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Here's the movie that we made from Survivor Island,
most creds go to Neta for all the editing and putting the clips together =)

zink paste, band aids, honey, surgical tape

trying to stop my fingers, or the skin on them from cracking every day.... it's a whole science, and my fingers end up looking like they've undergone a serious injury after I'm done wrapping them in...

A night on an island

So, first of all, some pics from our night outside in the wild. We had to start by making a fire, vital to our plan for delicious food, freshly caught fish, potatoes, vegetables and then newly picked blueberries with vanilla custard! Chocolate and coffee to begin with while cooking. Step 2, putting up the tent, harder than we expected to find a good flat spot, I rolled downwards towards Neta and Eric all night.
The tent had two rooms, luxury accomodation, on top of this we placed reindeerfurs to keep us warm. You might think we'd have done this before. One of the 3 fish
The food is cooking all wrapped in tin foil and the blueberries have been picked. Time to go to bed, brushing our teeth by the water and trying not to fall in.... In bed, ready for sleep, a tent picture =)
Soon to come, more updates and the videoversion!

Survivor Island, Beitostølen, 2009

Tonight we're starting Survivor Island, Beitostølen 2009!
Get ready for lots of action. One tent, two women and a dog, and as supporting character and logistics manager, Åge the fisherman.
The plan is to get dropped off by a boat on the island tonight and then to see what happens, we're staying overnight in a tent along with a videocam to tape our experience =)
See what happens, follow the story here and on

A room with a view

Woke up to this view this morning

Biking day

Had the day off yesterday and me and Bolette, a danish girl that's going to work here next winter, decided to take a bike ride, did the tour around lake Øyangen, which was slightly shorter than the course in tour de france which I actually had done, the tour of the lake =) So the tour is being followed, just like it has to be every summer.
Our course went down, up, down and up. It was nice even though it started to rain for a bit. Had a few breaks underways, stopping for lunch, bananas and kvikklunsj, (quicklunch) chocolatecovered crackers that are a must for every Norwegian out hiking.
All of this was followed by a nice dinner at Ridderstua together with friends and people from work. Steak, then brownie with ice cream, drinks and fun company.

New obstacle

Was building and doing knots almost all day yesterday to make a new obstacle in the mini high rope course, this is the result;

Night in town

Arrived sat evening in Oslo had dinner and then managed to get out to the movies. The movie felt a bit short especially since I had just read the book, I missed some parts... But it was still a good movie, all in all.
Sunday morning we were leaving early, but not as early as planned, turns out the first bus doesn't run on Sundays, so we had to wait a bit longer, got here a bit late, but it was raining and very calm, so not too much to do at work.

Had a surprise visit yesterday, and tonight it's Harry Potter

Got a surprise visit yesterday as it turns out Katharina was passing Beitostölen on her way to Glittertind =) so fun to catch up for a little bit, hopefully we can find some more time soon..

In the afternoon I'm off to Oslo and tonight it's Harry Potter and the halfblood prince =) can't wait, have watched the last movie and reread the book wednesday, so now I'm all up to date on what is happening.

Starting to feel better now, even though I think the antibiotics are still giving me this weird sort of headache/gooey feeling in my head... sounds weird I know. But just two and a half more days and then I'm done.


Was in touch with movement today just to see that they had gotten my medical papers from the hospital, which they had, so it's good that they've arrived. Now someone just has to look at them and I will most likely have the surgery in September, will get more info in August, after the summer. Things are starting to work out now.

Ordered my first course lit book today, figured I might as well get a head start and start reading, I don't have that much else to do, I've gotten the plan for the course already and the reading list..
Feels good, but it'll be different going back to full-time studies again, which also starts September.

HP this weekend

Neta's work of art


Have been sick this weekend and finally went to the doctor yesterday, so now I'm on antibiotics and sick leave for the rest of the week.... At least I've got HP6 in Oslo this weekend to look forward to =)

Arabian night photos

Pics from tuesday


Found out today that I got accepted to the uni course that I had applied for, tourism studies =)

climbing, high rope course, arabian night

Yesterday I worked with climbing, securing the climbers from the bottom mostly, got to do some reppelling as well which was fun, was secured to a huge rock so that I wouldn't fly up if an adult fell, which they did. The afternoon was spent in the high rope course, and then the evening it was an arabian nights party, theme party tuesdays, no pics from that yet, but will see if I can get some, we had awesome outfits ;)
Pics from the morning and the high rope course, and you can see our new uniforms on the pics

a new week

Monday again, but can't say I can tell any difference, I work every day, almost, think I have a week altogether now this summer that I'm not working since I got the extra job at Haugseter.
It's been a bit rainy today and we closed early, luckily we've got new uniforms purple/pink (gore tex jackets) to keep us dry =)
Also, just got my tax money back here in Norway, pleasant surprise =)
Tonight I'm watching slumdog millionaire with Neta and having a nice dinner as she is back in town. Tomorrow I'm going climbing which will be so much fun, just hope that the weather is better than today...


Worked at Haugseter yesterday for a couple of hours and then coming back to Beitostølen just in time for a whirlwind, yes a proper one, it lifted up one trampoline and moved the entire base 2m to the side. Crazy.


Not much new to tell, I'm at work, basically every day for a while now, have a day off next week I think. When I'm not working with activities, I'll be working some extra at Haugseter, cleaning. So definitely keeping busy.
Also, found out yesterday that when I finally get the confirmation of me being on the waiting list for the knee surgery, I can get it basically anywhere, even at private clinics (if they have an agreement with my regional hospital) and still only pay the travel costs... So means I probably can get it done a little bit earlier than expected =)