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Wilderness camp

Working at the wilderness camp/camp trappeur for some evenings this week serving classical french food, fondue or tartiflette, wine and then tarte in the mongolian tents (yourtes).


Have been studying all morning trying to finish my first cultural tourism assignment, I still don’t understand why they make us contact so many different businesses and municipalities, it’s not like they are waiting to take calls and answer questions about what they do and their visitors. Anyways, it is done and so is the essay, almost, just some final touches left. Next week I have a new one and need to contact the local tourism department, so if I can get a head start this week it would be nice. In addition I should say that it's nice and cold and sunny outside, so you see the discipline that it requires to not put on ski boots and get out on the slopes…


Continuing this long week with 2h spent in a Yeti costume, it's a part of an event that we do with some different activities, yeti hunting. So I was disguised and hiding in the woods in the snow. Having an hour pause now but going back to work tonight. Hopefully work will calm down a bit now though, and I’m handing over the keys to the minibus to another guy =) finally.

Another busy week

So, only three days into the new week and it has been just as busy as last week, if not even more so.. But have arranged so that I am not doing any more transports with the minibus starting next week, which is nice since I've so far today not gotten up a hill and slided in a roundabout. Snow tires without spikes are not recommendable...
Have not gotten my book for my studies yet but sent emails to cultural touristic institutions back home to get some answers for my first essay.
At least the last couple of days have been sunny so being outside has been good. And, two days ago I even got to try the dog sledging since they had one sledge too many after a client had decided not to do it =)
Can't wait to ski again though, it's kind of like therapy, cleares out my head a bit..

Busy week

Had another crazy week last week, thursday was super long, tons of work, transports and in addition my essay for uni, which ended up being a bit last minutes work. Hopefully it'll pass and I'll be happy, just realized I needed to check when my next course starts as well, turns out tomorrow, so ordered the book yesterday and hopefully it'll get here soon... got another essay coming up in 2 weeks.
Skied a bit today as well today, and yesterday, it was nice, went offpiste with some instructors, which my knee didn't quite like, but then stayed on the piste. This morning weather was really bad, couldn't see a thing, but it cleared up a bit in the afternoon. Working a bit tonight and then tomorrow is a new week.

Sweet day back skiing

So I tried skiing yesterday, but only for like an hour or so cause the sight was really crap, couldn’t see any shapes in the snow, but my knee did not hurt =) and I did get to do some serious bump absorption using my knees cause I didn’t see them coming… Today was awesome, got up first lifts and got to do the first tracks down the slope, amazing! Ended up being a really nice day skiing some by myself and some with friends, sunny and nice snow. Tomorrow I’m back on work officially but no events til tuesday so just some paperwork and seriously need to work on my essay… Physio is also on the schedule after the first morning hour of skiing =)

Knee brace is off, skiing planned for saturday

Just had physio this morning and everything is coming along well, I can still move the left knee more than I should, sideways, but the plan is to test skiing on Saturday. Also, no more knee brace, apart from when I ski... Can't wait, three long weeks of wait is almost over =)

6 days

Not much have changed since last time, still keep going regularly to the physio, but get to do tons more now, proper workout, which is nice, electrotherapy for 20min, massage, biking 15min, balance board and then trampolin running and balance exercises for 15min. It is nice though to get to do stuff, have been quite bored the last couple of days, just checked my hours and only worked 7 last week! So you can imagine how much time I have to spend... Hopefully only 6 more days until I can ski and work again though...

1st of January 2010

Starting this with a recap of the past year.January meant going back up to Beitostölen for skischool work, snowmobiling, telemark skiing, cross country skiing, airboard, Peppes Pizza and on the 22nd being back on crutches after a fall in the offpist in Raudalen. Decided 5 days on crutches was enough and started walking and was back on skis on the 29th. I also started my distance course in digital image editing. February was work and I sports holiday in Sweden and Norway, and I worked lots inside as well as outside. My mum came to help out as well.By March our cabin was basically snowed in, I also got a couple of days in a row off and went to Åre to see Gauthier ski and meet up with Amanda. This was followed by a week with a flu. I booked my trip to New York and Neta and I decided to learn how to walk in high heels and ordered shoes. April was nice warm weather and lots of barbecues on the porch of the cabin. Neta and I expanded our culinary skills and new food was cooked and tried eve…