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Raclette and got back 1st assignment

Yesterday evening was Raclette evening at Rudy's place which was nice =) Ended up meeting my downstairs neighbor, living in the apartment just below mine. Funny coincidences.

Got B on my first consumer behavior assignment, so that's ok and it feels good that it's done and over with =)
Have turned in the other one's as well so waiting for the results on two more and then I get access to the final exam for this part course on Monday.

Shock therapy?

My visit to the physio was definitely an experience, and not in a good way. First he basically just put pressure on different parts of my body, legs, feet, hips, neck. Which was kind of weird, didn't quite see the point there. Got a lecture about not having a referral from a doctor (I had one in Sweden, but that didn't really help) which was followed by walking, first in slow motion and then running on a treadmill which was followed by electric shocks applied to my thigh while bending the knee for 15 min! Painful and definitely not how I want to do my rehab so trying to find something else to keep advancing...

Tignes teambuilding event

Back from Tignes, ended up not staying for the evening, but had a really nice day yesterday. Good weather and it was great working outside again, physically, with organizing activities for the COREUPT team. Sumo wrestling, paintball, three-man skiis, knife throwing, lumberjacking and lots more..
Today back in the office and then tonight seeing a french physiotherapist...


Had a pretty calm weekend, party friday night meaning 2x30min walk. Good exercise for my knee and then a calm saturday as well, apart from being awake at 6am as I got a text from my mom who is currently in Kenya, think the mobile net must be slightly off as I cannot think she would want to wake me up at such an early hour. Then it was followed by drilling, sawing noises from the apartment next door. So much for sleeping in. The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, walking, people watching in town, studying (a little bit - but no way as much as I should've to be able to relax this week) jogging (first time since I had surgery =) ) and watching Sex and the city. So many memories from watching it together with my New York girls,and I still remember so many lines from that time.
This weekend I'll be going to Tignes for an event and then I am also seeing a physiotherapist.. going to be interesting to see if my french vocab is sufficient to talk about medical and anatomical stuff.…

Starbucks is coming to Sweden finally

It's official, Starbucks is coming to Sweden. Did the facebook group I joined actually make a difference or was it inevitable that it would finally come to Sweden as well. Other cafés make good coffee as well, but the chai latte and the frappes are amazingly good (and probably just as unhealthy, but who cares?)

Best thing right now

I wonder if the best thing with living in the apartment is that I now once again can start my mornings with tea and a bowl of oatmeal topped with banana and raisins =) Morning ritual not to be messed with. And in addition to this, since I am now back in France I can once again have Vanilla Soy Milk =) Don't get me wrong I like regular milk as well, as long as it is the 0,5% one. Other good thing, normal hot water in the shower and a washing machine, feels like a luxury compared to what I am used to from before. Let's just say I really like my new apartment. Should have a housewarming party though, maybe this weekend if anyone wants to come?

Coffee overdose?

Too much to do -> overdosing coffee, not good. My month without coffee seems quite useless now. Need other things to do outside the office to give me more energy. Maybe I can take up jogging again, the knee should be able to handle it now as well as some harder exercises =)

Les tours St Jacques

The weekend went fast, Sunday I got my stuff moved to the apartment and then I went climbing with Baptiste. We went to Les Tours St Jacques at Semnoz. Unfortunately the knee wasn’t in top shape after the massive walking I did saturday, so didn’t climb all the way up, but still. Baptiste was setting up bolts and stuff to be able to climb there and I took photos while waiting. Just loving how my helmet is slightly tipping to one side :P It was quite windy and cold and it ended up getting dark before we went down so nightlamps were used, again. Think the route will be fun when it’s finished as its in in between two huge rocks leaving litte space in between, so you’re using both sides two get up =)Visa fullständigt album

Saturday in town

Spent lots of time just walking around in centre-ville today which was fun. Of course I brought the camera so got some good pics. Also, worked everything out with an apartment for the rest of the time in Annecy, so from Monday I’ve got my own place which will be nice.Visa fullständigt album

Finally weekend

It's finally the weekend, have had tons to do this week, with the internship, university, having a slight cold, and trying to do some fun stuff as well. So finally weekend, sleeping in tomorrow is going to be really nice as I've had someone getting up at 6am every morning this week, waking me up as well... We'll see what happens, no definite plans, but definitely some options so that's nice. Hopefully the weather won't be crap so I can get outside some as well.

