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Seminar, birthday and moving to Tignes

Saturday was the seminar and I worked most of the day but did the teambuilding part as well. so yes I as in the sumo suit, and I won my match =) then in the evening some of my colleagues knew it was my birthday so at midnight they announced it and sang for me. Sunday was calm and I didn't know exactly when I'd leave for Tignes. Got up last night and got installed.. Internet is not up yet but soon more pics will come so just getting installed for the moment and figuring out how everything is going to be...


Just got the results back from my final exam in consumer behavior and the final note for the course, got a B for the exam and a B for the course =) Done and done! Nerve wrecking to click on the links in the web platform....


so, this is what happened since my last update, in short;
got my hair cut, (not much and it's still blond, maybe I'll go brunette next time), watched new moon (dubbed to french), studied, sent in my assignment, went shopping, hanged out with friends, had pizza, twice(or more truthfully one and a half), went jogging and walking, oh and the toilet's been half broken all weekend...
Very unstructured, very brief, time to start working, and getting my first cup of coffee =) And finally a pic of where I live, it's the apartment that has the balcony at the top!


Got an A on my first eco tourism assignment =) Yay!

Day in Tignes

Another sunny, but this time warmer day in Tignes, started the day with skiing with Laura =) and then it was time to work from 1pm with an event. We did some different workshops and I was the referee of the snowhockeygame. Here’s a pic of Tignes Le lac and the sumo wrestling!
Visa fullständigt album

Going to Tignes

Going to Tignes late tonight to help out with an event tomorrow. So a little, but very much needed change from office work. For the moment I am occupied writing a critical analysis of Nature's best, for uni and creating postcards for a visit Santa event during Christmas and for the base camp, Camp Trappeur. Lots of photoshopping. A short update in my for now quite eventless life =P

And just for fun if anyone feels like knowing my wish list for my birthday it is:
Slalom skis ( so much more fun on the piste than the twintips)
Perfume (smells like violet can't remember which brand, but it smells like 'Violpastiller') makes me want to eat myself =P
New headphones - (my right earplug(?) just stopped working.)

Mörlanda Livs

Just a link to the new webpage for my brother's and his wife's store =)

1st eco tourism assignment

Just handed in my first eco tourim assignment. One down three more to go. Not very exciting blogging at the moment, but that's life..
Today's plan is lunch with Laura and then maybe if I can't resist shop for birthday present (skis) for myself... Otherwise it'll be watching the second run of the women's slalom.

Passed my assignment!

Passed my third assignment for the second course, got a B for this one which was ok.
Just waiting for the result for the huge exam now and today it's time to put some pressure on people to get answers about effects on the environment in my home town..

Tignes, first day of skiing

Got to go skiing yesterday as in France 11/11 is Armistice day, a holiday. Was super fun being back on skis, and the knee was ok, didn’t really hurt just felt a bit unstable at some points when I was putting a lot of pressure on it, so the conclusion is just to keep working out and get more muscles around it to keep it in place. Didn’t really take photos, just a quick snap shot with my cell phone Had sunny, cold weather, and a bit windy at the end. Think Rudy maybe got some nice pics of all of us skiing so maybe some more pics will come later.

New helmet

Since skiing season is definitely approaching, and planning to go already tomorrow, I needed to get a new helmet as I decided my old one was ready for retirement. It was harder than I though it would be as most of them now are either really girly, or really “park-rat” or just plain… Still don’t know how all the brands think when putting flowers and flowing texts on everything that is for women… Apparently Salomon helmets fit my head as my new one is of the same brand as the last one. Think I’ve managed to find one that suits me, even though it is always hard when you try it in the shop as you don’t have the goggles to match and consequently just look a bit goofy. But this is it! And it only had a little bit of girly text which now is covered by the goggles =)

Studies and training

So, got back one more of my assignments and didn't get a top grade but at least I passed and because of the lack of communication and information from the teachers in the last course, I'm just happy I don't have to redo anything at the moment.
This week I have the difficult task of trying to get a hold of someone at the environmental department at the municipality back home. I wonder how this is going to work. The rapport need to be handed in by the end of the week.

On another note I've managed to find some gyms in Annecy that sounds ok, with some help from my friends =), none of them to close to my flat, but nothing you can do really. One would think that a city as big as Annecy, (still bigger than Fkp, would have more gyms... hm) And, since Wednesday is Armistice day a holiday I might go skiing for the first time this season =)


Finally done, sent in my final exam for this course just this morning. It's nice to have it off of my hands.. And surprise the next assignment turn in dates have been changed. Next assignment due: next sunday. So we're supposed to do the same amount of work for the next course in one week less than the previous ones. What are they thinking?? I guess I'll be buried in work for some more time. Right now it doesn't feel that good that I've signed up for another class this spring. But I hope it'll be alright, at least this course at a surface level appears more interesting than the previous one.

2 out of 3

I guess I should stay positive, if it rains in Annecy it is snowing in the mountains at a higher altitude but as I did have a late morning today I decided to go for a jog before work, after having gone about halfway it litterally started pouring down, meaning I got completely soaked doing the second half back to the flat and my clothes were literally dripping! All good now, dry clothes and a warm cup of coffee, but this means I've gotten soaked two days out of three this week, not a good score! I should probably always wear waterproof clothes but the sun was actually shining when I started out this morning, or maybe I should buy an umbrella!

2nd exam

So the dreaded exam week is here and I got the exam assignment yesterday, all the other assignments I've done so far this month counts for 48/100 points meaning that the work this week will decide 52% of my grade for the course in Consumer behavior. Scary. I guess I know what my focus will be this week, luckily it's a bit calmer with work right now.

I am wet like a drenched cat

Does that expression even exist in English? Anyways, it is exactly how I feel after having walked a total of 15 minutes in pouring rain (+ the bus ride, can't wait til the bus schedule goes back to normal on wednesday) when getting to the office in apparently not so waterproof shoes, pants or jacket…

Busy bee

The weekend ended up being full of activities despite being really tired Friday with plans for a calm weekend. But in a sense it’s good, and just finished reading some course literature about how physical activities can work as relaxation and seeing how I usually have a hard time sitting still it should apply to me! Also got to meet up with friends I haven’t seen for a really long time, Linni and my ex-roommate Fred, which was really fun as well, and went to the movies and saw the French movie Micmacs à tire-larigot, which was good, but me being tired and not getting all the French references, maybe it wasn’t the best choice for a Saturday night movie. Went climbing in both Mont Veyrier and again at Les Tours St Jacques, and managed to get about 5m higher this time! So pretty now as well with all the orange and red leaves. It was also the day of the Fête de jus de Pomme, (apple juice celebration) which was fun and got two freshly pressed bottles in my fridge now.