Fast delivery

Ordered some books yesterday (in French) have to combine business and pleasure :P
I actually like reading books in their original language if I can and found at least one of the two books that I really wanted to read... and some more (including a grammar book) So I have something to do with all my free time. This is when you would start thinking "does she ever just relax?" and the answer is rarely...
So the order was put in yesterday and I got the books in the mail today!! This was from a small specialized (foreign languages) bookstore in Lund. "Språkbokhandeln" for anyone that's interested.


Ellen said…
have you read 'the elegance of the hedgehog' originally in french (L'Élégance du hérisson)? It's a really good book and in French. I love it, because it's got so many allusions to other works. Less literary but also immense: Petite Anglaise. Amazing book. In English though, but it's a novel from her blog. It's amazing. Just amazing.
Linda said…
I haven't read it yet, really want to and in original language, but couldn't find it at a reasonable price when I was ordering. So this was actually the other book!
her blog? do you have the address?

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