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Passed the 3rd assignment

Score, passed the 3rd assignment as well, with flying colors =) So now I just have to finish the last details of my final exam for this course and then 1/4th of the entire course will be done.

Just got back from the physiotherapist, got some new exercises as well this time, to keep me going until I find someone in France. So now, toe push ups and bending knees with a giant ball behind my back is part of the routine as well.

Weekend in Växjö and Gothenburg

This weekend I did quite a tour, visited my sister in Växjö first and got to see my twin brother as well, as he decided to come, and then Sunday was spent at the book fair in Gothenburg where I ran into Gunnar, and also met up with Niclas =) Of course I managed to find a couple of interesting books, so the pile by my bed is getting even higher. One of the most interesting things at the book fair was the stand with small arm chairs and a huge stone face of Lenin, this place was called Lenin's children's corner.


Started the morning with seeing the physiotherapist and got to do about the same things as last time, just a little bit longer and am going to keep it up til I see him again next wednesday. Also asked and I can go out for walks, but not jog or run, yet.
Spent the afternoon finishing the third assignment, sent it in and now I only have the final assignment left for this course, and it's coming along ok so far, and got a week more to finish it so...
Then, as my house elf qualities are coming back again, I baked, a lingonberry cake with oat sprinkles on top, which of course was tested afterwards with coffee. yum.


Today it's study day, considering I won't have time to do anything this weekend, plans are to visit my sister and then the book fair in Gothenburg. So in a hope to get a new perspective on my essay I've printed it to see if I can read and find something useful on paper, instead of this screen, which I feel I definitely spend too many hours in front of at the mo.
Just found out I passed my 2nd assignment as well though =) yay.
But first, a break, doing my knee exercises. Was ok yesterday and but then by mistake I crunched to get something from the bottom shelf, bad idea..

New phone

Got my new phone today =) a touch phone, which will take me some time getting used to, and transferring all my contacts, so in less than 2weeks I can just go back to having one phone, like normal people.
Tonight I'll be off to celebrate my brother's birthday!

stitches are off, training has begun =)

Finally got to go take the stitches off and the huge bandaid, (with which I have conveniently been tanning, meaning slightly lighter area around the knee... hmm. and where the stitches were I now have to x-shaped marks, one on each side. But I have to say, I could have been worse. After this I had my physiotherapy, so got started doing some exercises, light cycling, balance board throwing a ball at the wall, walking up and down steps and walking in a straight line with high knees. Next appt is on thursday..

More shopping

Seems like I spend almost every weekend shopping now, but this time I really needed to. My huge bag which I use because it fills up to about 20kg every time (perfect for flights) broke on the way to Beitostölen this summer leaving me with a heavy rolling bag, with one wheel almost off and no handle... I guess I shouldn't be expecting much more of it though, only bought it in Chinatown before going home from the states, seeing as I had during the year managed to buy at least 25kg worth of stuff. hmm. So time to go bag hunting.
Started the day with disposing of some of my old electronic stuff, my old laptop (that won't even start) and my first digital camera 2mpxl. I've realized that I save way too much stuff in the closet.First we stopped for coffee and blackberry pie at the golf club though. Amazing =)

And then it was time to look for bags, ended up with this one, because it has weels and isn't as bulky as a hard shell one. Got to try packing it this week, and if I'm…


So, finally got feedback on my first assignment, I passed =) and have finished the second one and working on the third, so just need to send them in as I get it done.

Haven't happened much this week, went to see Emma and her new apartment, which was really nice and I went to see the dentist, or the dental hygienist or something, everything good and I didn't even have to pay, sometimes the swedish health care system actually works in my advantage.

Oh yeah, and I ordered a new phone today, hopefully I'll get it soon, found out my french phone nr is still working and I quit my Swedish phone plan, so the only phone nr I'll be using starting October 5th is +33673331443

It's already been 5 years

Today it's five years since we lost you and all of it still seems surreal, I still remember the exact moment I knew, seeing those white lilies. But now it's the happy memories that strike me first. I remember and smile, just thinking about all of us, happy, playing around in our speedsuits after one of the coldest skiing competitions, in the cabin with all the stuffed animals on the walls.

