with him. We walked some in the forest, with his plastic lawn mower and lots and lots more. It was a very relaxing weekend, without internet, and almost any TV.
Now only 5 days left until I leave for NY, so excited. Am working two days this week as well, and got some other projects as well going on, making a movie and trying to catch up with my lessons. And going to try to see the first movie in the Stieg Larsson trilogy :) finally..

Back to school as a student and as a teacher

Have taught so far taught English, French, Swedish, history, biology, chemistry and physics... And all of my lessons so far have been ok, so shouldn't complain about having at least some work to do.

On the other side, I've been spending more time in photoshop for my university course in digital photo editing and have got my 3rd photo assignment approved as well as the final exam test (which I did today) and now I just have the final photo assignment left. 3photos with the same theme/message...

First swim and some pics from my new camera

Went for my first swim of the year today in the ocean. Someone had written 10degrees in the water on the trash can, however we decided on at least feeling the water since it did seem a bit cold and in fact it wasn't all that cold, so a quick change into swimsuits and a quick dip in the ocean was a refreshing morning activity :)
Have managed to install the software for the camera on the computer as well, so here's a few of them, all taken with my new shiny, pretty, camera!

Photo Safari

I'm down in our summerhouse writing this and am still amazed that I can have internet, phone reception down here is usually lousy..
Today I visited my grand parents and then me and mum went on a photo safari, as she called it. I bought a new camera yesterday so really wanted to try it out =) Fun to have a proper big camera. Pics will come up soon. Anyways, it turned out to be a real safari with animals as the natural reserve down by the ocean is also used as summer pasture for the cows and sheeps to the farmers living close by. The cows had a proper big fence but the sheep just walk freely.