yet another warm day in the city

Feels like summer here, and of course it feels even warmer in the city.. 
Had a calm day yesterday, worked out and then stayed in Larchmont, resting, being outside in the sun.. 
Today I went in to the city in the morning as usual, the first off peak train, took the subway and decided to try to spare my feet any more blisters, and went down to 14th st, Union Square. Went around in some stores and then walked out to Chelsea and had a nice lunch in a cute french cafe, Le Grainne Cafe, crepe with turkey, chevre, and ratatouille :) sorry for all the missing accents, american keyboards seem to lack these.. 
Then I took the subway all the way up to 116th st, Columbia University, walked around campus and then walked about 20 blocks down before getting back on the subway downtown. 

Back in Larchmont I actually went to Starbucks for the first time before walking home.. Tall Iced Vanilla Latte, yum! Actually took the Leatherstocking trail on my way walking home and it is really pretty now with all the blooming trees :) 


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