There's a difference between reading and reading

Bought two new books yesterday, meaning I am two steps closer to my future library =P, one of which is the sequel to Chocolat =) so now I have a lovely pile waiting to be read. But I have to read the course literature first. Have done well today though, already finished reading about rail and boat services =) Now it's time for hotels before starting next week's assignment. But that can wait til tomorrow!


First I have to admit that I did cave in yesterday and had coffee, just minutes after having written the last
Today's plan is to be efficient and gets lots done, I have turned in my first assignment which is due sunday but figure I need to get ahead as I need to do my last bigger assignment as well, about a destination; chose Beitostölen, of course. So I am supposed to call Atle Hovi himself on monday, maybe he can help with some of the stuff I don't know.
And I need to get started with my flexibility exercises, have had my three days of almost total rest and realized that even though the knee is coming along, it is far behind the other one. So 3*30 it is of all the exercises in my booklet.

Just realized I haven't had coffee since Monday

I expected to drink less coffee coming home as I would have to drink it by myself, but this radical stop, no. Kind of do feel that urge to drink some now though, when I started thinking about it. Have had more tea though..hmm..
Started on the studies and assignment for next week now, it's good to be a bit ahead, and when I don't have too much else to do, it's easier to be efficient. Maybe coffee would make me even more efficient though, if my heaviest addiction is caffeine I guess it's not too bad right?

Knee update

Walking is getting better every day and it's not as swollen as it was before, still slightly larger though and I can actually hear the water in the knee move when I try to bend it, like I'm supposed to....

Movement exercises

This will be me for the next 2 weeks before I can actually start putting more weight on the knee, seeing the physiotherapist on the 21st, which should be about the same time the stitches are to be taken away.

Knee surgery

Monday, the day I've been waiting for for a long time. Had to shower with disinfectant soap and then it was off to Halmstad and Movement.
Got anesthetics and then got to see how the went in with the camera in my knee and cut off the mucus tissue(don't have the proper name for it) that has been what has been causing the pain. It has been stuck in between in a place where it shouldn't have been and a small injury to the meniscus. So, after having it stitched up and wrapped up I got to go home. It feels like it's been the size of a football but it's getting better, and the I'm starting to feel the knee now again.. Stitched come off in 2 weeks and then I need to start seeing a physiotherapist to get started with rehab..


Ended up going to Jönköping on sat on my way to Torekov and stopped for some shopping, was really efficient, got some tops, socks a new watch and really nice winter boots =)
Sunday was spent walking a lot, trying to get rid of all that extra energy I had after spending way too much time in buses and cars and then visited my grandparents.

On the bus

On the bus on my way home. Managed to not miss the 6.45 bus this morning, which I feared a little bit and the first trip passed by in a daze as I could not be all awake since I hadn't got any coffee. Met up wiht Elisabeth at Oslo bus station and we had coffee and Martin could finally get his "special" shoes back... On the second part of the trip now, or actually 3rd bus since I had to change in Fagernes and then it's just 2h in a car after I arrive in Uddevalla at 15.15. Hoping to get some studies done but having internet is slightly distracting...

lack of disciplin leads to more photoshop time

So, figured I wouldn't get anything proper work done anyways and decided on playing around with photoshop instead...

Last day

Last day in Beitostölen today, have cleaned out the cabin and just have to mop the floors now. Leaving at 6.45 tomorrow morning, so everything needs to be done today..
Spending the rest of the afternoon at the office with Neta =)

High rope course and pizza

Me and Neta ended up having a school class in the high rope course yesterday afternoon. This was followed by me doing the black course (the hardest one) and then since we didn't feel like cooking the buffé at Peppe's Pizza was chosen for dinner.
Today I've brought all of my study material here in an attempt to start studying...