Tons of fun stuff to do and no time...

Texture that is used in the photo is by Mattias Karlsson from

Have tons of stuff to do at the moment which is why updates are slightly more rare...
So a quick updated list with what's been going on: working as a sub, teaching history and geography, I've decided to go back to Norway for the summer, I've watched 3 lessons for my course (which have taken a really long time as our wireless internet isn't what it should be and I need tons of time to practice now (still haven't quite mastered turning an orange into a banana, yes that is an actual practice assignment), trying to figure out a good gift for my host family, tried to start mobile blogging (failed), and so on, and I still have a long list to start ticking off and I only have one more day at home before I leave for NYC =)

Anyways I at least had some time today to try out the tricks I've learned in for the "grunge/it looks good scratched and dirty" lesson. Edited photo on the top, this is the before pic.


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