Busy bee

The weekend ended up being full of activities despite being really tired Friday with plans for a calm weekend. But in a sense it’s good, and just finished reading some course literature about how physical activities can work as relaxation and seeing how I usually have a hard time sitting still it should apply to me! Also got to meet up with friends I haven’t seen for a really long time, Linni and my ex-roommate Fred, which was really fun as well, and went to the movies and saw the French movie Micmacs à tire-larigot, which was good, but me being tired and not getting all the French references, maybe it wasn’t the best choice for a Saturday night movie. Went climbing in both Mont Veyrier and again at Les Tours St Jacques, and managed to get about 5m higher this time! So pretty now as well with all the orange and red leaves. It was also the day of the Fête de jus de Pomme, (apple juice celebration) which was fun and got two freshly pressed bottles in my fridge now.



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