Signed up for spring course as well

Just signed up for a spring course as well, tourism studies (in swedish literally: the science of tourism) Experience and destination. 30ECTS. So full time as well, we'll see how that works out in relation to work and everything. As of right now I feel like I am busy all the time, but still I have to take the time to do fun stuff in between or else I would get completely destroyed by the amount of work I have to do.... I guess I just have to see this as a compromise, one year being crazy busy and in exchange not having to physically sit in a classroom.

Night climbing

Yesterday I went night rock climbing at Semnoz with some friends which was awesome, I didn't manage to do the harder route with my knee but at least I got to do the other one and belay some. We used small head lamps to be able to see but unfortunately none of us thought about bringing a camera...

Top score

Just found out I got a top score on my first "final" exam for the first part of my course this fall. My assignment was about Beitostölen and I got 60/60 points and an A. =) Yay!

Weekend in Tignes

Spent the weekend in Tignes which was really nice and relaxing. Saturday the weather was kind of crappy but that meant I got a lot of studying done, so in a sense it was useful. And I went to the swimming pool and did a 1k swim =) Today the weather’s been amazing, like you can see on the photos, so spent a lot of time outside reading, walking ans swimming again, 1k. Nice to work out a bit. =) And what is funny is that in the chalet where I am staying I found an old skieur magazine about the World championships in Val d’Isère last winter. In the magazine there was a photo which was from the WC in december when we went, and I could even spot us in the crowd next to the Milka cow. The article about the Swedes to watch was also a very amusing read. Definitely feel like skiing at this point, so the decision not to bring skiis was probably good as I would have been way too tempted otherwise.Otherwise I also need someone to interview for my second assignment in the consumer behav…


Just had to add a link to an newspaper article written about my brother's and his wife's grocery store

Swing Bowling

Went bowling yesterday with some people, friends of friends and new people which was fun, even though I am crap at bowling. There were people swing dancing at the same time which was kind of fun, and we danced, despite not knowing how to..

This weekend I'll be going to Tignes, no specific plans while I'm there cause I can't ski yet.. or I guess I maybe could, but I shouldn't yet... So we'll see what I do, it'll be nice to get up in the mountains for a bit though =)
From Tignes last october..

Mobile blogging maybe working, sent from my phone...

Just testing mobile blogging

First couple of days

Had some good first couple of days. Working in the office during the days, started working with the photos and for now it's mainly sorting and renaming and organizing the entire server so that it works. Then in the evenings I've been trying to go for some walks as I basically sit inside all day and I feel the need to get out and do something active. Also trying to get some studying in, so lots of time before the computer.

Also, definitely trying to find a new place to stay so if anyone knows about anything let me know!

Yesterday I met up with Baptiste and some of his friends from the climbing club, which was fun, and it was nice to come out and see some people, and even got to speak both english and swedish a nice break from the now all the time french.

Arrived in France

So, after a long day of travelling, or at least one that started early, and involved some stress as the first plane was delayed so that I had only 15min when changing planes at Arlanda, changing the terminal and going through security once again.. Got the bus from Geneva to Annecy and got picked up at the bus station there, so now I'm getting installed at the office, have had an introduction meeting and now just trying to get into everything. I am staying in a room near the office, which feels quite temporary, we'll see how it turns out of if I decide to get something else, as I won't have a proper kitchen here for example. But those are questions for a day when you didn't get up at 3am. Otherwise everything is good and it's exciting to try something new!

Lottery win

Walked in to town today, luckily before the rain started. Found a really cute shirt that I got, even though I do see the unlogical aspect of shopping when I am leaving on Monday and only can bring 20kg...
Then we bought some lottery tickets to support the Kenya association that my mom's school is working for, a trip is planned for October and my mom is going. We were really lucky, mom won a cheese, a book, 10pack of socks, a hat and gift bag with candy and tea =)
Then we stopped for a vanilla coffee drink and hot chocolate, yummy. (All my blogging these days seem to be about coffee and cakes =P )

The girl who played with fire

Just back from the movies, finally got to see "The girl who played with fire", second movie based on the books by Stieg Larsson, which probably no one has missed... I think I was better off not having read the book so recently, and not missing details in the movie.. Think it was pretty good, but the first one was better. Also read in the cinema magazine available at the movies that they are going to make a hollywood version of the movie... And I can't help but wonder how many special effects they'll have and who will play the role of Paulo Roberto, the Swedish boxer...

Apparently there is also going to be a bond ice cream featuring the naked upper body of Daniel Craig. Amazing what people invent. All of this knowledge from some light before movie reading.

On a more serious note, I've started packing for France and did a non-rational packing of clothes just to see how much it weighed and realized I need to be slightly more rational. And I've gotten the study gui…