Midsummer in Halmstad

Thursday was roadtrip day, driving down to Halmstad and in the evening we just hung out. So nice to see my NY girls after almost a year since last time...
Friday was midsummer and of course we had to go out and pick flowers for our garlands, flowers in your hair is a must for midsummer. We did surprisingly good finding flowers as we were in the center of town... and just a little bit of rain... After making the garlands and putting them on we had a minor setback, ants! so none of us were too keen on wearing them afterwards, but after some shaking and hanging them high above the ground, we felt it was safe to put them on for a little while at least. Our midsummer lunch was really nice, and I didn't have to eat any pickled herring =) and we chose to not have the too strong and bitter schnapps this year and did tequila instead.
Midsummer day was spent watching a lot of Sex and the city, we were going swimming, but the minute we walked out the door, the rain started... classic midsummer weather. So a calm day and a fun night starting with the amazing dish the "gasping otter" and strawberry drinks! Went out clubbing, to Mårtenssons, and ended up not going to bed until about 5, so kind of tired after the weekend, plus got a bit of a cold. But all in all, a fantastic, fun, fabulous weekend!
Now it's time to start packing, going up to Norway again tomorrow!


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