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Long time no see

Don't know why, just haven't been inspired to write something here for quite some time...
Had some ups and downs the last couple of weeks, when it's been up I haven't had the time to write and when it's been down I don't want to bore everyone else with it.. Other than that, very busy watching the Olympic games..

Knee is not on top since last saturday which ended in pain and swelling but have been keeping still this week so hopefully back soon. Will try to ski for a bit today, just for the sake of my psychological well being... Maybe I can get some motivation for essay writing as I have just started a new course; tourism and experiences.

On the positive side, it's less than two weeks until my parents arrive =) and I'm hoping they can bring out both a snowboard and my cross country skis, along with some other swedish goodies that I miss and clothes I didn't think of packing in late september..

letter from home

Got a letter from my grandparents today =) so happy! They're so sweet and it's so nice to get an actual letter every once in a while.

Essay #3, done!

Just sent in my third essay for my cultural tourism course. Still haven't gotten any feedback on the previous assignments but hopefully it'll be fine. Tomorrow they're sending me my exam for the course and got a week to finish it. Next course is called "tourism and experiences" and starts the week after.
But for this afternoon, nothing to do, so time to hit the slopes!

La vie est belle

Another awesome day skiing today. Can't say anything else but, La vie est belle =)
My back and elbow is aching a bit from doing a proper "feet up in the air" fall yesterday after working at the camp, but should pass soon...

Also got a package today, for new books to read, stuff to read for my next course that starts in a week and a half. Just one essay and one exam to go before...

My first ski lesson, ever

Back skiing again today, rewarding myself after spending the morning with my cultural tourism book. Really nice weather again today, sunny and not too cold, so could keep working on my goggle tan. Skied with Kev in the afternoon and got some constructive criticism with some stuff to work on. My first ski lesson, ever, which was good, just had race coaching and that kind of stuff before. It just annoys me that I keep doing the same thing wrong over and over again (and that I know what I do wrong), but I guess in trying to improve, my stubbornness and my perfectionist side do come in handy. So this week's skiing is going to be hard work focusing on technique and not just playing around, like I've been doing lately...
Work's really calm at the moment, events kind of take a break during the school holidays, but everyone else is really busy, good thing I don't mind skiing on my own ;)


Got to go paragliding today, finally. Every time I’ve gotten the offer before I’ve been working... Such a nice day today as well, pretty warm and sunny and got some good skiing in also. Was a tiny bit nervous before taking off but mostly just excited and then being in the air was awesome, loved it =)

Awesome ski

Tried my new skis today, after having put on the bindings properly to match my skiboot, and it was amazing. So nice to have proper slalom skis and so much fun =D Can definitely recommend them, (even though they are, as a frenchman pointed out, Austrian skis)

New skis and swedish food =)

Bought new skis yesterday, went down to Bourg St Maurice with James and found last year's model. Not sure if I even paid for the bindings, because it ended up costing a lot less than I expected, but I'm not complaining...
Then bought food so I actually got to cook, made meatballs, my dad's recipe =) and played wii all night. Also got oatmeal at the supermarket so my breakfast today was probably the best ever since I've gotten here, believe it or not, I am sick of baguettes. I know the pic is not so good, but oatmeal, OJ, tea and coffee, yum!


Just found out the results for my essay that I worked on during december. I figured beforehand I was short of time and that I could have done a better job, but I got an A. They liked everything that I had written, interesting, good structure, good analysis and personal reflections =)
So summary for my first tourism course that was in the fall is A, B, A, A. Hopefully I can keep it up this semester as well!

Otherwise had a really calm day today, been having a cold for about 4 weeks and had a slight fever this morning, so spent most day in bed. Probably paying for the awesome full day of skiing I had yesterday... Tomorrow the plan is to go down to Bourg St Maurice to go ski shopping. I hope I can finally find my skis.