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Have finished my german course! yay! Very happy, have learnt a lot, but a bit too much set hours that you needed to study than I like. I like to be able to choose freely when I study. Good experience, we'll see if I take German 2 next fall!

My first attempt at homemade brown beans

So, since you can’t buy ready-made brown beans here in France I had to try the old school  method. When buying the beans I wasn’t quite sure I got the right ones as the beans are apparently called cranberry beans in English? Anyways, I though, not red, not black not white, this is my best option. Today I’ve consulted several people on the subject including my parents and my grand mother and ended up with this recipe:4dl of brown beans1 1/4 l of water1 tsp salt. Leave the beans over night in water (with some salt – missed this and just used more salt when I cooked them instead)Then, cook the beans until mushy, took about 2h at this altitude, you can probably expect a shorter time. Then add 2-3tbs of sugar or syrup, (I used brown, since there aren’t any syrup up here either. What I would call syrup in Sweden (not maple syrup) and 1tbs of vinegar. I used apple cider vinegar since I didn’t have anything else. Then if you want use potato flower or, like me a mix of normal white flour and w…

I’m so lucky

After a discussion (British and Swedish tradition) about what goes on the top of the Christmas tree, my boyfriend came home yesterday with a surprise, a Christmas star for the tree, (note that he argued for the angel). I’m so happy, and he sorted out the blinking lights as well, so now it’s shining all the time and I have a top star =) He’s my hero!


Really windy today, was supposed to do some training but it got cancelled because of the wind, horizontal gates aren't exactly what you want, the light was really flat as well which was a bit scary when you're coming down Trolles (black run) and need to straight line it to get enough speed to get back up to the square in Lac....
Anyways, hoping for better weather tomorrow and some training during my 4h lunch break =)
Today's training meant going to the gym instead, and have to say it feels better after every time. Getting stronger? Yes!

Lots and lots of meatballs

Made meatballs yesterday, all according to dad's recipe. I think all Swedish family's have their own meatball recipe and that's the way it should be. Got Ross to help me out with frying them while I rolled them into little round balls. I had to try one for taste and seasoning and of course they tasted great, as always, and now I can't wait for Christmas when I get to have as many as I want!

More photos of me popping up online

Just got a wall post from a friend in Beitostölen, apparently my photo is now on the ski rental shop's page as well. Maybe I should switch career and become a model ;)

here's the link to Beitostölen Skiutleie where the photos are coming from.

Christmas tree

Went down to Bourg with Biggles this afternoon to get some more Christmas essentials, especially a tree. Managed to find a nice small one together with some lights and decorations to hang in it. Also got brown beans (?) hope I got the right kind, sausages, candy for the gingerbread house and minced meat for my meatballs. Coming home I realized my lights in the tree are blinking, not acceptable and I’m hoping my boyfriend, who is also an electrician might be able to help me out with this, couldn’t tell him about the precise problem though as the tree is a surprise… As we’re speaking, ingredients for my dad’s meatballs is being prepared! Christmas is almost here! and it is as you’d say in Norwegian, “kos” “koselig” meaning cozy, nice, (atmosphere) enjoying oneself etc…

Ski test

Wednesday night and Thursday was spent with the girls, and a few guys, of the Rossignol women team. We discussed skis and had a nice tartiflette and so on Wednesday night.
Thursday we started off with breakfast in the morning followed by ski testing. It was great fun to see and try different skis, some of which I doubt I would've ever tried otherwise. Some of the skis were amazing as well!
We also had a photographer with us and hopefully he got some good shots of all of us. The weather was better than the start of the week and maybe not quite as cold but still between -15 and -20, plus the wind chill, but we did get a bit of sun, which was nice.
All of us then had lunch together and afterwards I went up and out again for a few more photos.
So all in all I really had a great day and we had so much fun together. Hopefully there'll be more days like that during the winter!
Check out Rossignol here!


So today is 'Santa Lucia day' or St. Lucy's day as I think it is translated to in English, here's a link to Wikipedia for all of you who wish to read a bit more about this Swedish celebration. I had my alarm set for 7.00 so that I could watch the celebration live on web tv, but it wouldn't work in the morning, so a bit upset, but of course I managed to watch it in the afternoon since I finish work at lunch on Mondays.. I've been studying all afternoon and this is what I'm going to reward myself with after coming home from the gym!


