At home

Back at home now, spent the last day out in Rockaway on the beach which was really nice, then the flight was ok, no trouble with the planes this time, although I sat next to a man who kept ordering red wine every half and hour, so I couldn't really sleep, because he wasn't what you'd call a quiet person...
Anyway, back in Gothenburg I finally managed to locate my mom's car, the map she'd drawn didn't correspond with my view of reality, so walked around the whole lot and called for help before I found it. On my way back I visited my brother and his wife and got to see their new baby! So cute and tiny :)
Finally back in Falköping I decided to sleep for like an hour just to be able to stay awake tonight and hopefully get back faster on Swedish time, however, my plan didn't really work out, didn't think I'd sleep through my alarm (which was set to loud) and then not hearing my dad come home either. But woke up after about 3h, so hopefully I can still sleep tonight..
Have uploaded the pics to the laptop, but do not have the energy to upload all of them here or on facebook yet, but here's one...


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