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25 bathrooms

Had another good week up in Tignes, have been climbing and then spent one day at Les Clochetons and the outside pool in Val. Today I worked extra, cleaning an apartment hotel, meaning that I've literally scrubbed 25 bathrooms, inhaled probably lots of toxic fumes, cleaned 25 toilets and 25 sinks... Hmm. My back is a bit sore, I have to say. But good to have a bit of extra work, will probably go back there more times...
Tonight there's a bbq at Couloir =) Yummy food and drinks to come!

Climbing gear

Went for a short trip to Bourg yesterday and ended up going shopping for climbing gear =) Bought a harness and climbing shoes, that will be painful to wear for some time…hmm. The best part of it, me having different sized feet, telling the guy working in the store so he would help me with shoes.. Following conversation in French took place:H: You’re not the only one with different sized feet, it is really common, mine are also different. Me: But mine are a size different!H: Hm, we can check to see how different they are, come with me and we’ll measure them. Measuring my right (and bigger) foot first. H: ok, now put the other foot in.I put my left foot in the space.H: Oh. hmm. that’s a really big difference.Me: I know. H: Maybe climbing is not a sport for you, have you tried swimming?Then he continued to explain that my right and bigger foot had to suffer, because you can’t get a bigger size for the smaller one… He thought my shoe size should be 37 max.. I’m usually a 39-38, almost nev…

Summer in Tignes

Not a photo from today, we just got a massive rain shower but Tignes has been showing itself from it's best side this summer =) Sunny, warm and snow on the tops of the mountains.

Got some supplies from Ikea yesterday, lingonsylt and daim =) and we're going to Lyon tomorrow to get more Scandi-food as some like to call it.

Also got accepted on the marketing and the German course for this fall, can't wait to start! I'm getting used to having time off, but that doesn't mean that I that I don't get restless....

Climbing and Via Ferrata

So there hasn't been many updates here lately, sorry. No internet access at home makes updating a bit more difficult. The past week has been a really good one, Ross has been off from work and we've been able to go climbing and do the Via Ferrata over in Val. Laura came up from Bourg and joined and Anthony and Kev came as well. Lots of fun, have to say though, I prefer climbing up and not sideways =) Some pics, taken by Anthony. The day was then spent at the Terrachu terrace, with food and drinks..


since we don’t have too much space in the apt we decided we needed a better solution for drying our clothes… Something that could fit in the bathroom and not take up space = solution = an adjustable device (wooden frame, wash lines  that can be pulled up and down from the ceiling… So Saturday we started building, despite different ideas on how to build i think we have now come close to what both of us think will do the job..
Ross in action