I passed my first marketing assignment =) yay!! *happy*

Skiing with Biggles

Day off today and too strong winds on the glacier to do training, so I went free skiing with Biggles instead. Got some good snow, and some bad snow; death cookies and ice. Freezing cold going back up to VC as I took Merles back to Grattalu,  but sunny and nice to have good skis, had a day prepping two days ago, new wax and sharper edges =)

First day skiing in Espace Killy area

Yesterday I went for my first Espace KIlly ski for the season. So I skied over to Val for lunch and then back to Tignes  for some studying before heading back to Val again. Notice on my self portrait how my head or maybe just my goggles look huge!! Didn’t see it until uploading the pics to my laptop. During the afternoon/evening/night I helped the boys clean and build IKEA furniture. My forte, I think they were a little bit impressed, or maybe relieved, that us Swedes do all know how to put together a Poäng chair or a Malm side table… I am quite tired today though I must say, long day at work and I wasn’t home til 2.40 last night.  But at least I did come home and didn’t end up sleeping on a floor in Val like some. This almost sounds like we’ve been out on some fun escapades, but no, it’s been work work work.

1st of Advent

As all of you Swedish people know, today is the first of advent, and I’ve of course lit the first candle! Tonight we’ll also have some people over for ‘glögg’ the swedish version of mulled wine/vin chaud/glühwein. The swedish version has some different spices in it and then some kind of stronger alcohol, like schnapps, vodka, cognac. There will also be the gingerbread biscuits I bought at Ikea. After work today I also started baking my own birthday cake for tomorrow, banoffee pie! Thank you Kate for introducing me to this amazing pie! It usually tastes better the next day when all the banana flavor has been soaked up and it’s a bit more toffee-like.

Busy bee

Got lots to do this week, hence no updates!
I've started a new job and got a big assignment for my marketing class due on Sunday. But we've had some fun as well, been to Loop bar, dinner at the Petit Sav, VIP ski in Val, and today Saloon Bar opens, so we'll probably go check that out as well.

This weekend is the opening of the whole resort! So finally some more slopes to ski on. Next day off I'm sorting my liftpass out and a new pass for the lagoon: swimming, gym and wellness =)
Time to get really fit!

This week

So, I've settled back in a bit more now, emptied my bag, that I'm still surprised got checked in without so much as a raised eyebrow. It had julmust, glögg, a gingerbread house, gingerbreads, candy, my ski tool box, 1kg fiber oats, 1kg rye flakes and much more in it. =) 1-0 Linda vs. flight companies.
So this week has been quite calm, but a lot has happened as well, I've started my marketing course, for real and along with German gives me quite a bit to do, I've also got a new job for the winter, which I start on Monday, I've been to Ikea, getting more "Scandi-supplies" such as Christmas beer, gingerbread cookies, juleskum (!) glögg, Christmas ham and meatballs! and I've been down to Bourg to do a big food shop as we were running really low, like eating tuna out of a can low....
Yesterday I started decorating a bit for Christmas, or rather getting my decorations ready to be decorated with, this is how my own advent chandelier turned out, small p…

Back in France

Got back to France late last night and now just trying to sort stuff out. Hopefully I'll be back on the hill again soon as well!

Early birthday

Since I won't be home for my actual birthday and celebrate it with my twin brother it was decided we would celebrate before I leave on Monday. So yesterday it was early birthday and early father's day celebrations in our house. (Father's day is today in Sweden) and I got to have my usual b-day cake; meringue with rice crispies, buttercream, whipped cream and raspberries. Yum! So all in all 11 people in my family, including me, was here yesterday, it was great and of course I got lots of help from my nieces opening my gifts =) Lots of skiing and christmas stuff that I wanted, thanks everyone!

I'm going back home to France tomorrow and have to say I've had a great stay in Sweden this time, getting to see all of my brothers and sisters, their families and my parents and grandparents and then a few of my friends and of course also having Ross meeting most of them.

