Sunday morning brunch

Went into the city today just for brunch, walked down to Cafeteria, one of my and our favorite places from last time.. as always really good, the advantage of being by myself was that I got a table right away even though there was a line of people waiting outside :) 
Had to have american pancakes so ordered Lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberries, cream and lemon zest together with lime mint iced tea. Soo good! yum! 
At Grand Central I saw a man who we always saw last time as well, he's easily recognized, asian, skinny, punk style with checkered red pants, and a mohawk :P 
Back in Larchmont I've tried packing my bag and it will all fit, with some degree of muscle force while closing it... Leaving tomorrow night and tonight I'm going for dinner with the family!  


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