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Back home

Haven't written anything quite some time, just spending time back home, visiting friends and family and taking care of stuff that needs to be done. Just got back from Växjö and a visit to my sister's this weekend. Did some shopping on the way as well, new sandals, a blouse and earrings, also stopped by my brother's on the way home. This week I need to finish my essay and then it's off to our summer house next weekend =)

Skype =)

Finally managed to get skype on my cell phone. Yes! Maybe I can start focusing on writing that essay draft now...

Amsterdam-Stansted final leg of the trip

Had to get up way too early on Saturday morning, 5.30 is just never a good time. The drive to Calais wasn’t too bad apart from being tricked by google maps in terms of driving time. We missed our booked ferry to Dover but got on the next one without problems. Well back in the UK, the car was finally driven on the side it was made for, but it didn’t make the ride less scary for me, or crossing streets on foot, it’s just dangerous when you’re not used to looking the other way first. We stopped in the small town of Stansted and its surroundings to see the English countryside, went to a proper pub and had a walk in a field. Then it was time for me to get on the plane back home… All in all, a really good trip and I’m happy we did it. Going to go visit friends and family while I’m back home, but can’t wait to go back to Tignes this summer though!


The final city stop was in Amsterdam. Driving to Amsterdam was a complete mess, I think it took us about an hour just to get passed Brussels, there were almost no signs and we ended up in the city center and its traffic… I think both of us were sick of driving after this.. Getting into Amsterdam and finding the hotel was surprisingly easy though. The night we went into town to have dinner and we ended up in a nice Argentinean Grill called Gauchos, we had steak and then delicious sorbet for dessert. The best part was the wine though, if you ever get a chance, try this one! Weinhaus Schloss Koblenz. Bereich bernkastel. (think I got the name right)Day two consisted of going into Amsterdam basically just to walk around, looking at people, did a tiny bit of shopping (as if luggage wasn’t already a problem) and then went back to the hotel for a nap before going out again to see the Redlight district which has to be seen, even though it isn’t a very nice experience. Girls in windows and men …


So the next stop was Luxembourg. We arrived mid day and managed to get into the center right away to find a parking. Lunch was had at Bananas and then some we tried localizing both the tourist office and an internet café to find directions to our hotel. Managed to get a city map, and then get out to the hotel to check in. Really nice hotel, shame we didn’t have more time to use the gym and the swimming pool. In the evening we decided to head into the old town of Grund that is located in in a ravine. The casemates were closed and it started raining but it was fun anyway. We had dinner at a nice little restaurant down in this part of town as well.

Basel, first stop on the road trip

Just got back home from the roadtrip so here’s a small recap..Started the trip up through Europe yesterday and we ended up going to Basel instead of Milan. Basel was really nice, didn't get enough time though.. We got dinner at a Tapas restaurant which was really nice, guessing we were in the german speaking part though as we had to try to translate the menu using all of out limited knowledge of spanish and german. We kept driving for a bit later at night and stayed in a not quite so nice roadside hotel, but you get what you pay for when you pay and book your room in an automatic machine just outside the hotel.
Best thing today was at a gas station though where I finally found Lindt chocolate with raspberry filling... it's been too long since I last had one.....

Searching for interview subjects

I'm searching for interview subjects for my uni dissertation, I'm looking for ski instructors as well as people that have taken lessons that would be willing to help me by answering some questions about their experience.

If you want to help me, please comment and send me an email address to which I can send the questionnaire.

How to "give" away end of season food

This is how to get rid of your unwanted end of season food! Enjoy!

Quick update

Been really bad at updating lately, too much to do and too little time. Tignes is becoming the off-season ghost town that most resorts turn into in May, however, sorry everyone that left early, the snow dumped and the 6th of May was a bluebird. Skiing powder is never wrong! Pics and hopefully a movie will come soon. Otherwise just trying to finish work and then leaving Tignes on Monday for a roadtrip up to London with Ross. Plans to stop in Milan, Luxembourg and Amsterdam =) we'll see how things go with internet connections, otherwise next update will be made back home on the 16th of May!