Today is a quiet day and I've just had some leftover cake whilst watching the men's slalom from Lev…

Just bought a pink(!) jacket

Today I went to see my brother and his family in the afternoon which was nice and then later went to a golf/ski shop to look at some things and they had 50% off of some jackets. So I found a softshell jacket that was really nice, but very pink. And as I’m sure you’re aware I don't usually go for pink but this jacket was just the right shade. Of course the color isn’t really called pink either, but raspberry.I do realize as I read this when I published the post the first time that I do wear a pink jacket in my banner for my blog as well ;)
What do you think?

First snow (again)

So today is the first day that we’ve had proper snow, in Falköping that is, in Tignes the ground’s been white for quite some time. I have to say that they haven’t even cleared our street yet so today’s event include watching the mail man get stuck with his bicycle, leaving it standing up, supported by the snow, in the middle of the street and then walking around handing out the post instead and watching a car get stuck as well, luckily most people here have a small snow shovel in the trunk of their cars. Then you also have to know how to drive in snow of course. This is the view out of one of our windows. Notice how its starting to get dark already as well. Hmm, according to the newspaper the sun sets just before 16.00/4pm where I live.

More Christmas supplies

I found this when I was at the supermarket today and of course had to buy it so I’ll have one for Christmas.’s right, a gingerbread house building set. All walls and roofs, the chimney come in separate pieces that get glued together with melted sugar and then decorated with frosting and candy! I’m slowly but surely managing to get the important things I want for Christmas, such as glögg and gingerbread biscuits. I’m already looking forward to Swedish Christmas in Tignes on the 24th!

A pic of the whole bus

Thanks again Petter for uploading the pic =)

Visiting family

Of course this Sweden trip has been dedicated to seeing as much of my family and friends as possible and yesterday/today was no exception. My brother with his family have been here to see us. So I’ve mostly been building lego and playing hide and seek the past 48 hours. Also, got some birthday presents in advance  =) since I won’t be home on my actual birthday.

My pic is on a bus/car !?!

Just saw a photo of myself today on facebook, I'm apparently now on a bus/car up in Beitostølen. (Almost like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City ;) ) Thanks Petter for uploading the pic!


Monday we went down to Växjö and my sister's for lunch and then in the evening, Ross, my twin brother and I kept going to Torekov for tea with my grandparents. So intensive family time these last few days, especially since Ross left today (tuesday) and couldn't stay any longer with me here in Sweden.
The meeting with the family has gone really well so I'm really happy =)

Now I'm back in Falköping for some time and hopefully get to see some more family and friends while I'm back.


Today was shopping day back home, we went to Skövde and I found thermals which was great, still looking for mittens and ski socks though. I did get mocked for buying my thermals in the kid’s section of the store, 36 normal size was huge, so I ended up with 158/164 (referring to length normally) and they were perfect! and less expensive than the adult ones that are exactly the same in terms of material and quality. So a good buy! Then some other stuff was purchased as well of course, some dry food supplies and a few more things that we found along the way, so I think we’ll have no problems filling our bags when flying back. On the way back from shopping we also went to the Bison and Elk park outside of town, but the Elks were hiding in the forest so unfortunately Ross still hasn’t seen one.Later we had a big family dinner and one of my sisters came over which was great fun. Have to say that it gets dark really early here now though, around 17 it’s almost completely dark!!! Happy surpri…


Left Tignes yesterday morning to go back to Sweden for a visit. Quite stressful morning at Geneva, we didn’t quite have as much time as I would have liked but at least we made the flight in the end. ( and I also had to drive and park an English truck for the first time) Here’s a pic from Shiphol Airport where we had connecting flights, this is when Ross accidentally opened a yoghurt upside down thinking it was sealed and ended up with yoghurt all over himself and I had nothing better to do than take photos of the airport! Then there was of course the meeting with the Parents which went well for Ross, “Trevligt att träffas” and a few Swedish words were used. Then back home it was dinner time and of course the Swedish dish, Reindeer stew was on the menu.


Spent all morning sanding our chest of drawers, table and another cupboard out on the balcony. Fortunately I had good tools (thanks Simpson Creed). I was covered in yellow dust by the time I finished and so was everything else including the balcony and the inside of the apt since the door doesn't shut from the outside.
I am very happy with the results though, all the pieces looked kind of old and tatty before because they'd been lackered and then used for quite some time, but now they look way better.
However, as I had cleaned everything apart from the balcony (I'm hoping the snow that's coming down will help me a bit on that one.... I saw as I came out of the shower and got dressed that I'd forgotten the tiny bedside table/stool, which definitely needs getting sanded. I think that's a project for another day though!

