Shopping on 5th ave and relaxing in Central Park

Started going uptown today and worked my way up 5th ave, did some shopping, of course, and then got up to Central Park where I had a break and sat down on one of the many lawns.. Continued north up to 88th st, and then all the way out to York ave, and Carl Schurz Park, also next to the water.. 
Then I started making my way downtown for lunch, wanted to go to one of my favorite sandwich places from 2years ago, but they had shut down, so then ended up in Alice's teacup, not the chapter/location I'd been in on the Upper west side, but one on the Up, East side =) which was also really nice, proper English afternoon tea, and since they messed up my order a bit, I got a free pumpkin scone =) Then I made my back to GCT to catch the last off peak train and realized I'd gotten a massive blister on my pinkie toe :/ We'll see how this interferes with my plan to walk down to Greenwich Village tomorrow... 


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