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It’s spring and marmotte time =)

Saw my first marmottes the other day under the Fresse lift, this is under Tufs, saw a couple of more today, can’t really see them clearly on my photo so you just have to trust me. Worked at camp yesterday as well and where the snow has melted there are small buds of crocus flowers, (which oddly enough has the same name in English, just a different spelling, “I checked, online”) (Hot rod reference)

Quick update

Just a quick update since I haven't written in a while... just been working, skiing, studing and enjoying myself. Got back to assignments and have done really good on both so everything on that end is well. I just need to figure out what to do for my project in May... My rib is still pretty bad and hurts more than my thumb at the moment, so seriously considering if I fractured it, or its just the muscles, either way, nothing to do about it and I'll be taking it easy soon enough.. Tonight it's work at the camp, maybe the last one...

Big fall yesterday, but at least we came 2nd..

We had entered a team in the Dual Slalom yesterday, Scandipants & Mastermiss & etc. And we did quite well, had the fastest time in the time trial and then won our duels. Had quite a rough one though, the guy in the other course managed to get into mine and knock me over, went flying, face plant and injured my thumb.. Feel a bit battered today, think my neck and my ribs took quite a hit as well… hmm. No fracture in my hand but the ligament so have to wear sort of a plastic cast for 5 weeks!!  Our team did end up in 2nd place in the end. The day was ended with a nice meal at Jacques and then some drinks in Loop.

A day off piste followed by a morning with heliskiing

I have just had two amazing days skiing. Yesterday was an amazing day with such good snow and just went off piste all day, last run was definitely the best.
The following day I got a chance to go do the Tovière to Chevril run and go back up to Val Claret with a helicopter, thanks Ross =) and it was just another amazing day…

Thanks guys!

Just to let Janni and Anders know how much I enjoyed seeing them and skiing with them. I had a great time and I hope to see the photos of it soon, of course the best one of me demonstrating how you to definitely make you stop when skiing =P Anders got a few tips as well, both in skiing and table manners ;) haha, think we all had a good laugh.


Been studying most of the day today, with some breaks of course, it’s hard to keep the concentration level on top all day. Have an assignment about destination development that is for next week, but since they told us we need more time for the next assignment I’m trying to get this one done early… It could have been worse, I get to write about Åre. So at least when I didn’t get to choose the destination they picked an interesting one… Just signed up for a new course this fall as well, only 7,5 credits though, so a lot easier; Sports, marketing and brands. Sounds interesting. I figured that with no special plans for the fall at least I can do something worthwhile. As far as the summer goes I’m not sure what to do, don’t think I’m going to be here and train all summer, but rather some in the fall as the test isn’t until december and in the summer I think I want to go back to Norway for some time as well and spend some time in Torekov… Hmmm, decisions, decisions…

Meeting up with old friends

Got to see an old high school classmate today that was out in Val d’Isère. Really fun to catch up a bit, haven’t seen her since I finished in 2006, which is quite some time ago now..Otherwise spent the day in the office, with the new centrale d’achats, I’ve got some work to do… Got time to go to the gym as well though and tomorrow I’m back in the yeti suit for the kids since it’s school holidays again, Easter actually. Can’t believe I won’t have an egg to search for on Saturday morning. Today is Skärtorsdagen, or as it apparently is called in english, Maundy Thursday. According to wikipedia, maundy thursday is the Christian feast or holy day falling on the Thursday before Easter that commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles. In Sweden,  Maundy Thursday (skärtorsdagen) is connected to old folklore as the day of the witches. Young children often dress up as witches and knock on doors getting coins or candy for Easter eggs. Quite different. This was the day that the…