Also, we tried the over night setting on the breadmaker and had a really nice breakfast today with our own freshly baked cranberry & seed brea…

Phone and internet

Things are looking as they might be sorted soon, a technician is due for the start of the week to set up our phone line for internet and voip phone, = unlimited calls to sweden and other international destinations! yay! It all went almost too smooth setting this up. Seeing as things around here usually are complicated and time consuming!

Have been skiing this morning and now I'm back in the old flat for laundry and a bit of packing of the stuff that's still here.

Flight is booked =)

Booked flights for me and Ross to go to Sweden, finally! Yay! Less than two weeks left!


Went skiing this morning on the glacier, sunny weather but quite cold with a lot of wind. My trainer is now sick so just did free skiing instead and might join someone else for training tomorrow if he is still sick..
I actually did meet quite a few of my friends that I hadn't seen for a long time up there as well so that was really nice.

This afternoon is dedicated to German and laundry in the old apartment, (since we won't be able to move our drying rack but now need to figure out a new solution, it is easier to do some laundry there still)


We've basically spent the weekend moving, which meant tons of cleaning. You always clean the apartment when moving in, don't you, as moving out cleaning and moving in cleaning definitely aren't the same. But we're getting there. Slept for the first night in the new flat yesterday and only issue is that the bed is french and therefore short. We still have quite a lot of stuff to move out of the old flat and then clean it as well of course but all the essentials have now been moved.
Then we just need to fix some minor things, put up coat hangers, sand a table and possible a chest of drawers and some other bits and bobs like moving things we don't want into storage and getting internet sorted.

We're both really happy with the new place and the location though, it's got a great view of the lac!


Just found out that my dad and my brother finally had the gigantic (Christmas) tree down that’s been growing on the back of our lawn for what seems like forever. We’ve talked about taking it down for years but it was never the right time or season. Apparently today was the day! It was quite big as you can see from the photos my brother was kind enough to put on facebook.


I'm sick, which sucks since I really want to be skiing. So feeling a bit sorry for myself, which I think is allowed, it's what you do when you're sick isn't it?
Started feeling really bad Monday night and have consequently spent almost all my time since in bed or on the couch. Think it is some kind of flu.
Fortunately I have a boyfriend that takes really good care of me and hopefully I'll be better in a few days and I'll be skiing again next week.

First day of training

So Monday was my first day of training on the glacier. (As you probably realize, we're now on Wednesday and I am catching up on my blogging for the last few days)

It was great getting up on the mountain again and start training, I obviously needed a bit of time to get into it, but after having Aleks coach me all day I was feeling better by the end and hopefully it'll continue in that direction!

Weekend in Birmingham

Flew out of Geneva last Friday and into Birmingham, due to different bookings Ross and I were on different flights so I ended up having a few hours in Birmingham before he arrived. These were spent mostly in the Bull ring mall which was alright, lots of shops to look in. Then we had drinks together with some of Ross' friends before heading back to the house. I was quite tired at this stage as I am terrible at sleeping in anything that moves and had consequently not slept since 3am that same morning.

Saturday was pretty quiet and I spent some time with Ross' family before heading out to the wedding party were Ross already was. We saw the alpakas, danced and had a great time.

Sunday morning was then of course quiet as well and we just had a big lunch before heading out to the airport. Different flights this time as well but at least about the same time. I ended up having to run through the airport in Paris for my connection but made it and then realized I had been upgraded to bu…

Ski pass

Just got my ski pass, for interseason, today, I managed to get an extension of my winter pass so got a good deal on it. So from Monday I'll be skiing!


Ross came back from the UK with a new breadmaker and a toaster =) So now we can finally start baking bread the kinds of multigrain bread we want! I've started cleaning it out and doing all the things you need to do before the first use but I can hopefully get started with the first loaf this afternoon!

Getting ready for next week

Getting ready for next week when I start my slalom training. Got my pole guards screwed on yesterday as well as getting my medical certificate for the teste technique in December.


