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Me and Neta have made a commercial video that will be played on Gjendebåten, (boat), check it out here:

Baking banoffee pie

Worked all day yesterday and managed to get soaked with the heavy shower that came just before I was about to close the trampoline area. And on the top of it the rain messed up the electricity some so it took a while to get it all in order for the night. Luckily I had brought with me my rain clothes, so could change from regular clothes and just put them on while shopping and walking home as the other ones were dripping wet...
Well at home it was time for cooking and then making banoffee pie, as the shop didn't have condensed milk I resorted to making my own, it's only sugar and milk and a wee bit of vanilla... Took some hours of boiling I think but had other stuff to do at the same time so it was ok..

For those of you unfamiliar with banoffee pie, it's amazing.
Mash up some digestive biscuits, melt butter and mix together on a plate.
Put in the refrigerator,
boil the condensed milked until toffee like, spread on and put on the cake form.
Put back in the refrigerator,
Slice banan…

Mini high rope course

Have started working with the summer park now and we had to try some of it out to see if the security rope was put up tight and how the new elements worked. Neta went first.

Today I've been at Haugseter, cleaning, learning all the routines, some extra work this summer...
After this we went out with the boat, which was really nice as it's really warm here at the mo, 25+...

Bike trip to Haugseter

Back in Beitostølen since tuesday night and have started working a bit, some things that need to be done before we open everything up...

Yesterday afternoon me and Neta decided on taking a bike trip to Haugseter, well not all the way but the last part of it, 12km in all. The weather's been really nice yesterday and today so we've been shaping the bike park in our bikini and shorts =) Hope it stays this nice for a while.

Midsummer in Halmstad

Thursday was roadtrip day, driving down to Halmstad and in the evening we just hung out. So nice to see my NY girls after almost a year since last time...
Friday was midsummer and of course we had to go out and pick flowers for our garlands, flowers in your hair is a must for midsummer. We did surprisingly good finding flowers as we were in the center of town... and just a little bit of rain... After making the garlands and putting them on we had a minor setback, ants! so none of us were too keen on wearing them afterwards, but after some shaking and hanging them high above the ground, we felt it was safe to put them on for a little while at least. Our midsummer lunch was really nice, and I didn't have to eat any pickled herring =) and we chose to not have the too strong and bitter schnapps this year and did tequila instead.
Midsummer day was spent watching a lot of Sex and the city, we were going swimming, but the minute we walked out the door, the rain started... classic midsummer…

New haircut

Got a new haircut today. Ended up not doing anything too radical which I usually have a tendency to do. So just a little bit shorter, got bangs and then my highlights ended up being a little lighter than I had expected, so now I'm really blond again...

Seeing and running into old friends

Got to meet up with Elin yesterday and had coffee in Skövde, we basically had the last 3 years to catch up, so tons of stuff to tell and listen to =) In the middle of our conversation I hear someone calling my name about 4 times, and think nothing of the fact cause I wasn't thinking I'd see anyone I know. Turn around anyway and then realize that one of my best friends growing up is standing there.
Saturday night was spent with Emma, making our own homemade pizza and yet again watching Twilight...

Prepped skis

Finally managed to get my skis prepped yesterday, they needed a fix up before the summer and not to dry up completely during summer, haven't gotten around to do it before now. One more thing to check off of my list, that is almost non existant at the mo, will be nice to get back to work soon =)

orthopedic update

Had my appt today and got there early, the bus schedule didn't quite fit so had to go pretty early and apparently they didn't have that much to do, since I got in an hour earlier than I was supposed to. Result: three more months of waiting, they're putting me on the waiting list to do a knee arthroscopy. The waiting list at the hospital is about 5-7months but they have to send me somewhere else after three months, so probably going to some private clinic then.
Still amazes me how long time it takes, waiting 2 months for a 15min exam and then having to wait 3 more months for a 20min surgery...

Passed my final assignment

I just got an email saying I passed my final assignment! This means I'm done, I've finished the course in Digital Image Editing! yay!

As for everything else, have decided to take the bus to the hospital tomorrow, even if it takes twice the usual time to get there, the other option was getting a ride with dad early in the morning and listen to an eco-pig conference, since I don't want to drive, as I've gotten two sheets, one with questions about narcosis and anesthesia... so don't know exactly what the knee exam tomorrow is going to be.

And on another note, I've booked an appt to get a haircut next week, to keep away from getting bored and wanting to cut it boyishly short.

The end of the week's events

Not much happening these last few days, my brother is home until Tuesday, meaning I can play Nintendo Wii =) and I've been helping my sister doing some transcribing and today I voted for the European parliament election. So the days go by pretty quickly and soon time for ortopedic appt and then Midsummer!! the plans are coming together nicely =)
Plan for the afternoon is to watch the French Open tennis final between Söderling and Federer, hoping he'll do better than the Swedish team did in soccer yesterday...

Just watched the last lesson

Just watched the last lesson for my digital image editing course and got a bit inspired to do some more stuff. Just love doing grunge, and this time I've even shot the photo of a pavement making the structure for it =)

Fast delivery

Ordered some books yesterday (in French) have to combine business and pleasure :P
I actually like reading books in their original language if I can and found at least one of the two books that I really wanted to read... and some more (including a grammar book) So I have something to do with all my free time. This is when you would start thinking "does she ever just relax?" and the answer is rarely...
So the order was put in yesterday and I got the books in the mail today!! This was from a small specialized (foreign languages) bookstore in Lund. "Språkbokhandeln" for anyone that's interested.