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Today was shopping day back home, we went to Skövde and I found thermals which was great, still looking for mittens and ski socks though. I did get mocked for buying my thermals in the kid’s section of the store, 36 normal size was huge, so I ended up with 158/164 (referring to length normally) and they were perfect! and less expensive than the adult ones that are exactly the same in terms of material and quality. So a good buy! Then some other stuff was purchased as well of course, some dry food supplies and a few more things that we found along the way, so I think we’ll have no problems filling our bags when flying back. On the way back from shopping we also went to the Bison and Elk park outside of town, but the Elks were hiding in the forest so unfortunately Ross still hasn’t seen one.Later we had a big family dinner and one of my sisters came over which was great fun. Have to say that it gets dark really early here now though, around 17 it’s almost completely dark!!! Happy surpri…


Left Tignes yesterday morning to go back to Sweden for a visit. Quite stressful morning at Geneva, we didn’t quite have as much time as I would have liked but at least we made the flight in the end. ( and I also had to drive and park an English truck for the first time) Here’s a pic from Shiphol Airport where we had connecting flights, this is when Ross accidentally opened a yoghurt upside down thinking it was sealed and ended up with yoghurt all over himself and I had nothing better to do than take photos of the airport! Then there was of course the meeting with the Parents which went well for Ross, “Trevligt att träffas” and a few Swedish words were used. Then back home it was dinner time and of course the Swedish dish, Reindeer stew was on the menu.


Spent all morning sanding our chest of drawers, table and another cupboard out on the balcony. Fortunately I had good tools (thanks Simpson Creed). I was covered in yellow dust by the time I finished and so was everything else including the balcony and the inside of the apt since the door doesn't shut from the outside.
I am very happy with the results though, all the pieces looked kind of old and tatty before because they'd been lackered and then used for quite some time, but now they look way better.
However, as I had cleaned everything apart from the balcony (I'm hoping the snow that's coming down will help me a bit on that one.... I saw as I came out of the shower and got dressed that I'd forgotten the tiny bedside table/stool, which definitely needs getting sanded. I think that's a project for another day though!

Also, we tried the over night setting on the breadmaker and had a really nice breakfast today with our own freshly baked cranberry & seed brea…

Phone and internet

Things are looking as they might be sorted soon, a technician is due for the start of the week to set up our phone line for internet and voip phone, = unlimited calls to sweden and other international destinations! yay! It all went almost too smooth setting this up. Seeing as things around here usually are complicated and time consuming!

Have been skiing this morning and now I'm back in the old flat for laundry and a bit of packing of the stuff that's still here.

Flight is booked =)

Booked flights for me and Ross to go to Sweden, finally! Yay! Less than two weeks left!


Went skiing this morning on the glacier, sunny weather but quite cold with a lot of wind. My trainer is now sick so just did free skiing instead and might join someone else for training tomorrow if he is still sick..
I actually did meet quite a few of my friends that I hadn't seen for a long time up there as well so that was really nice.

This afternoon is dedicated to German and laundry in the old apartment, (since we won't be able to move our drying rack but now need to figure out a new solution, it is easier to do some laundry there still)


We've basically spent the weekend moving, which meant tons of cleaning. You always clean the apartment when moving in, don't you, as moving out cleaning and moving in cleaning definitely aren't the same. But we're getting there. Slept for the first night in the new flat yesterday and only issue is that the bed is french and therefore short. We still have quite a lot of stuff to move out of the old flat and then clean it as well of course but all the essentials have now been moved.
Then we just need to fix some minor things, put up coat hangers, sand a table and possible a chest of drawers and some other bits and bobs like moving things we don't want into storage and getting internet sorted.

We're both really happy with the new place and the location though, it's got a great view of the lac!


Just found out that my dad and my brother finally had the gigantic (Christmas) tree down that’s been growing on the back of our lawn for what seems like forever. We’ve talked about taking it down for years but it was never the right time or season. Apparently today was the day! It was quite big as you can see from the photos my brother was kind enough to put on facebook.


I'm sick, which sucks since I really want to be skiing. So feeling a bit sorry for myself, which I think is allowed, it's what you do when you're sick isn't it?
Started feeling really bad Monday night and have consequently spent almost all my time since in bed or on the couch. Think it is some kind of flu.
Fortunately I have a boyfriend that takes really good care of me and hopefully I'll be better in a few days and I'll be skiing again next week.

First day of training

So Monday was my first day of training on the glacier. (As you probably realize, we're now on Wednesday and I am catching up on my blogging for the last few days)

It was great getting up on the mountain again and start training, I obviously needed a bit of time to get into it, but after having Aleks coach me all day I was feeling better by the end and hopefully it'll continue in that direction!

Weekend in Birmingham

Flew out of Geneva last Friday and into Birmingham, due to different bookings Ross and I were on different flights so I ended up having a few hours in Birmingham before he arrived. These were spent mostly in the Bull ring mall which was alright, lots of shops to look in. Then we had drinks together with some of Ross' friends before heading back to the house. I was quite tired at this stage as I am terrible at sleeping in anything that moves and had consequently not slept since 3am that same morning.

Saturday was pretty quiet and I spent some time with Ross' family before heading out to the wedding party were Ross already was. We saw the alpakas, danced and had a great time.

Sunday morning was then of course quiet as well and we just had a big lunch before heading out to the airport. Different flights this time as well but at least about the same time. I ended up having to run through the airport in Paris for my connection but made it and then realized I had been upgraded to bu…

Ski pass

Just got my ski pass, for interseason, today, I managed to get an extension of my winter pass so got a good deal on it. So from Monday I'll be skiing!


Ross came back from the UK with a new breadmaker and a toaster =) So now we can finally start baking bread the kinds of multigrain bread we want! I've started cleaning it out and doing all the things you need to do before the first use but I can hopefully get started with the first loaf this afternoon!

Getting ready for next week

Getting ready for next week when I start my slalom training. Got my pole guards screwed on yesterday as well as getting my medical certificate for the teste technique in December.