Just listening to Brandon Flowers' album Flamingo, that I've recently discovered. Being a fan of the Killers I just had to listen to this and have to say I really like it =)

First proper snow

WE started getting the first proper snow down in Tignes last night, big flakes, covering the ground =)
Now I just need to get my winter boots out of storage and I'm good to go!


Yay, we have internet at home again! hopefully working better this time around.

And also, turns out I'm in a photo on a Danish webpage that organizes group tours, thanks Neta for letting me know =)

No more "50-öringar"

Just read today that as of the 1st of October you can no longer pay using "50 - öringar" our equivalent of the 5cent coin..
I guess it is a good thing getting rid of small coins but still, it also means that everything will now be rounded off to whole "kroner"when you shop in a store and pay cash..... I'll have to save at least one to keep it for myself, worthless or not.

Tignes in "intersaison"

Tignes between seasons doesn't offer much but trying to spend some hours of my day with my german lessons and have once again started running, just because the gym is closed. I've run 2 times this week so far so if I can just keep this up, going out every other day then maybe I can get past the point where it is just incredibly hard to run every time.... hmm.

Internet options are looking a bit brighter, after now having won a long fight with an internet provider. We can start looking for a better option... It's just a pain at the moment since I need internet every thursday for my german conference calls...


So I finally got to go to IKEA yesterday.. Spent a bit more than expected but at least we have everything we need now, apart from a laundry basket… should it really be so hard finding one that doesn’t look like a trash can or a plastic rectangle…hmm. The best thing was the new duvet though, 220x240, as big as they make them… and of course with a suitable name “Mysa” = “cuddle”Of course some (scandi food supplies) as they are referred to was purchased as well, lingonsylt, tunnbröd, köttbullar, marabou mjölkchoklad och bilar =)So of course the best lunch in a long time was had today, sandwiches made out of tunnbröd (swedish flat bread), ham and hushållsost (cheese)

Back in action

Last weekend involved lots of activities. I took Ross to the driving range as it was the last weekend the course is open and he did well, considering it was his second time playing. As for myself, I think it’s a bit like biking, physical memory, and I was happy with my swing =)Sunday we went climbing with Kev on the side of the paravalanche on the way to Val. Fun, nice weather and some scratches, but definitely good to be up climbing again, even though I had to admit defeat to the last wall. My feet were aching in the end… It’s been too long since the last time, wonder when my shoes will be broken in properly…

End of season, start of studies

So the summer season in Tignes is officially over and everything is closed, (everything!)
There are no more buses, only a tiny supermarket, no swimming pool....
Hmm, at least I've started my German studies this week so I have something to do, my marketing course will take place during the second part of this semester.

And of course I have to mentioned that it snowed today, not only up on the glacier, but down in Tignes Val Claret and Tignes Le Lac.

North Berwick

Some more pics from Scotland, from North Berwick where we were camping. This is from the beach, where we climbed some rocks and had a short walk.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Friday was our first day in Edinburgh and we drove in to meet up with Ross’ family and then decided to split up since we wanted to see different things. We walked up to the castle and then started walking down, stopping to see street performers. We then decided to go see a performance and an actor convinced us to go into a hotel and told us to use the code name Theatre ninjas and the password monkey for free entry to see a play called A perfect corpse. I think we all thought it a bit strange at first but were then quite impressed with the actors and actually ended up really liking the play. This was followed by getting proper fudge (white chocolate, raspberry) yummy! and then going to the parc to see the others again. Ross and I decided while waiting to walk the 283 steps up the Scot’s monument. The evening was spent at the Pleasance, where we by surprise ran into some friends from last season and then saw a stand up comedy show, Nathan Caton : Breakfast at Stephanie’s before catching…

Scotland, land of Braveheart, kilts and haggis

We started the drive up to Scotland on Thursday and arrived quite late at night to our destination North Berwick. The tents were however already put up and we had take out dinner before getting into our (seemingly smaller) tent. Having the mattress inside the tent, raising the floor about 10cm makes the length of the tent significantly smaller and thus, not possible for us to stretch our legs out. hmm. We also moved our tent in underneath a tree since some rain has made us question its waterproof abilities. But tent surprised us and we were dry and warm waking up the next morning.

