Back in the city

Went into the city this morning and have literally spent all day walking.. Walked down Madison ave, and then all the way down to Canal street, back to Little Italy for a lunch at BREAD, a restaurant my friends went to last time, and I for some reason couldn't go... anyways, had a delicious sandwich and with refreshed powers started walking uptown again, did some stops in a few stores and did a little bit of shopping, but there'll be more in the following days =) 
Walked Fifth ave, up back to Grand Central and now I'm back in Larchmont resting my tired knee and feet! Took some photos as well, but can't upload them to any computer at the mo, so it'll have to wait til I come home.. so for now you just have to imagine everything =P


Neta said…
typiskt, inga bilder=( men men den som väntar på något gott....

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