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The girl who kicked the hornet's nest

Finally got to see the third movie based on the millenium trilogy by Stieg Larsson. Really good, maybe not as good as the first one, but still very good. Nothing for sensitive viewers though, I'm glad I read the book before so I knew when to close my eyes and not look.

New Oakleys

Couldn’t resist and got a new pair of Oakley sunnies today, white frogskins =)I think it’s the end of the season  shopping desire that is getting to me… My shopping the last couple of years have taken place twice a year, before the winter season and at the end of the winter season/before the summer season.

Just another evening in the yeti suit

Had an event at Camp yesterday with a yeti hunt, guess who was in it... What was good was that it was dark so that they couldn't actually see me that well. The team that found me thought of the brilliant idea of taking off my shoes so that I couldn't escape.... hm...

Today it's snowing again, but it's really warm still, hope it gets better, the snow's been slushy the last couple of days... Tonight I'm organizing a second Centrale d'achats, hope everything goes well and then I just need to finish my exam this week for my uni course...

Cross country skiing

After a day of working and then some slush skiing I decided it was finally time to take the cross country skis out =) Ended up getting the bus down to the lake, and then realizing that the tracks were completely gone after having tons of people walking across them, so got over to the other side where there still were visible tracks and did a couple of runs back and forth, the tracks aren't nearly as good as back home or in Norway for that matter but at least it was nice getting out despite the funny looks everyone gave me on the bus and in the Val Claret centre going back home.. I guess cross country really isn't their thing here...

European gay ski week is in Tignes

A new week has just started and it's time for the next event here in Tignes, European Gay ski week. Looks like they're out to have a good time and people were dancing on the bus going back up to VC after work yesterday, but of course I was on the bus with "the disco bus driver" as well. ;)


Been working at camp these last couple of nights, here's some pics from inside the little yourte and a view of les boisses

Last week

So last week my parents were here which was really nice, they had a studio apartment really close to where I live so I usually went over for breakfast, then we skied, had lunch on the slope and went out to nice restaurants at night =) I did work some as well, and had to do some studying so it was quite hard trying to fit everything in but it worked out in the end. Planned to put up photos as well but they are all on my mom's camera.. Had really nice sunny weather for the week as well, but the last two days it's been raining!! =S


So X Games is almost over, there's still the last parties going on and the one downstairs is making my floor and furniture vibrate, so don't know when I'll be able to sleep, not really up or going out today. Went out yesterday, although wasn't technically outside considering the fact that the Oakley party was actually in Le Coffee and had a great time. It's been a good three days working for Oakley as a hostess down in the village and got to work and hang out with some really nice people. They were also really nice and provided us with some nice Oakley stuff to wear. The last event of the games was the men's snowboard superpipe that we watched from the bottom.

Tomorrow my parents will be here, finally! can't wait to see them!

Second cultural assignment done =)

Just got a positive result back on my second cultural tourism assignment. All good. Now just waiting for answers on three more and already got started on this week's essay as I won't have too much time on my hands.. Time to get back in black; uniform that is..


Just got out for a ski today, figured I needed one as I probably won’t get out until this weekend. Really nice weather and nice slopes, quite busy though. X games training has started, here’s some pics of the park and the mountains =)Visa fullständigt album

The week ahead

Busy week ahead of us here now. Winter X Games are coming to Tignes =)
So almost everyone is working on the event and the evenings are busy as well at the Camp. But it's going to be fun though! Today is the only day that I'm not working all day, so instead I have to try to get my essay for this week done as my parents are coming out on Saturday as well...

Allergic to sports tape

Just this week I was trying to get a hold of sports tape to try to help stabilize my knee even more when skiing.. the sports store had no idea what I was talking about and the pharmacy tried to give me surgical tape... hmm. In the end I got a roll of sports tape from a friend so that I have some before my parents come out in a week. However the glue on it must be different to what I'm used to because my knee is now surrounded by red lines where the tape was..

Today I'm going to take it easy, a bit tired after a fun night out yesterday and then I do need to finish my essay on experiencescapes as well.

Slalom training

Did slalom training again this afternoon, which was good, even though I skied pretty bad, but you've got to have bad days to have good days and I'm getting back into it. At least I know what I'm doing wrong as well and I'm working on it. It was really cold this afternoon, the wind made it freezing to go up the lift every time. My waterbottle in my backpack on the start of the course froze!

An offpiste lesson, a night at the camp and a morning in a yeti suit

Yesterday morning I got to join in on an off-piste introduction lesson with Kev, did a couple of runs and found some good snow =) The map gives you an idea of what we did, but my drawing skills could definitely be improvedIn the evening I worked at camp and this morning, since it's Friday, I was in the yeti suit again, this time skiing down lanches as I couldn't get to my usual hiding spot on Bollin because the lift was closed…

Yesterday's events

Did slalom practice (for the first time in like 6 years) yesterday which was really fun and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Good people to practice with and a good coach... We did video as well but didn't have time to analyze all of it yesterday but it was ok, just need to get my head into it and keep training.. Oh, and I ended up having to sit by the bar watching parts of the video as they needed a model for some photo.... don't know how I always end up doing these things..

The evening was spent watching the Full moon freeride, an event organized by Evo2. An offpist competition in the couloirs of the Tufs (the fingers) for pro riders which takes place under the full moon, so at night. It was cool to watch and they did some crazy lines coming down. This was followed by drinks and a night out on the town, so a bit tired today.

Today hasn't been nearly as exciting, got my skis prepped, realized I needed to get my bindings screwed back on to the plate as one was …