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End of season, start of studies

So the summer season in Tignes is officially over and everything is closed, (everything!)
There are no more buses, only a tiny supermarket, no swimming pool....
Hmm, at least I've started my German studies this week so I have something to do, my marketing course will take place during the second part of this semester.

And of course I have to mentioned that it snowed today, not only up on the glacier, but down in Tignes Val Claret and Tignes Le Lac.

North Berwick

Some more pics from Scotland, from North Berwick where we were camping. This is from the beach, where we climbed some rocks and had a short walk.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Friday was our first day in Edinburgh and we drove in to meet up with Ross’ family and then decided to split up since we wanted to see different things. We walked up to the castle and then started walking down, stopping to see street performers. We then decided to go see a performance and an actor convinced us to go into a hotel and told us to use the code name Theatre ninjas and the password monkey for free entry to see a play called A perfect corpse. I think we all thought it a bit strange at first but were then quite impressed with the actors and actually ended up really liking the play. This was followed by getting proper fudge (white chocolate, raspberry) yummy! and then going to the parc to see the others again. Ross and I decided while waiting to walk the 283 steps up the Scot’s monument. The evening was spent at the Pleasance, where we by surprise ran into some friends from last season and then saw a stand up comedy show, Nathan Caton : Breakfast at Stephanie’s before catching…

Scotland, land of Braveheart, kilts and haggis

We started the drive up to Scotland on Thursday and arrived quite late at night to our destination North Berwick. The tents were however already put up and we had take out dinner before getting into our (seemingly smaller) tent. Having the mattress inside the tent, raising the floor about 10cm makes the length of the tent significantly smaller and thus, not possible for us to stretch our legs out. hmm. We also moved our tent in underneath a tree since some rain has made us question its waterproof abilities. But tent surprised us and we were dry and warm waking up the next morning.

The white cliffs of Dover

On the ferry ride over we had lunch, fish and chips and then slept on the floor by the stairs, (since we couldn’t find a couch) and then went up to the deck where we could see Dover and it’s white cliffs. Then we continued the drive through the UK and I still find it weird going on the left side of the road. This part of the driving included dropping off one trailer and then finally arriving in Stourbridge at about 1.15am.

On the way back

On the way back to Tignes now, we've been on the road since early morning but still got quite a bit to go due to car trouble.. We're stopping every hour. Anyway, the trip and photos will be posted when i'm back home again, which will be tomorrow morning at the earliest.

Arrived in the UK

We arrived in the UK late last night, after almost 22h from getting up to leave Annecy really early. So it was a long day, and car trouble added to the time.

In Birmingham today and tomorrow we're leaving for Edinburgh and the festival. Sorry no photos to post yet, will be after I get back I think..

On our way

So we are on our way to scotland since last night, got a few hours of sleep before getting up at 3.30 to get going again. Managed to sleep maybe an hour or two in the morning and now we're getting pretty close to Calais and the ferry. Hope we can get on an earlier one.. Sent using a Sony Ericsson mobile phone

Leaving for Scotland

Slight change of plans have lead to me and Ross to leave Tignes today, we head down to Annecy for the night (or the beginning of it) and then keep going from there about 3am... it's going to be a long drive up to the UK, but looking forward to some time away with Ross and to leave Tignes for a while. It'll be nice to leave our little bubble up here. It's been really cold up here the last few days and the snow has been falling and covering tops, that are not that high, in white.

High Rope course

Was over in Val yesterday with a couple of friends, unfortunately no one thought of bringing a camera, and we did the high rope course over there. Three people did the blue one and I joined the other group that did the red, slightly harder one with two more people. I haven't done any other courses that the one in Beitostölen before and this was quite different, using a lot of cables and including lots of zip wires and constantly clipping in to red loops.

Today I've been working, cleaning all day and will be doing the same tomorrow. Tonight, lots of friends are around so we're heading out for dinner at Pignatta =) yummy.


I have internet at home, or we I should say, and today I managed to update my (new) phone as well, so I now have internet access everywhere! (for those of you now knowing) when upgrading to a plan instead of a prepaid card, you can get cell phones dirt cheap, hence why I have a new one and am most happy with it not having a touch screen. No one ever tells you they're crap when you're outside and can't dial or text cause you can't see the keypad...

However, is this to be considered as "I'm staying in France for the foreseeable future" ? Hmm, we'll see what happens.

Biggles (my yeti friend) is back in town

So this week biggles is back in Tignes with togheter with Slim aka Mastermiss. They’re ripping out the kitchen, but had some time to go for hikes, dinner (pizza in Italy) and some other stuff with us. Visa fullständigt album