The white cliffs of Dover

On the ferry ride over we had lunch, fish and chips and then slept on the floor by the stairs, (since we couldn’t find a couch) and then went up to the deck where we could see Dover and it’s white cliffs. Then we continued the drive through the UK and I still find it weird going on the left side of the road. This part of the driving included dropping off one trailer and then finally arriving in Stourbridge at about 1.15am.

On the way back

On the way back to Tignes now, we've been on the road since early morning but still got quite a bit to go due to car trouble.. We're stopping every hour. Anyway, the trip and photos will be posted when i'm back home again, which will be tomorrow morning at the earliest.

Arrived in the UK

We arrived in the UK late last night, after almost 22h from getting up to leave Annecy really early. So it was a long day, and car trouble added to the time.

In Birmingham today and tomorrow we're leaving for Edinburgh and the festival. Sorry no photos to post yet, will be after I get back I think..

On our way

So we are on our way to scotland since last night, got a few hours of sleep before getting up at 3.30 to get going again. Managed to sleep maybe an hour or two in the morning and now we're getting pretty close to Calais and the ferry. Hope we can get on an earlier one.. Sent using a Sony Ericsson mobile phone

Leaving for Scotland

Slight change of plans have lead to me and Ross to leave Tignes today, we head down to Annecy for the night (or the beginning of it) and then keep going from there about 3am... it's going to be a long drive up to the UK, but looking forward to some time away with Ross and to leave Tignes for a while. It'll be nice to leave our little bubble up here. It's been really cold up here the last few days and the snow has been falling and covering tops, that are not that high, in white.

High Rope course

Was over in Val yesterday with a couple of friends, unfortunately no one thought of bringing a camera, and we did the high rope course over there. Three people did the blue one and I joined the other group that did the red, slightly harder one with two more people. I haven't done any other courses that the one in Beitostölen before and this was quite different, using a lot of cables and including lots of zip wires and constantly clipping in to red loops.

Today I've been working, cleaning all day and will be doing the same tomorrow. Tonight, lots of friends are around so we're heading out for dinner at Pignatta =) yummy.


I have internet at home, or we I should say, and today I managed to update my (new) phone as well, so I now have internet access everywhere! (for those of you now knowing) when upgrading to a plan instead of a prepaid card, you can get cell phones dirt cheap, hence why I have a new one and am most happy with it not having a touch screen. No one ever tells you they're crap when you're outside and can't dial or text cause you can't see the keypad...

However, is this to be considered as "I'm staying in France for the foreseeable future" ? Hmm, we'll see what happens.

Biggles (my yeti friend) is back in town

So this week biggles is back in Tignes with togheter with Slim aka Mastermiss. They’re ripping out the kitchen, but had some time to go for hikes, dinner (pizza in Italy) and some other stuff with us. Visa fullständigt album

25 bathrooms

Had another good week up in Tignes, have been climbing and then spent one day at Les Clochetons and the outside pool in Val. Today I worked extra, cleaning an apartment hotel, meaning that I've literally scrubbed 25 bathrooms, inhaled probably lots of toxic fumes, cleaned 25 toilets and 25 sinks... Hmm. My back is a bit sore, I have to say. But good to have a bit of extra work, will probably go back there more times...
Tonight there's a bbq at Couloir =) Yummy food and drinks to come!

Climbing gear

Went for a short trip to Bourg yesterday and ended up going shopping for climbing gear =) Bought a harness and climbing shoes, that will be painful to wear for some time…hmm. The best part of it, me having different sized feet, telling the guy working in the store so he would help me with shoes.. Following conversation in French took place:H: You’re not the only one with different sized feet, it is really common, mine are also different. Me: But mine are a size different!H: Hm, we can check to see how different they are, come with me and we’ll measure them. Measuring my right (and bigger) foot first. H: ok, now put the other foot in.I put my left foot in the space.H: Oh. hmm. that’s a really big difference.Me: I know. H: Maybe climbing is not a sport for you, have you tried swimming?Then he continued to explain that my right and bigger foot had to suffer, because you can’t get a bigger size for the smaller one… He thought my shoe size should be 37 max.. I’m usually a 39-38, almost nev…

Summer in Tignes

Not a photo from today, we just got a massive rain shower but Tignes has been showing itself from it's best side this summer =) Sunny, warm and snow on the tops of the mountains.

Got some supplies from Ikea yesterday, lingonsylt and daim =) and we're going to Lyon tomorrow to get more Scandi-food as some like to call it.

