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Happy news

So happy! Had my MRI scan today which meant going all the way to Albertville, actually going into an MRI scan (the last one I did was an open one) and I got the result right away and pictures.. My crucial ligament is not off, neither is my inner lateral ligament. So it's just a twisted knee, apparently they saw something on my meniscus as well but nothing serious so with a little bit of physiotherapy I should be back on skis soon =)

Bike training

Got to start training a bit more at the physio today, so good news, got to go on the bike for a couple of minutes =) and going down to Bourg St Maurice today to see Laura, and since I am going to Albertville tomorrow for the MRI scan it is on the way and I don't have to get the bus tomorrow morning which is nice.
Still bored out of my mind not being able to ski but hoping for the best tomorrow, crossing my fingers that it is just the inner ligament that is extended and not a tear of the anterior crucial ligament... '

another couple of days

Nothing much has happened the last couple of days, keep seeing the physio to try to get my knee a bit better, otherwise starting to get pretty bored. Hate not being able to ski or do anything physical.

Had a really nice evening last night, it was our christmas dinner, for the staff of the coffee, some commercial staff and invited people. Really nice and even got to dress up for a bit, as much as I can with a knee brace...

Knee update

Was hoping I wasn't going to use that title again, but here it goes, went to the doctor yesterday and he thinks that my inner lateral ligament is a bit extended from twisting it and then that my anterior crucial ligament is off, which is worse. Gave me a note saying no sport for 90days, a referral for an IRM, a referral to a physio and telling me to see a surgeon when I go back to Sweden... Now I am wearing a knee brace, getting anti-coagulation injections for a few nights, seeing the physio tonight and then got an MRI scheduled in Albertville for wednesday. (At least wait lists aren't as long here as in Sweden where you would have to wait months...)
I am still hoping he is wrong, but I guess I just have to wait til wednesday to find out..

My christmas postcard is online

Final exam result

Think I got a B for my final exam which is completely fine considering I didn't have too much time to work at it. It was weird how they announced the results though, but don't think anyone is born on the same day as me so should be my result, the final result for the course hasn't been published yet though, will know in January...

the knee is a little bit better today so still staying hopeful...

Twisted knee (again)

I think I've actually had almost the same title before, including the word "again". Feel a bit stupid really, but wasn't even going that fast, just managed to get the edge stuck and twist my knee a bit, very sore now despite putting ice on it all afternoon. Hopefully it'll get better in a week or so, hate not being able to move around. Don't think it's too bad, it doesn't hurt as much as it did last time... hmm... and I just sent in a form to Movement about my knee surgery and not having gotten an infection..

crazy busy week, exhausted

Had a really busy week, been working day and night, crazy tired so been told to take some time off now to rest and sleep. This is why there has been no updates in a while. It’s supposed to calm down now as well so hopefully it’ll all get better.. On another note I may have found a pair of skis, got a call last night from M saying she has a friend that is selling a pair that are just the one’s I want but last year’s model. =)

Première Neige

Today was the thirteenth of december, Saint Lucia, which I have not really celebrated other than eating cinnamon cookies that do resemble gingerbread biscuits, it’s the best I can do at this point. For once I found myself in the exact same spot this year as last, which means I went to Val d’Isère to see the men’s GS race. Skied across and saw both the first and second run and got some skiing in between. Got to see both Gauthier and Thomas again which was fun. One Swede, Larsson and one Norwegian (Aksel Lund Svindal) were in the top ten =) Visa fullständigt album

Snowshoeing without helicopter and skiing in the dark

We had a day with event yesterday, technically the first activity was supposed to be héli-raquettes, meaning héli snowshoeing. We were supposed to walk for about 2h and then get a ride back with a helicopter, instead, as the weather was to bad for the helicopter to take off we walked for about 4h in total… It was still nice though, but the helicopter ride would’ve been fun. Hopefully I’ll get other opportunities during the winter. In the evening we had an “Expedition Refuge” with the same group, so we went up with the lift to a mountain restaurant, had a nice meal and then I took the skiers down the dark slopes (without lights) and the other ones went down with sledges. It was a fun day but quite long and I could definitely feel my knee after the four hours of walking so should try to take it easier the next couple of days.

Fantastic day skiing

Just spent a fantastic day skiing, super nice weather, even though the wind was quite strong at the top of the glacier... Even did two runs in the giant slalom course (with my twintips I might add) but it was so much fun racing again. Definitely need to find proper race skis soon! Not too motivated to study though at the moment which is harder, and I just found out I got accepted for the courses next semester as well.. Trying to find motivation to sit inside and study when the ski slope is 50m away is hard. Ideas anyone?

New boots

Just got new boots the other day, Sorel ones of course, keeps my feet dry and toasty warm =) Like yesterday during the winter games event. Today I actually had some time off, got to go skiing and started looking for new skis.

First winter ski

First day of skiing for the season in Tignes today, just got out a couple of hours in between work which was nice... Hopefully I can get out some tomorrow as well. Otherwise I've been occupied with clearing our camp area, sorting uniforms and of course my final exam for the eco tourism course...


One from when the lit the Christmas lights in Annecy just before I left and the other one my new view from my window in Tignes.Visa fullständigt album