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Course start

Just got access to all of the information on the first part of my course and I obviously have a lot of work ahead of me. I have at least one assignment to do each week, the first is to be turned in the 13th of sept =S So, need to get organized now in forms of starting to study and get back into that set of mind, (back to IB mode). Wish me luck!

Last day

Just finished my last day working at the trampoline =)
4 more days left in Beitostølen before I go home on friday...


Just registered for the course that I am taking this fall and so far the study site that we are supposed to use is a jungle, pingpong was well organized compared with this system... But I guess I'll learn how to use it soon enough, I am at least hoping that the reason for which I can't find any information about the curriculum is that it won't be available until monday....

Booked my flight to France

Have booked my flight back to France =) Going back on october 5th!

Scones, tea and the Holiday

I baked scones for me and Neta yesterday night and had tea and watched the holiday, all very British, and cozy.
The recipe for these scones were awesome, super good and easy, have to make sure they don't stick to the baking paper next time though..


Yesterday I got the news that I have gotten an internship and then work in France. I am going back in the beginning of october to start with the 2 month internship in Annecy before starting work, dec-april. I will be working with Evolution2.
Really happy it's all worked out =)

Cows in the park

We got a visit by the cows at yesterday at work. For all of you that do not know this, up here the farmers let their cows, sheep, goats wander freely in the mountains during the summer and it sometimes happens that the end up in the centre of Beitostölen...

Dog sitter

Dogsitting Munin this weekend, a huge, but really sweet labrador that kind of reminds me of Slider...

Lazy days

Spent the last two days out at Haugseter, a little bit of work combined with long walks, taking sauna baths and lots of good food =) Almost like a mini-vacation from everyday life at Beitostölen, with no phone, internet, computer, TV and all that stuff.

Back now and have tried to be very efficient today, sending in documents to CSN, ordering course literature and things like that.


Got a new haircut today, or, maybe technically not new as I only got some new highlights and cut a cm or two. But it looks and feels better =)

Going out to Haugseter this afternoon, maybe do a small hike and small projects, not much to do at work at the mo apart from the weekends. Staying up here until the 4th.

Knee update

Finally got the date for my surgery, 7th of september, it's going to be good to get it done finally.

Working inside today trying to put together an ad that's going to be in the Neilson catalogue. This is what I've done so far...
Ended up going to the doctor again on tueday, but this time in Heggenes, where they are a lot more helpful, so had x-rays taken, (even got to take the photos with me afterwards) and then they "drilled" small holes in the nail to relieve pressure. Not working for the rest of the week and can barely move the thumb at the mo, but hopefully it'll get better over the weekend. Trying to take care of other stuff like my upcoming studies and everything at the mo to keep myself a little bit busy..
It was great having Elisabeth here visiting, and at least she got to do lots of fun stuff like the high rope course and go rafting =)

Bygdin boat ride pics


big blue thumb

managed to slam a car door on my right thumb yesterday and now it's big, blue, aching, throbbing and useless. Kept me up all night so went to the doctor this morning. Probably not broken, but if I still can't move it in a day or two I'll go get it x-rayed. So for now I'm left with using only my left hand, which is harder than it seems when you're normally right-handed..
One positive thing though, Elisabeth is coming up here today =)

one step closer

Gotten yet another health declaration form to fill in, but from Movement this time as they are now planning my surgery. Faxed it in today so hopefully I can get the date of the surgery soon..

Hangover - the movie

Went to the movies last night in Fagernes with Åge and Neta, we had chinese food first and then saw the Hangover, which was really fun. Smart move to show pics from what had happened when scrolling the text afterwards meaning everyone stayed and watched that as well..
Came home to this view last night.


Ended up not having to work yesterday and got to go rafting instead =) It was real fun, started off getting some instruction and got to go through some easy parts of the river, then swam in the streams, practiced rescuing people that had fallen out, went through stronger streams and bigger waves, and after the rafting it was time for the cliff jumping. Realized before that I would have to just jump, so did the jump from 12 m =) Amazing feeling afterwards, although have to admit I was a little bit nervous about it before, seeing as I've only jumped from 5m before this..
Then it was time to get out of wetsuits and eat some food before going back to Beitostølen.
Went out for a walk with Neta and the dogs, which ended up getting wet as well, pic on Neta's blog, from where we actually had to get our shoes off and walk in the water. Pics from rafting might come, gave my email to a girl that had a waterproof camera, so maybe she can send some to me =)

Foggy day off

Have the day off today, quite nice with a day off, feels like it's been a while. Was supposed to go climbing but it was cancelled due to the bad weather, too much rain and slippery rocks doesn't exactly go hand in hand with climbing. And the clouds are so low that you can't see that far. So instead I've had a really calm day, haven't done that much apart from being tempted by online shopping... Out at Haugseter now, plans for the evening include sauna bathing and a chocolate fountain =) working out here tomorrow so staying overnight.

A weekend meeting some odd people, stressed out tourists

So, this weekend we finally got some good weather, meaning that there were lots of people outside and lots of work for me to do. Some things stood out...

1. Being called "Kärring" by a woman who told her child to go to me for help with the harness, The word exists in Swedish and Norwegian and is an elderly word used when talking about your wife, nowadays meaning old lady, and often negatively hag or bitch (worst case scenario), not quite sure whether the woman shouting it was from a part of Norway where you still use it when meaning a lady or whether it was the negative meaning of it.... hmmm. The woman standing next to me blushed when she heard it....

2. Was out walking with Neta yesterday and some annoying guys in a van with stickers on "Wild boys", who probably just got there licence kept asking me if I wanted a ride, after the third time I'd said no, I met an elderly woman, between 60-70, who told me that "Du kunde ha fått napp där" translation &quo…