long day in manhattan and brooklyn

Had a really long day in the city today, and it was really warm too and humid so am really tired.. Started by going up to the Guggenheim museum, finally, which was cool, just the building is worth the trip. Then I took the subway down and out to Brooklyn, and walked around in DUMBO, and went to 5Front for lunch. They were closed but the guys working there were really nice, they thought I looked kind of exhausted so gave me water and then a hamburger, and wouldn't let me pay for any of it. So a highly recommended place, the staff is super nice and the food is awesome, it was one of my favorite restaurants when I was here last time. They also have this amazing garden where you can sit and eat, just underneath the brooklyn bridge. With new refreshed powers I walked across the bridge back to manhattan and then walked up next to the Hudson before spending some time in Greenwich Village, going with the subway up to Times Square and then walking to Grand Central. 
Finished the day by having Lo Mein from Golden Rod, just for you Astrid :P 


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