Also got accepted on the marketing and the German course for this fall, can't wait to start! I'm getting used to having time off, but that doesn't mean that I that I don't get restless....

Climbing and Via Ferrata

So there hasn't been many updates here lately, sorry. No internet access at home makes updating a bit more difficult. The past week has been a really good one, Ross has been off from work and we've been able to go climbing and do the Via Ferrata over in Val. Laura came up from Bourg and joined and Anthony and Kev came as well. Lots of fun, have to say though, I prefer climbing up and not sideways =) Some pics, taken by Anthony. The day was then spent at the Terrachu terrace, with food and drinks..


since we don’t have too much space in the apt we decided we needed a better solution for drying our clothes… Something that could fit in the bathroom and not take up space = solution = an adjustable device (wooden frame, wash lines  that can be pulled up and down from the ceiling… So Saturday we started building, despite different ideas on how to build i think we have now come close to what both of us think will do the job..
Ross in action

Summer in Tignes

This past week the weather has been mostly good and I try to get out for a bit every day for a walk or to sit and read a book by the lake. I feel like I'm trying to learn how to be off from work and school, to have a summer holiday, just like you did when you were a kid. It's harder than you think.
At least I've started training at the gym now as well.

Also this sunday was the Christmas dinner at the Alpaka, or as they said half-mas. (6months to christmas) and we had a nice (English) christmas dinner, which was kind of like an American Thanksgiving dinner, apart from not having sweet potato pie with melted marshmallows on top =P

Yesterday we were over at Ben and Megan's for dinner and then for a walk up the Bollin. Everything feels steeper without the snow...

New apartment

Have arrived in Tignes and just starting to get organized, moving into the new apartment with Ross and just trying to put all the stuff in the right places... Hmm.. you don't realize how much stuff you have until you actually have to move it all... and to think I have at least twice as much back home still....

Otherwise everything is good, trying to work out what to do about maybe finding work, skiing, training and so on...


I got an A on my final paper =) Just found out today, so happy! This means I'm done with my tourism studies until I decided it's worth doing a dissertation (c-uppsats) Yay!

And almost done packing, as usual limit 20kg, which i will manage with some good will and maybe laptop and pillow as handluggage in addition to my backpack.


Today I’ve been busy like a little house elf and have polished my silver spoons and then the next project was to make a pair of my jeans into shorts. Didn’t really have a plan before I started but think they ended up pretty good. Any ideas on projects to take up next? I have one more, but it’s pretty big; making photo books with my photos from the past 3 years… I haven’t made an album since I came back from the states in August 2007…


Found this on the web this morning and had to quickly hop on my bike to town to visit the local bookstore =)

Of course I have by now already finished the book, and for all twilight fans, it is worth the read. Same style as the other books but a different perspective =) A bit short, but then the storyline takes place during a very short time as well. Can't wait for Eclipse to come out as a movie.

Soft Sunday

Soft Sunday morning and lunch at Jotunstogo before getting back in the car for the drive back to Sweden. A long drive, but at least this time we were prepared for the long unfinished road and knew not to turn and go down the road to the bridge that was shut and there was no dangerously swaying truck either… Petter drove me to Karlstad where I met up with Jossan and ended up having a long night that ended with a win in “Rita och gissa”, some version of pictionary… Monday was a lazy day, slept late and then just went for a walk and lunch before heading into town for a chai latte (instead of coffee, i’m cutting down) and smoother train and bus ride than expected.

Party Saturday

The Saturday followed with more “Norwegian” activities such as the shooting simulator, lunch at Peppe’s Pizza and then a visit to Haugseter =) Playing board games, and no, contrary to what some may think, I did not cheat, (or win for that matter…)

High rope course

The gun range was of course followed by more activities, the high rope course To clarify, this was when I decided the obstacle was on the wrong side of the safety rope and tried sliding across instead…ended up having to be rescued by Alexander…Then we had a small barbecue in the “octagon” (Åttakanten). Got really soaked, think my gore tex is starting to get old… The evening was spent inside watching It’s raining meatballs and eating a Thai stew, delicious.

Powder Clay pigeons


The gun range

Photos of girls with guns...

Our photographer Petter is unfortunately not in any of the photos...