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Just listening to Brandon Flowers' album Flamingo, that I've recently discovered. Being a fan of the Killers I just had to listen to this and have to say I really like it =)

First proper snow

WE started getting the first proper snow down in Tignes last night, big flakes, covering the ground =)
Now I just need to get my winter boots out of storage and I'm good to go!


Yay, we have internet at home again! hopefully working better this time around.

And also, turns out I'm in a photo on a Danish webpage that organizes group tours, thanks Neta for letting me know =)

No more "50-öringar"

Just read today that as of the 1st of October you can no longer pay using "50 - öringar" our equivalent of the 5cent coin..
I guess it is a good thing getting rid of small coins but still, it also means that everything will now be rounded off to whole "kroner"when you shop in a store and pay cash..... I'll have to save at least one to keep it for myself, worthless or not.

Tignes in "intersaison"

Tignes between seasons doesn't offer much but trying to spend some hours of my day with my german lessons and have once again started running, just because the gym is closed. I've run 2 times this week so far so if I can just keep this up, going out every other day then maybe I can get past the point where it is just incredibly hard to run every time.... hmm.

Internet options are looking a bit brighter, after now having won a long fight with an internet provider. We can start looking for a better option... It's just a pain at the moment since I need internet every thursday for my german conference calls...


So I finally got to go to IKEA yesterday.. Spent a bit more than expected but at least we have everything we need now, apart from a laundry basket… should it really be so hard finding one that doesn’t look like a trash can or a plastic rectangle…hmm. The best thing was the new duvet though, 220x240, as big as they make them… and of course with a suitable name “Mysa” = “cuddle”Of course some (scandi food supplies) as they are referred to was purchased as well, lingonsylt, tunnbröd, köttbullar, marabou mjölkchoklad och bilar =)So of course the best lunch in a long time was had today, sandwiches made out of tunnbröd (swedish flat bread), ham and hushållsost (cheese)

Back in action

Last weekend involved lots of activities. I took Ross to the driving range as it was the last weekend the course is open and he did well, considering it was his second time playing. As for myself, I think it’s a bit like biking, physical memory, and I was happy with my swing =)Sunday we went climbing with Kev on the side of the paravalanche on the way to Val. Fun, nice weather and some scratches, but definitely good to be up climbing again, even though I had to admit defeat to the last wall. My feet were aching in the end… It’s been too long since the last time, wonder when my shoes will be broken in properly…