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Summer in Tignes

This past week the weather has been mostly good and I try to get out for a bit every day for a walk or to sit and read a book by the lake. I feel like I'm trying to learn how to be off from work and school, to have a summer holiday, just like you did when you were a kid. It's harder than you think.
At least I've started training at the gym now as well.

Also this sunday was the Christmas dinner at the Alpaka, or as they said half-mas. (6months to christmas) and we had a nice (English) christmas dinner, which was kind of like an American Thanksgiving dinner, apart from not having sweet potato pie with melted marshmallows on top =P

Yesterday we were over at Ben and Megan's for dinner and then for a walk up the Bollin. Everything feels steeper without the snow...

New apartment

Have arrived in Tignes and just starting to get organized, moving into the new apartment with Ross and just trying to put all the stuff in the right places... Hmm.. you don't realize how much stuff you have until you actually have to move it all... and to think I have at least twice as much back home still....

Otherwise everything is good, trying to work out what to do about maybe finding work, skiing, training and so on...


I got an A on my final paper =) Just found out today, so happy! This means I'm done with my tourism studies until I decided it's worth doing a dissertation (c-uppsats) Yay!

And almost done packing, as usual limit 20kg, which i will manage with some good will and maybe laptop and pillow as handluggage in addition to my backpack.


Today I’ve been busy like a little house elf and have polished my silver spoons and then the next project was to make a pair of my jeans into shorts. Didn’t really have a plan before I started but think they ended up pretty good. Any ideas on projects to take up next? I have one more, but it’s pretty big; making photo books with my photos from the past 3 years… I haven’t made an album since I came back from the states in August 2007…


Found this on the web this morning and had to quickly hop on my bike to town to visit the local bookstore =)

Of course I have by now already finished the book, and for all twilight fans, it is worth the read. Same style as the other books but a different perspective =) A bit short, but then the storyline takes place during a very short time as well. Can't wait for Eclipse to come out as a movie.

Soft Sunday

Soft Sunday morning and lunch at Jotunstogo before getting back in the car for the drive back to Sweden. A long drive, but at least this time we were prepared for the long unfinished road and knew not to turn and go down the road to the bridge that was shut and there was no dangerously swaying truck either… Petter drove me to Karlstad where I met up with Jossan and ended up having a long night that ended with a win in “Rita och gissa”, some version of pictionary… Monday was a lazy day, slept late and then just went for a walk and lunch before heading into town for a chai latte (instead of coffee, i’m cutting down) and smoother train and bus ride than expected.

Party Saturday

The Saturday followed with more “Norwegian” activities such as the shooting simulator, lunch at Peppe’s Pizza and then a visit to Haugseter =) Playing board games, and no, contrary to what some may think, I did not cheat, (or win for that matter…)

High rope course

The gun range was of course followed by more activities, the high rope course To clarify, this was when I decided the obstacle was on the wrong side of the safety rope and tried sliding across instead…ended up having to be rescued by Alexander…Then we had a small barbecue in the “octagon” (Åttakanten). Got really soaked, think my gore tex is starting to get old… The evening was spent inside watching It’s raining meatballs and eating a Thai stew, delicious.

Powder Clay pigeons


The gun range

Photos of girls with guns...

Our photographer Petter is unfortunately not in any of the photos...

Cool Friday

Thursday night Neta was still up when we arrived and I got a late birthday present =) the first 9 books in the Charlaine Harris series, the books behind the series True Blood. (and when writing this I have of course already started reading the first)Thurday we went to the gun range and shot clay pigeons, my first time ever but having a Neta as my instructor was perfect and I managed to get 8/25 the first time =) I was happy to have hit more than one! Petter did well as well, second time for him I think but held the gun a bit wrong so ended up with a sore shoulder…

Cool thursday

Thursday morning was spent in bed and then followed by a long breakfast and then a walk in the woods and then a spontaneous decision to go swimming in Kroppkärr, a lake which translates to “Body marsh” which immediately made us (me and Julia) think of the Lord of the Rings, and the Dead marshes….Fortunately for us the marsh did not contain any scary things, apart from fish and the water wasn’t that cold… In the afternoon it was time for me to hop on my next train to Arvika to meet Petter and then start the drive up to Beitostölen.

Crazy Wednesday

Just to clarify, the titles of the following posts are dedicated to the socks I bought and later found out were assigned to certain days of the week. Wednesday I started my trip north and hopped on the direct 2h train to Karlstad. Julia, one of my friends from the U.S, met me at the station and we went around the town for a bit before going back to her place to cook and relax. In the evening we decided to head back into town and had wine on a pier together with one of Julia’s friends Johanna and then a drink in an outside bar. Had a great evening.Julia poses as Tyra Banks has taught us in sunshine, close your eyes, the photographer counts down from three and *click* an open eyed photo is taken =)It’s sad that this year will be the first since 2006 that we won’t celebrate midsummer together…


Had a very efficient day today, got some stuff done which was good.

This morning it was time to head to the hospital to take the stitches out, I'd half-expected it to be more painful but it was all over really quick and didn't even get a big band-aid on it either since I have found out I was allergic/ over sensitive to the glue in the surgical band aids I got the first time.

After this I went to the library, and 5 new books have been borrowed. I try every time to find at least one that is in the little book with lists of books to read that I have.
The rest of the morning and lunch was spent getting new highlights, (they say blonds have more fun ?! ) and then getting my train tickets for wednesday.

Another highlight of the day was to finally book my flight back to France (or technically Switzerland, as I am flying from Geneva.) Leaving on the 21st from Copenhagen. =)

Oh and for the skiing part, I got a package in the post today with my race suit that I've bought, and it's a …


Just got back home from a weekend visit to Torekov and our summer house. Good weather most of the time and even took my first swim in the ocean for the year, 14 degrees C, warmer than I expected it to be and warmer than the first one last year (10). Also got to see my grand parents and then just relax and do everything kind of slow like you do in the summer when you've got lots of time. Went to the harbor and bought fish and then walked to a local farm to buy potatoes, I love when there's not even anyone there and you just weigh the potatoes yourself and then put the coins to pay for it in a tin box.

Now it's just two days at home before leaving for Karlstad and then Norway =)

Essay, done!

Just sent in the final draft of my essay. Fingers crossed it'll be ok.
Now I'm done and officially on vacation, going to our summerhouse today and then start heading north on wednesday to Karlstad and then up to Beitostölen for the weekend =) Can't wait!
Pic from last year when Petter came to Beitostölen =) Neta in action at the high rope course.

Frying brain cells

Just trying to put my essay together, giving it the finishing touches and finalize analysis and discussion.. hmm. My brain is starting to feel soft... after this I'm done though, no more studying until next semester. At least I got to choose an interesting subject.

GS skis

Bought skis today, used but in good condition. Can't wait to try them. Völkl Racetiger 180cm. So almost ready to start training slalom and GS =)

Race suit

Just bought a race suit today, it's being sent from a person in Norway today so hopefully I'll have it within 2 weeks. Of course I only bought one of them though ;)
Tomorrow I'm going to look at skis...